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Water-energy Nexus: A case of biogas production from energy crops evaluated by Water Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods 2015 Pacetti, Tommaso; Lombardi, Lidia; Federici, Giorgio
Floods and food security: A method to estimate the effect of inundation on crops availability 2017 Pacetti, Tommaso; Caporali, Enrica; Rulli, Maria Cristina
Towards Landscape Ecohydrology: linking historical landscape patterns and ecosystem services provision in Bolivian sub-Andean region 2018 Giulio Castelli, Tommaso Pacetti , Cristiano Foderi, Marissa Castro Magnani, Yandery Kempff, Enrica Caporali, Elena Bresci, Fabio Salbitano
Investigating water-land-ecosystems nexus for watershed integrated management 2018 Tommaso Pacetti
Water values: Participatory water ecosystem services assessment in the Arno River basin 2019 Tommaso Pacetti, Giulio Castelli, Lapo Cecconi, Lorenzo Tilli, Enrica Caporali, Elena Bresci
Remote sensing characterization of crop vulnerability to floods 2019 Tommaso Pacetti; Enrica Caporali; Maria Cristina Rulli
Water values: participatory water ecosystem services assessment for watershed management 2019 Tommaso Pacetti; Giulio Castelli; Enrica Caporali; Elena Bresci; Lapo Cecconi; Bianca Cinelli; Marco Dugini; Lorenzo Tilli
WaterValues: il valore dell’Acqua 2019 Tommaso Pacetti, Giulio Castelli, Lapo Cecconi , Bianca Cinelli, Marco Dugini, Lorenzo Tilli, Enrica Caporali , Elena Bresci
Spatio-temporal dynamics of flood regulating ecosystem services in the Arno river basin, Italy 2020 Mori, Stefano; Pacetti, Tommaso; Brandimarte, Luigia; Caporali, Enrica
Flood risk and water resources management with nature-based solutions on Florence city environment 2020 Pacetti, Tommaso; Pampaloni, Matteo; Castelli, Giulio; Caporali, Enrica; Bresci, Elena; Isola, Matteo; Lompi, Marco
Water Values: participatory assessment of riverine ecosystem services for sustainable water management in the Arno basin 2020 Castelli, G., Pacetti, T., Bresci, E., & Caporali, E.
Planning Nature-Based-Solutions through geographic information tools to manage flood risk on Florence city environment 2020 Pacetti T., Cioli S., Castelli G., Pampaloni M., Bresci E., & Caporali E.
A review of studies on observed precipitation trends in Italy 2020 Enrica Caporali; Marco Lompi; Tommaso Pacetti; Valentina Chiarello; Simone Fatichi
Mining activity impacts on soil erodibility and reservoirs silting: Evaluation of mining decommissioning strategies 2020 Pacetti, Tommaso; Lompi, Marco; Petri, Claudio; Caporali, Enrica
Water Values: Participatory Water Ecosystem Services Assessment in the Arno River Basin, Italy 2020 Pacetti T., Castelli G., Bresci E., Caporali E.
Water Ecosystem Services Footprint of agricultural production in Central Italy 2021 Pacetti, Tommaso; Castelli, Giulio; Schröder, Boris; Bresci, Elena; Caporali, Enrica
An evaluation of rainfall regime changes in Italy over the last decades from literature 2021 Enrica Caporali, Marco Lompi, Tommaso Pacetti, Valentina Chiarello, Simone Fatichi
A methodology for assessing spatio-temporal dynamics of flood regulating services 2021 Mori, Stefano; Pacetti, Tommaso; Brandimarte, Luigia; Santolini, Riccardo; Caporali, Enrica
Planning Nature Based Solutions against urban pluvial flooding in heritage cities: A spatial multi criteria approach for the city of Florence (Italy) 2022 Tommaso Pacetti, Simona Cioli, Giulio Castelli, Elena Bresci, Matteo Pampaloni, Tiziana Pileggi, Enrica Caporali
Impacts of Rainfall Data Aggregation Time on Pluvial Flood Hazard in Urban Watersheds 2022 Lompi M.; Tamagnone P.; Pacetti T.; Morbidelli R.; Caporali E.
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