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Magma-assisted rifting in Ethiopia 2005 Kendall, J.-M; Stuart, G.W.; Ebinger, C.J.; Bastow, I.D.; Keir, D.
Variations in late syn-rift melt alignment inferred from shear-wave splitting in crustal earthquakes beneath the Ethiopian rift 2005 Keir, D.; Kendall, J.-M.; Ebinger, C.J.; Stuart, G.W.
Magma-maintained rift segmentation at continental rupture in the 2005 Afar dyking episode 2006 Wright, T. J., Ebinger, C., Biggs, J., Ayele, A., Yirgu, G., Keir, D., Stork, A.
Strain accommodation by magmatism and faulting as rifting proceeds to breakup: Seismicity of the northern Ethiopian rift 2006 Keir, D.; Ebinger, C.J.; Stuart, G.W.; Daly, E.; Ayele, A.
Mantle upwellings, melt migration and the rifting of Africa: Insights from seismic anisotropy 2006 Kendall, J. -M.; Pilidou, S.; Keir, D.; Bastow, I. D.; Stuart, G. W.; Ayele, A.
Strain accommodation in transitional rifts: extension by magma intrusion and faulting in Ethiopian rift magmatic segments 2006 Casey, M.; Ebinger, C. J.; Keir, D.; Gloaguen, R.; Mohamed, F.
Local earthquake magnitude scale and seismicity rate for the Ethiopian rift 2006 Keir, D.; Stuart, G. W.; Jackson, A.; Ayele, A.
Fault growth at a nascent slow-spreading ridge: 2005 Dabbahu rifting episode, Afar 2007 Rowland, J. V.; Baker, E.; Ebinger, C. J.; Keir, D.; Kidane, T.; Biggs, J.; Hayward, N.; Wright, T. J.
The August 2002 earthquake sequence in north Afar: Insights into the neotectonics of the Danakil microplate 2007 Ayele, A., Stuart, G., Bastow, I., Keir, D.
Watching from Afar 2008 Keir, D.
Crustal tomographic imaging of a transitional continental rift: The Ethiopian rift 2008 Daly, E.; Keir, D.; Ebinger, C. J.; Stuart, G. W.; Bastow, I. D.; Ayele, A.
Capturing magma intrusion and faulting processes during continental rupture: Seismicity of the Dabbahu (Afar) rift 2008 Ebinger, C. J.; Keir, D.; Ayele, A.; Calais, E.; Wright, T. J.; Belachew, M.; Hammond, J. O. S.; Campbell, E.; Buck, W. R.
September 2005 mega-dike emplacement in the Manda-Harraro nascent oceanic rift (Afar depression) 2009 Ayele, A., Keir, D., Ebinger, C., Wright, T. J., Stuart, G. W., Buck, W. R., Jacques, E., Ogubazghi, G., Sholan, J.
Evidence for focused magmatic accretion at segment centers from lateral dike injections captured beneath the Red Sea rift in Afar 2009 Keir, D., Hamling, I. J., Ayele, A., Calais, E., Ebinger, C., Wright, T. J., Jacques, E., Mohamed, K., Hammond, J. O. S., Belachew, M., Baker, E., Rowland, J. V., Lewi, E., Bennati, L.
Geodetic observations of the ongoing Dabbahu rifting episode: New dyke intrusions in 2006 and 2007 2009 Hamling, I. J., Ayele, A., Bennati, L., Calais, E., Ebinger, C. J., Keir, D., Lewi, E., Wright, T. J., Yirgu, G.
Lower crustal earthquakes near the Ethiopian rift induced by magmatic processes 2009 Keir, D., Bastow, I. D., Whaler, K. A., Daly, E., Cornwell, D. G., Hautot, S.
Formation and stability of magmatic segments in the Main Ethiopian and Afar rifts 2010 E. Beutel; J. van Wijk; C. Ebinger; D. Keir; A. Agostini
Low-frequency hybrid earthquakes near a magma chamber in afar: Quantifying path effects 2010 Cote, D. M., Belachew, M., Quillen, A. C., Ebinger, C. J., Keir, D., Ayele, A., Wright, T.
Length and timescales of rift faulting and magma intrusion: The afar rifting cycle from 2005 to present 2010 Ebinger, C., Ayele, A., Keir, D., Rowland, J., Yirgu, G., Wright, T., Belachew, M., Hamling, I.
Insights into extensional processes during magma assisted rifting: Evidence from aligned scoria cones 2011 Rooney, T. O.; Bastow, I. D.; Keir, D.
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