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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Alignment between Supply Chain Strategies (SCS) and Information Systems (ISs) in the fashion industry: Preliminary results of an empirical research 2019 Bindi B.; Fani V.; Bandinelli R.
The competences for digital servitization: A survey on Italian based firms 2019 Paschou T.; Adrodegari F.; Saccani N.; Rapaccini M.
Critical management issues for implementing RFID in the Fashion Industry Supply Chain 2017 Gonzalez A.; Rinaldi R.; Bandinelli R.
Design Product Service Systems by using hybrid simulation: a case study in the fashion industry 2021 Fani V.; Pirola F.; Pezzotta G.; Bandinelli R.; Bindi B.
Development of a risk based methodology to consider influence of human failure in industrial plants operation 2017 Bahoo Toroody A.; Bahoo Toroody F.; De Carlo F.
EBIZ 4.0 new step to digitize the fashion supply chain: Preliminary results 2018 Bindi B.; Fani V.; Bandinelli R.; Massa G.; Ciaccio G.
Effectiveness and potentialities of the use of cathodic protection simulation software for managing underground natural gas pipelines 2015 De Carlo, Filippo; Arleo, Maria Antonietta; Tucci, Mario
Firm's characteristics and sustainability in the TCL industry 2016 Ciarapica F.E.; Resta B.; Dotti S.; Fani V.; Bandinelli R.; Rinaldi R.
A novel approach for spare parts dynamic deployment 2021 Cantini A.; De Carlo F.; Leoni L.; Tucci M.
On reliability estimation approaches for a Weibull failure modelling 2021 Leoni L.; Cantini A.; De Carlo F.; Tucci M.
Optimizing production performances with simulation: A case study in the fashion Industry 2018 Fani V.; Bindi B.; Bandinelli R.; Rinaldi R.
PLM implementation and adoption features: From theory to practice in two high fashion companies 2016 D'avolio E.; Bandinelli R.; Rinaldi R.
Product development kpis: A case study analysis in food and fashion companies 2017 Pinna C.; D'Avolio E.; Bandinelli R.; Terzi S.; Rinaldi R.
Proposal of a new approach for the asset replacement period in the natural gas distribution industry 2017 De Carlo F.; Arleo M.A.
RFID and eBIZ implementation in the Textile and Clothing Industry: Evidence of a pilot project 2016 Bindi B.; Bandinelli R.; Rinaldi R.
Supply Chain Strategy in the Luxury Fashion Industry 2021 Bindi B.; Bandinelli R.; Fani V.; Pero M.
System Dynamics limits and potentialities in the use of production process simulation 2016 De Carlo, Filippo; Arleo, Maria Antonietta
Toward a scheduling model for the metal accessories' suppliers for the fashion industry 2016 Fani V.; Bandinelli R.; Rinaldi R.
Towards a Circular Supply Chain for Textiles: an overview of cases 2020 Bressanelli, G. , Visintin F., Saccani, N., Perona, M.
The use of product information along its entire lifecycle: A practical framework for continuous development 2015 Borgia O.; Fanciullacci N.; Franchi S.; Tucci M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 20
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