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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Arsenic Removal from a Highly Contaminated Groundwater by a Combined Coagulation-Filtration-Adsorption Process 2019 Chiavola, A.*; D’Amato, E.; Sirini, P.; Caretti, C.; Gori, R.
Biological Sulfur-Oxidizing Potential of Primary and Biological Sludge in a Tannery Wastewater Treatment Plant 2015 Giordano, Cesira; Spennati, Francesco; Melone, Anna; Petroni, Giulio; Verni, Franco; Munz, Giulio; Mori, Gualtiero; Vannini, Claudia
Crown status of holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) trees as related to phenology and environmental stress. 1995 F. Bussotti; M. Ferretti; A. Cozzi; P. Grossoni; A. Bottacci; C. Tani
Effects of high water supply on growth, water use, and nutrient allocation in willow and poplar grown in a 1-year pot trial 2010 Werther Guidi Nissim,
Elemental leaching from Quercus ilex L. in response to simulated acidic fog. 1989 E. Paoletti; R. Udisti; F. Pantani; E. Barbolani
Foliar symptoms and growth reduction of Ailanthus altissima Desf. In an area with high ozone and acidic depositions in Italy. 1999 GRAVANO E.; FERRETTI M.; F. BUSSOTTI; GROSSONI P
Implementation of Quality Assurance procedures in the Italian programs of forest condition monitoring 1999 M. Ferretti; F. Bussotti; E. Cenni; A. Cozzi
Intra-annual Pattern of Photosynthesis, Growth and Stable Isotope Partitioning in a Poplar Clone Subjected to Ozone and Water Stress 2013 Pollastrini, M.; Desotgiu, R.; Camin, F.; Ziller, L.; Marzuoli, R.; Gerosa, G.; Bussotti, F.
Mercury and arsenic in stream sediments and surface waters of the Orcia River basin, southern Tuscany, Italy. 2016 Chiarantini, L.; Benvenuti, M.; Beutel, M.; Costagliola, P.; Covelli, S.; Gabbani, G.; Lattanzi, P.; Pandeli, E.; Paolieri, M.; Petranich, E.; Rimondi, V.
Metallothionein induction in the sandhopper Talitrus saltator (Montagu) (Crustace, Amphipoda) 2011 G. Ungherese; D. Baroni; P. Bruni; S.E. Focardi; A. Ugolini
Ozone-like symptoms on leaves of Ailanthus altissima Desf. in Italy. 1999 GRAVANO E.; FERRETTI M.; BUSSOTTI F.; P. GROSSONI
Short-term changes of response indicators of ecosystem status in broadleaved forests in Tuscany (Central Italy). 1999 M. Ferretti; I. Bonini; F. Bussotti; C. Celesti; E. Cenni; A. Chiarucci; A. Cozzi; V. De Dominicis; P. Grossoni; C. Leonzio
A statistical model to assess air quality levels at urban sites 2015 Gualtieri G.; Crisci A.; Tartaglia M.; Toscano P.; Gioli B.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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