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Rhein and derivates. In vitro studies on their capacity to inhibit certain proteases. 1982 Raimondi L, Banchelli Soldaini G, Buffoni F, Ignesti G, Massacesi L, Amaducci L, Friedmann CA.
Reaction of pig plasma benzylamine oxidase with beta-aminopropionitrile. 1985 L. Raimondi; G. Banchelli; B. Bertocci; M. Lodovici; G. Ignesti; R. Pirisino; F. Buffoni; V. Bertini; A. De Munno
Pyridoxamine as inhibitor of the blood plasma benzylamine oxidase and other copper-containing amine oxidases. 1985 F. Buffoni; G. Banchelli; P. Dolara; G. Ignesti; R. Pirisino; L. Raimondi; M. Ziche
Copper-dependent amine oxidases in angiogenesis induced by prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). 1987 M. Ziche; G. Banchelli; G. Caderni; L. Raimondi; P. Dolara; F. Buffoni
Lysosomal enzymes in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis: time course and evidence of the source. 1988 L. MASSACESI; ABBAMONDI A.L; RAIMONDI L; GIORGI C; AMADUCCI L
Amino acid sequence of mouse nidogen, a multidomain basement membrane protein with binding activity for laminin, collagen type IV and cells 1989 K. Mann; R. Deutzmann; M. Aumaillay; R. Timpl; L. Raimondi; Y. Yamada; T. Pan; D. Conway and Mon-Li Chu
Amino acid sequence of mouse nidogen, a multidomain basement membrane protein with binding activity for laminin, collagen IV and cells. 1989 Mann, K; Deutzmann, R; Aumailley, M; Timpl, R; Raimondi, L; Yamada, Y; Pan, Tc; Conway, D; Chu, M. L.
Skin wound healing: some biochemical parameters in guinea-pig. 1993 F.Buffoni; G.Banchelli; S.Cambi; G.Ignesti; R.Pirisino; L.Raimondi; G.B.Vannelli
Metabolism of methylamine by semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase in white and brown adipose tissue of the rat. 1993 L. Conforti; L. Raimondi; GA Lyles.
Calcium modulatory properties of 2,6-dibutylbenzylamine (B25) in rat isolated vas deferens, cardiac and smooth muscle preparations. 1993 R. PIRISINO; BANCHELLI G; IGNESTI G; MANTELLI L; MATUCCI R; RAIMONDI L; BUFFONI F
The uptake of histamine in rat white adipose tissue 1994 L. CONFORTI; L. RAIMONDI; R. PIRISINO;
Some histamine-related compounds interacting with the benzylamine oxidizing activity of rat white adipocytes. 1997 RAIMONDI, L.; CONFORTI, L.; BANCHELLI, G.; SGROMO, L.; R. PIRISINO
Immunosuppressive activity of 13-cis-retinoic acid in rats: aspects of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 1997 VERGELLI, M., OLIVOTTO, J., CASTIGLI, E., GRAN B., A; RAIMONDI, L.; R. PIRISINO; AMADUCCI, L.; MASSACESI, L.
Apoptosis induced by sulindac sulfide in epithelial and mesenchymal cells from human abdominal neoplasms. 1998 L. Picariello; M. L. Brandi; L. Formigli; S. Z. Orlandini; P. Dolara; G. Caderni; L. Raimondi; F. Tonelli
Elevated serum semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase activity in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: correlation with body mass index and serum triglyceride. 1999 Z.Mészáros; T. Szombathy; L. Raimondi; I. Karádi; L. Romics; K: Magyar
Effect of xyloglucan Tamarind seed polysaccharide) on conjunctival cell adhesion to laminin and on corneal epithelium wound healing. 2000 BURGALASSI S.; RAIMONDI L.; R. PIRISINO; BANCHELLI G.; BOLDRINI E.SAETTONE M.
Benzylamine-related compounds stimulate rat was deferens neurotransmission and potentiate memory in the mouse acting as potassium potassium channel blockers. 2000 G. BANCHELLI; L. RAIMONDI; C. GHELARDINI; R. PIRISINO; V. BERTINI; A. DE MUNNO; F. LUCCHESINI
Hydrogen peroxide generation by monoamine oxidases in rat white adipocytes: role on cAMP production 2000 L.Raimondi;G. Banchelli; L. Sgromo; R. Pirisino;M. Ner; A. Parini; C. Cambon.
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