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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
2D Forward Looking SONAR in Underwater Navigation Aiding: An AUKF-based strategy for AUVs 2020 Franchi M.; Ridolfi A.; Zacchini L.
Data-based guarantees of set invariance properties 2020 Bisoffi A.; de Persis C.; Tesi P.
Data-driven linear quadratic regulation via semidefinite programming 2020 Rotulo M.; de Persis C.; Tesi P.
Deep Learning for on-board AUV Automatic Target Recognition for Optical and Acoustic imagery 2020 Zacchini L.; Ridolfi A.; Topini A.; Secciani N.; Bucci A.; Topini E.; Allotta B.
Design and Fast Prototyping of a Wearable Safety Device for Divers 2016 Allotta, Benedetto; Pugi, Luca; Gelli, Jonathan; Lupia, Marco
Design and Modelling of Innovative Propulsion Layouts with Pivoted Thrusters For Underwater Vehicles 2016 Allotta, Benedetto; Pagliai, Marco; Pugi, Luca
Designing Experiments for Data-Driven Control of Nonlinear Systems 2021 Persis C.D.; Tesi P.
Exploring technology-driven service innovation in manufacturing firms through the lens of Service Dominant logic 2018 Shaun West, Paolo Gaiardelli, Mario Rapaccini
Feasibility Analysis of Positioning and Navigation Strategies for Railway and Tramway Applications 2020 Selvi D.; Meli E.; Allotta B.; Rindi A.; Capuozzo A.; Rucher L.
A Hybrid Model to Evaluate Human Error Probability (HEP) in a Pharmaceutical Plant 2021 Bona, Gianpaolo Di; Falcone, Domenico; Forcina, Antonio; Carlo, Filippo De; Silvestri, Luca
Maximum a posteriori estimation for AUV localization with USBL measurements 2021 Franchi M.; Bucci A.; Zacchini L.; Ridolfi A.; Bresciani M.; Peralta G.; Costanzi R.
Next Generation of Smart Sensorless Drives for Sustainable Underwater Vehicles 2016 Allotta, Benedetto; D’Adamio, Pierluca; Nocentini, Lorenzo; Paolucci, Libero; Pugi, Luca
Strong local optimality for bang-bang-singular extremals in single input control problems 2017 Poggiolini, Laura; Stefani, Gianna
Topological Conditions for Identifiability of Dynamical Networks with Partial Node Measurements 2018 van Waarde H.J.; Tesi P.; Camlibel M.K.
A vehicle model for crash stage simulation 2018 Dario Vangi, Filippo Begani, Michelangelo-Santo Gulino, Florian Spitzhüttl
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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