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Experimental studies on the wooden support of the "Mona Lisa" 2011 L. Uzielli;L. Cocchi;P. Dionisi Vici;G. Goli;P. Mazzanti;J. Gril;J. Colmars;D. Jullien;B. Marcon;D. Dureisseix;R. Rémond
Mechanical study of a support system for cupping control of panel paintings combining crossbars and springs 2012 MARCON B.;MAZZANTI P;UZIELLI L;COCCHI L;DUREISSEIX D;GRIL J
The Lapidazione di Santo Stefano by Giorgio Vasari: the study of the wooden support’s deformations as a contribution to restoration and future conservation 2014 Linda Cocchi; Giacomo Goli; Paola Mazzanti; Bertrand Marcon; Luca Uzielli
Poplar wood heat treatment: effect of air ventilation rate and initial moisture content on reaction kinetics, physical and mechanical properties 2014 Goli Giacomo; Marcon Bertrand; Fioravanti Marco
Improving timber properties of fast growing species by heat treatment 2015 Goli, Giacomo; Barnini, Lorenzo; Cocchi, Linda; Di Giulio, Giuseppina; Marcon, Bertrand; Mazzanti, Paola; Signorini, Giovanni; Fioravanti, Marco
The Mona Lisa Project: an update on the progress of measurement and monitoring activities 2015 Gril, Joseph; Cocchi, Linda; Dionisi-Vici, Paolo; Goli, Giacomo; Marcon, Bertrand; Mazzanti, Paola; Togni, Marco; Uzielli, Luca
Trattamento termico del legno di pioppo in condizioni anidre e di vapore saturo. Analisi della cinetica di degradazione 2015 Goli, Giacomo; Marcon, Bertrand; Procino, Lorenzo; Fioravanti, Marco
Hygro-thermal behaviour of an historical violin during concerts 2015 Goli, Giacomo; Marcon, Bertrand; Busoni, Lorenzo; Mazzanti, Paola; Giordano, Alberto; Montanari, Pio; Carlson, Bruce; Fioravanti, Marco
Verifying the operation of an elastic crossbar system applied to a panel painting: the Deposition from the Cross by an anonymous artist from Abruzzo, sixteenth century 2016 Cocchi, Linda; Marcon, Bertrand; Goli, Giacomo; Mazzanti, Paola; Castelli, Ciro; Santacesaria, Andrea; Uzielli, Luca
Dynamic excitation and FE analysis to assess the shear modulus of structural timber 2017 Cavalli, Alberto; Marcon, Bertrand; Cibecchini, Daniele; Mazzanti, Paola; Fioravanti, Marco; Procino, Lorenzo; Togni, Marco
Antique violins: Effect of the player on the moisture content 2017 Goli, Giacomo; Marcon, Bertrand; Busoni, Lorenzo; Carlson, Bruce; Cavalli, Alberto; Giordano, Alberto; Mazzanti, Paola; Montanari, Pio; Togni, Marco; Fioravanti, Marco
Cutting forces when machining thermally modified poplar – preliminary results 2018 Goli Giacomo, Curti, Remi, Marcon Bertrand, Scippa Antonio, Fioravanti Marco, Campatelli Gianni, Denaud Louis-Etienne
Specific Cutting Forces of Isotropic and Orthotropic Engineered Wood Products by Round Shape Machining 2018 Giacomo Goli; Rémi Curti; Bertrand Marcon; Antonio Scippa; Gianni Campatelli; Rocco Furferi; Louis Denaud
Mona Lisa’s digital twin: identifying the mechanical properties of the panel combining experimental data and advanced finite-element modelling 2018 RIPARBELLI Lorenzo, DIONISI-VICI Paolo, DUPRE Jean-Christophe, GOLI Giacomo, JULLIEN Delphine, BREMAND Fabrice, MAZZANTI Paola, HESSER Franck, MARCON Bertrand, TOGNI Marco, GAUVIN Cécilia, ARNOULD Olivier, VALLE Valery, DUREISSEIX David, COCCHI Linda, MANDRON Patrick, RAVAUD Elisabeth, UZIELLI Luca, GRIL Joseph,
Experimental tests for mechanical properties of wooden ‘buttons’ used for attaching auxiliary supports behind panel paintings 2020 Paola Mazzanti; Lorenzo Riparbelli; Bertrand Marcon; Giulia Fabiani; Marco Togni; Luca Uzielli; Ciro Castelli; Andrea Santacesaria
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