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Preliminary assessment of the factors controlling the geotechnical and hydrological properties in the hillslope deposits of Eastern Tuscany (Central Italy) 2015 Bicocchi G.; D'Ambrosio M.; Vannocci P.; Nocentini M.; Tacconi Stefanelli C.; Masi E. B.; Carnicelli S.; Tofani V.; Catani F.
Application of regional physically-based landslide early warning model: tuning of the input parameters and validation of the results 2017 D'Ambrosio, M.; Tofani, V.; Rossi, G.; Salvatici, T.; Tacconi Stefanelli, C.; Rosi, A.; Masi, E.B.; Pazzi, V.; Vannocci, P.; Catani, F.; Casagli, N.
Preliminary analysis of organic matter content variations in shallow soils of Tuscany (central Italy) and comparisons with hydrological, geotechnical and mineralogical characteristics 2018 Masi E. B.; Bicocchi G.; Catani F.
A multidimensional and interdisciplinary strategy for geo-hydrological risk reduction oriented towards minors 2018 Morelli S.; Pazzi V.; Bandecchi A. E.; Valori L.; Gambacciani L.; Ceccatelli M.; Gracchi T.; Marini F.; Masi E. B.; Pastonchi L.; Lotti A.; Fontanelli K.; Casagli N.
Application of a physically based model to forecast shallow landslides at a regional scale 2018 Salvatici T.; Tofani V.; Rossi G.; D'Ambrosio M.; Tacconi Stefanelli C.; Masi E. B.; Rosi A.; Pazzi V.; Vannocci P.; Petrolo M.; Catani F.; Ratto S.; Stevenin H.; Casagli N.
Assessing subsoil void hazards along a road system using H/V measurements, ERTs and IPTs to support local decision makers 2018 Pazzi V.; Ceccatelli M.; Gracchi T.; Masi E. B.; Fanti R.
The root reinforcement in a distributed slope stability model: effects on regional-scale simulations 2020 Elena Benedetta Masi
Soil organic matter relationships with the geotechnical-hydrological parameters, mineralogy and vegetation cover of hillslope deposits in Tuscany (Italy) 2020 Masi E. B.; Bicocchi G.; Catani F.
Multiseasonal probabilistic slope stability analysis of a large area of unsaturated pyroclastic soils 2021 Cuomo S.; Masi E.B.; Tofani V.; Moscariello M.; Rossi G.; Matano F.
Characterization of hillslope deposits for physically-based landslide forecasting models 2021 Tofani V.; Bicocchi G.; Masi E. B.; Tacconi Stefanelli C.; Rossi G.; Catani F.
Root reinforcement in slope stability models: A review 2021 Masi E.B.; Segoni S.; Tofani V.
A tool for the automatic aggregation and validation of the results of physically based distributed slope stability models 2021 Bulzinetti M.A.; Segoni S.; Pappafico G.; Masi E.B.; Rossi G.; Tofani V.
Towards a national-scale dataset of geotechnical and hydrological soil parameters for shallow landslide modeling 2022 Vannocci P.; Segoni S.; Masi E.B.; Cardi F.; Nocentini N.; Rosi A.; Bicocchi G.; D'Ambrosio M.; Nocentini M.; Lombardi L.; Tofani V.; Casagli N.; Catani F.
Effects of roots cohesion on regional distributed slope stability modelling 2023 Masi E.B.; Tofani V.; Rossi G.; Cuomo S.; Wu W.; Salciarini D.; Caporali E.; Catani F.
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