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The cerato-platanins: non-catalytic proteins with functions in the relational life of fungi. 2009 Scala A.; Baccelli I.; Bernardi R.; Cappugi G.; Carresi L.; Cicero D.O.; Comparini C.; Martellini F.; Pazzagli L.; Pertinhez T.A.; Spisni A.
The expression of the gene coding for cerato-platanin is modulated by biotic and abiotic factors. 2010 Baccelli I.; Bernardi R.; Carresi L.; Comparini C.; Pazzagli L.; Scala A.
A proteomic approach to study the role of cerato-platanin in ceratocystis platani and in the canker stain disease. 2010 Pantera B.; Pazzagli L.; Carresi L.; Comparini C.; Martellini F.; Capuana M.; Cappugi G.; Baccelli I.; Bernardi R.; Scala A.
Cerato-platanin and cerato-populin induce differential resistance responses in plane leaves. 2010 Lombardi L.; Baccelli I.; Bernardi R.; Cappugi G.; Pazzagli L.; Picciarelli P.; Scala A.
Cerato-platanin and cerato-populin induce defence responses in plane leaves 2011 F. Martellini; L. Lombardi; I. Baccelli; I R. Bernardi; P. Picciarelli; S. Luti; A. Scala; L. Pazzagli;
Cerato-platanin elicits transcription of defence-related genes earlier than Ceratocystis platani on Platanus acerifolia. 2011 Rodolfo Bernardi; Ivan Baccelli; Lara Carresi; Cecilia Comparini; Luigia Pazzagli; Aniello Scala
Cerato-platanin: determination of the 3D structure, regulation of the gene and plant interaction. 2011 Pazzagli L.; Baccelli I.; Bernardi R.; Bettini P.; Carresi L.; Comparini C.; Faoro F.; Martellini F.; Pertinhez T.A.; Spisni A.; Cappugi G.; Scala A.
The expression of the cerato-platanin gene is related to hyphal growth and chlamydospores formation in Ceratocystis platani. 2012 I. Baccelli; C. Comparini; P.P. Bettini; F. Martellini; M. Ruocco; L. Pazzagli; R. Bernardi; A. Scala
Differential timing of defense-related responses induced by cerato-platanin and cerato-populin, two non-catalytic fungal elicitors 2013 Lara Lombardi; Franco Faoro; Simone Luti; Ivan Baccelli; Federica Martellini; Rodolfo Bernardi; Piero Picciarelli; Aniello Scala; Luigia Pazzagli.
Cerato-Populin and Cerato-Platanin, Two Non-Catalytic Proteins from Phytopathogenic Fungi, Interact with Hydrophobic Inanimate Surfaces and Leaves 2013 F. Martellini; F. Faoro; L. Carresi; B. Pantera; I. Baccelli; D. Maffi; B. Tiribilli; F. Sbrana; S. Luti; C. Comparini; R. Bernardi; G. Cappugi; A. Scala; L. Pazzagli.
Early transcription of defence-related genes in Platanus × acerifolia leaves following treatment with cerato-platanin. 2013 Ivan Baccelli; Aniello Scala; Luigia Pazzagli; Rodolfo Bernardi
Cerato-platanin shows expansin-like activity on cellulosic materials. 2013 Ivan Baccelli; Simone Luti; Rodolfo Bernardi; Aniello Scala; Luigia Pazzagli
Cerato-platanin induces resistance in Arabidopsis leaves through stomatal perception, overexpression of salicylic acid- and ethylene-signalling genes and camalexin biosynthesis. 2014 Ivan Baccelli; Lara Lombardi; Simone Luti; Rodolfo Bernardi; Piero Picciarelli; Aniello Scala; Luigia Pazzagli
Gene expression analyses reveal a relationship between conidiation and cerato-platanin in homokaryotic and heterokaryotic strains of the fungal plant pathogen Heterobasidion irregulare 2015 Baccelli, Ivan; Gonthier, Paolo; Bernardi, Rodolfo
Cerato-platanin family proteins: one function for multiple biological roles? 2015 I. Baccelli
Partitioning the structural features that underlie expansin-like and elicitor activities of cerato-platanin 2020 Luti simone, Bemporad francesco, Vivoli Vega mirella, Leri manuela, Musiani francesco, Baccelli ivan, Pazzagli luigia
The priming fingerprint on the plant transcriptome investigated through meta-analysis of RNA-Seq data 2020 Baccelli I.; Benny J.; Caruso T.; Martinelli F.
A mechanistic model may explain the dissimilar biological efficiency of the fungal elicitors cerato-platanin and cerato-populin 2021 Baroni, Fabio; Gallo, Mariana; Pazzagli, Luigia; Luti, Simone; Baccelli, Ivan; Spisni, Alberto; Pertinhez, Thelma A
Water-Soluble Trichogin GA IV-Derived Peptaibols Protect Tomato Plants From Botrytis cinerea Infection With Limited Impact on Plant Defenses 2022 Baccelli, Ivan; Luti, Simone; Bernardi, Rodolfo; Favaron, Francesco; De Zotti, Marta; Sella, Luca
Can microplastics threaten plant productivity and fruit quality? Insights from Micro-Tom and Micro-PET/PVC 2023 Dainelli, Marco; Pignattelli, Sara; Bazihizina, Nadia; Falsini, Sara; Papini, Alessio; Baccelli, Ivan; Mancuso, Stefano; Coppi, Andrea; Castellani, Maria Beatrice; Colzi, Ilaria; Gonnelli, Cristina
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