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Peptidomimetic toolbox for drug discovery 2020 Lenci, Elena; Trabocchi, Andrea
Synthetic approaches toward small molecule libraries 2020 Lenci, Elena; Trabocchi, Andrea
Small Molecule Drug Discovery: Methods, Molecules and Applications 2020 Andrea Trabocchi; Elena Lenci; Pietro Capurro; Andrea Basso; Fernanda I. Saldívar-González; José L. Medina-Franco; Qingliang Li; Chris G.M. Wilson; Michelle R. Arkin; Elena M. Sánchez-Fernández; M. Isabel García-Moreno; José M. García Fernández; Carmen Ortiz Mellet; Kamal Kumar; Margarida Espadinha; Stuart J. Conway; Maria M.M. Santos; Praveen P.N. Rao; Amy Trinh Pham; Arash Shakeri
Combination of multicomponent KA2 and Pauson-Khand reactions: Short synthesis of spirocyclic pyrrolocyclopentenones 2020 Innocenti R.; Lenci E.; Menchi G.; Trabocchi A.
Synthesis and biological properties of spiroacetal-containing small molecules 2020 Lenci E.
Recent advances in copper-catalyzed imine-based multicomponent reactions 2020 Innocenti R.; Lenci E.; Trabocchi A.
3D printing of multifunctional optofluidic systems for high-sensitive detection of pathological biomarkers in liquid biopsies 2020 Credi C.; Dallari C.; Lenci E.; Trabocchi A.; Nocentini S.; Wiersma D.; Cicchi R.; Pavone F.S.
Synthesis of morpholine derivatives using the Castagnoli-Cushman reaction as BACE1 inhibitors: Unexpected binding activity of cyclic thioamides 2020 Calugi L.; Lenci E.; Innocenti R.; Trabocchi A.
A glucose-derived α-hydroxy aldehyde for the Petasis reaction: facile access to polyfunctional δ-amino acids 2020 Lenci, Elena; Bellini Puglielli, Raffaele; Bucaletti, Elisabetta; Innocenti, Riccardo; Trabocchi, Andrea
Discovery of a d-pro-lys peptidomimetic inhibitor of MMP9: Addressing the gelatinase selectivity beyond S1' subsite 2020 Lenci, Elena; Contini, Alessandro; Trabocchi, Andrea
Occurrence of morpholine in central nervous system drug discovery 2021 Trabocchi A.; Lenci E.; Calugi L.
Multitargeting application of proline-derived peptidomimetics addressing cancer-related human matrix metalloproteinase 9 and carbonic anhydrase II 2021 Lenci E.; Angeli A.; Calugi L.; Innocenti R.; Carta F.; Supuran C.T.; Trabocchi A.
Ceramide/protein phosphatase 2A axis is engaged in gap junction impairment elicited by PCB153 in liver stem-like progenitor cells 2021 Squecco R.; Pierucci F.; Idrizaj E.; Frati A.; Lenci E.; Vicenti C.; Iachini M.C.; Martinesi M.; Garella R.; Baccari M.C.; Francini F.; Meacci E.
Diversity-oriented synthesis as a tool to expand the chemical space of DNA-encoded libraries 2021 Lenci E.; Baldini L.; Trabocchi A.
Novel matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors: an updated patent review (2014 - 2020) 2021 Lenci E.; Cosottini L.; Trabocchi A.
Identification of a Common Pharmacophore for Binding to MMP2 and RGD Integrin: Towards a Multitarget Approach to Inhibit Cancer Angiogenesis and Metastasis 2022 Baldini, Lorenzo; Lenci, Elena; Bianchini, Francesca; Trabocchi, Andrea
Peptidomimetic Small-Molecule Inhibitors of 3CLPro Activity and Spike-ACE2 Interaction: Toward Dual-Action Molecules against Coronavirus Infections 2022 Tedesco, Filomena; Calugi, Lorenzo; Lenci, Elena; Trabocchi, Andrea
Diversity-oriented synthesis and chemoinformatics: a fruitful synergy towards better chemical libraries 2022 Lenci E.; Trabocchi A.
Design, synthesis and evaluation of RGD peptidomimetic – Gold nanostar conjugates as M21 cell adhesion inhibitors 2022 Innocenti R.; Dallari C.; Lenci E.; Pavone F.S.; Bianchini F.; Credi C.; Trabocchi A.
Design and Synthesis of Novel Raman Reporters for Bioorthogonal SERS Nanoprobes Engineering 2022 Dallari C.; Innocenti R.; Lenci E.; Trabocchi A.; Pavone F.S.; Credi C.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 42
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