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Total synthesis of (+) hyacinthacine A1 and its structural analogues 2011 G. D'Adamio; F. Cardona; A. Goti; C. Parmeggiani
Sugar-derived nitrones and aldehydes: key building blocks for the synthesis of glycosyl hydrolases inhibitors 2011 F. Cardona; G. D'Adamio; C. Parmeggiani; C. Matassini; D. Martella; A. Goti
Sintesi totale di imminozuccheri pirrolizidinici: iacintacina A1 ed analoghi strutturali 2011 G. D'Adamio; F. Cardona; A. Goti
Total Synthesis of (+)-Hyacinthacine A1, (+)-7a-epi-Hyacinthacine A1, 6(R)-Hydroxy-hyacinthacine A1 and 6(S)-Hydroxy-7a-epi-hyacinthacine A1 2011 G. D'Adamio; A. Goti; C. Parmeggiani; E. Moreno-Clavijo; I. Robina; F. Cardona
Synthesis of multivalent iminosugars 2012 F. Cardona; G. D'Adamio; C. Matassini; A. Goti
Novel S-acyl glutathione derivatives prevent amyloid oxidative stress and cholinergic dysfunction in Alzheimer disease models. Free Radic Biol Med. 2012 M.Zampagni; D.Wright; R.Cascella; G.D'Adamio; F.Casamenti; E.Evangelisti; F.Cardona; A.Goti; B.Nacmias; S.Sorbi; G.Liguri; C.Cecchi
Synthesis of multivalent pyrrolizidine and piperidine iminosugars 2012 G. D'Adamio; C. Matassini; A. Goti; F. Cardona
Iminosugars: click-chemistry for the synthesis of multivalent structures 2012 C. Matassini; C. Parmeggiani; F. Cardona; G. D'Adamio; A. Goti
Protective Properties of Novel S-Acyl-Glutathione Thioesters Against Ultraviolet-induced Oxidative Stress 2013 Wright D.; Zampagni M; Evangelisti E.; Conti S.; D’Adamio G.; Goti A.; Becatti M.; Fiorillo C.; Taddei N.; Cecchi C.; Liguri G.
Aerobic oxidation of hydroxylamines to nitrones catalyzed by a supported gold catalyst 2013 G. D’Adamio; F. Cardona; C. Parmeggiani; A. Goti
Click-chemistry per la sintesi di imminozuccheri multivalenti 2013 G. D’Adamio; C. Parmeggiani; F. Cardona; A. Goti
S-linolenoyl glutathione intake extends life-span and stress resistance via Sir-2.1 upregulation in Caenorhabditis elegans 2014 Cascella R; Evangelisti E; Zampagni M; Becatti M; D'Adamio G; Goti A; Liguri G; Fiorillo C; Cecchi C
New multivalent glycosidase inhibitors: exploring different iminosugars and scaffolds 2014 C. Matassini; F. Cardona; C. Parmeggiani; S. Mirabella; G. D’adamio; M. Marradi; S. Penades; A. Goti
Iminosugars:from small molecules to multivalent structures 2014 F. Cardona; C. Matassini; S. Mirabella; G. D’Adamio; C. Parmeggiani; A. Goti
6-Azido hyacinthacine A2 gives a straightforward access to the first multivalent pyrrolizidine architectures 2014 G. D’Adamio; C. Parmeggiani; A. Goti; A. J. Moreno-Vargas; E. Moreno-Clavijo; I. Robina; F. Cardona
Human Acid β-Glucosidase Inhibition by Carbohydrate Derived Iminosugars: Towards New Pharmacological Chaperones for Gaucher Disease 2015 Parmeggiani, Camilla; Catarzi, Serena; Matassini, Camilla; D’Adamio, Giampiero; Morrone, Amelia ; Goti, Andrea; Paoli, Paolo; Cardona, Francesca
Gold Supported on Silica Catalyzes the Aerobic Oxidation of N,N-Disubstituted Hydroxylamines to Nitrones 2015 D’Adamio, Giampiero; Parmeggiani, Camilla; Goti, Andrea; Cardona, Francesca
New synthesis and biological evaluation of uniflorine A derivatives: towards specific insect trehalase inhibitors 2015 G. D’Adamio; A. Sgambato; M. Forcella; S. Caccia; C. Parmeggiani; M. Casartelli; P. Parenti; D. Bini; L. Cipolla; P. Fusi; F. Cardona
Iminosugar based pharmacological chaperones: selecting new leads to target Gaucher, Morquio A and Hunter Disease 2016 Matassini, C; D'Adamio, G.; Parmeggiani, C.; Catarzi, S.; Goti, A.; Morrone, A.; Cardona, F.
Cycloadditions of Sugar-Derived Nitrones Targeting Polyhydroxylated Indolizidines 2016 Martella, D.; D'Adamio, G.; Parmeggiani, C.; Cardona, F.; Moreno-Clavijo, E.; Robina, I.; Goti, A.
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