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Synthesis and reactivity of bicycles derived from tartaric acids and alfa-amino acids: a novel class of conformationally constrained dipeptide isosteres based upon enantiopure 3-aza-6,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-7-carboxylic acid 1999 A. GUARNA; A. GUIDI; F. MACHETTI; G. MENCHI; E. OCCHIATO; D. SCARPI; S. SISI; A. TRABOCCHI
Introduction of the New Dipeptide Isostere 7-Endo-BtA as Reverse Turn Inducer in a Bowman-Birk Proteinase Inhibitor: Synthesis and Conformational Analysis 2001 SCARPI D.; OCCHIATO E.G.; TRABOCCHI A.; LEATHERBARROW R.J.; BRAUER A.B.E.; NIEVO M.; A. GUARNA
Suzuki Reaction of Vinyl Triflates from Six- and Seven-Membered N-Alkoxycarbonyl Lactams with Boronic Acids and Esters 2001 E. OCCHIATO; A. TRABOCCHI; A. GUARNA
Effect of C-Ring Modifications in Benzo[c]quinolizin-3-ones, New Selective Inhibitors of Human 5a-Reductase 1 2001 A. GUARNA; E.G. OCCHIATO; F. MACHETTI; A. TRABOCCHI; D. SCARPI; G. DANZA; R. MANCINA; A. COMERCI; M. SERIO
Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of Small Peptides Containing 6-endo-BT(t)L Scaffolds as Reverse Turns Mimetics 2002 TRABOCCHI A; OCCHIATO E. G.; POTENZA D.; A. GUARNA
Synthesis of New Enantiopure Bicycles gamma/delta-Amino Acid (BTKa), Derived from Tartaric Acid and alfa-Aminoacetophenone 2002 A.GUARNA; I.BUCELLI; F.MACHETTI; G. MENCHI; E.G.OCCHIATO; D.SCARPI; A.TRABOCCHI
A solid phase approach towards the developments of 3-aza-6,8-dioxabicyclo-[3.2.1]octane scaffolds 2003 A.TRABOCCHI; F. MANCINI; G. MENCHI; A.GUARNA
Enantiospecific synthesis of 3-aza-6,8-dioxa-bicyclo[3.2.1]octane carboxylic acids from erythrose 2003 A. TRABOCCHI; G. MENCHI; M. ROLLA; F. MACHETTI; I. BUCELLI; A. GUARNA
A new bicyclic proline-mimetic amino acid 2003 A. TRABOCCHI; N. CINI; G. MENCHI; A. GUARNA
Solvent-dependent conformational behaviour of model tetrapeptides containing a bicyclic proline mimetic 2004 A. TRABOCCHI; D. POTENZA; A. GUARNA
Synthesis of a constrained tricyclic scaffold based on trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline 2005 Trabocchi, Andrea; Rolla, M.; Menchi, Gloria; Guarna, Antonio
gamma- and delta-Amino acids: synthetic srategies and relevant applications 2005 A. TRABOCCHI; F. GUARNA; A. GUARNA
Synthesis of Glycidol-and Sugar-derived Bicyclic beta- and gamma/delta-Amino Acids for Peptidomimetic Chemistry 2005 E. DANIELI; A. TRABOCCHI; G. MENCHI; A. GUARNA
Synthesis of a Bicyclic Proline Analogue from L-Ascorbic Acid 2006 Lalli, C.; Trabocchi, Andrea; Guarna, F.; Mannino, C.; Guarna, Antonio
3-Aza-6,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octanes as new enantiopure heteroatom-rich tropane-like ligands of human dopamine transporter. 2006 Cini, Nicoletta; Danieli, E.; Menchi, Gloria; Trabocchi, Andrea; Bottoncetti, A.; Raspanti, Silvia; Pupi, Alberto; Guarna, Antonio
Design, Synthesis and Applications of 3-Aza-6,8-Dioxa-Bicyclo[3.2.1]Octane-Based Scaffolds for peptidominetic Chemistry 2006 TRABOCCHI A.; MENCHI G.; GUARNA F.; MACHETTI F.; SCARPI D.; A. GUARNA
3-Aza-8,10-dioxa-bicyclo[5.2.1]decane (9-exo BTKa) Carboxylic Acid as New Reverse Turn Inducer: Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of a Model Peptide 2006 Scarpi, Dina; Stranges, D.; Trabocchi, Andrea; Guarna, Antonio
Synthesis and conformational analysis of constrained beta-turn mimetics using a bicyclic turn inducer and the Petasis three-component reaction on solid-phase 2007 Danieli, E.; Trabocchi, Andrea; Menchi, Gloria; Guarna, Antonio
Diastereoselective synthesis of highly constrained spiro-β-lactams via the Staudinger reaction using an unsymmetrical bicyclic ketene 2007 Trabocchi, Andrea; Lalli, C.; Guarna, F.; Guarna, Antonio
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