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Oral hairy leukoplakia among HIV-positive intravenous drug abusers:a clinicopathological and ultrastructural study 1988 G. FICARRA; R. BARONE; D. GAGLIOTI; D. MILO; R. RICCARDI; P. ROMAGNOLI; M. ZORN
Non-lymphoid accessory cells in the cutaneous infiltrate of B cell lymphomas. An immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study 1988 N. PIMPINELLI; P. ROMAGNOLI; S. MORETTI; B. GIANNOTTI
Morphology and membrane antigens of non-lymphoid accessory cells in oral hairy leukoplakia 1990 R. RICCARDI; N. PIMPINELLI; G. FICARRA; L. BORGOGNONI; D. GAGLIOTI; P. ROMAGNOLI; D. MILO
Alterations in the fine structure of the pig liver upon cold ischemia. 1990 P. ROMAGNOLI; S. ROSSI; F. FILIPPONI; M. MARSILI; S. BONCINELLI
The intercellular substance of the pulp of human, fully erupted, permanent premolar teeth 1990 F. GALEOTTI; S. FALLAI; G. PAGAVINO; P. PIERLEONI; P. ROMAGNOLI
The crown odontoblast of rat molars from primary dentinogenesis to complete eruption 1990 P. ROMAGNOLI; G. MANCINI; F. GALEOTTI; E. FRANCINI; P. PIERLEONI
Morphological changes in rat pancreatic acinar cells induced by long-term treatment with cyclosporine and their reversal after withdrawal 1990 D. BANI; F. FILIPPONI; L. MAGNANI; D. HOUSSIN; P. ROMAGNOLI
Two cases of ichthyosis hystrix: ultrastructural data 1991 A. Mastrolorenzo; C. Filippeschi; G. Zuccati; L. Tiradritti; P. Romagnoli
CD36(OKM5)+ dendritic cells in the oral mucosa of HIV- and HIV+ subjects 1991 PIMPINELLI N.; BORGOGNONI L.; RICCARDI R.; FICARRA G.; MORI M.; GAGLIOTI D.; P. ROMAGNOLI
Transcytosis in thyroid follicle cells:regulation and implications for thyroglobulin transport 1991 P. ROMAGNOLI; HERZOG V.
A new surgical model of acute liver failure in the pig: experimental procedure and analysis of liver injury 1991 F. FILIPPONI; L.P. FABBRI; M. MARSILI; F. FALCINI; C. BENASSAI; M. NUCERA; P. ROMAGNOLI
Human skin dendritic cells upon bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and graft versus host disease (GVHD) #162 1991 Paolo Romagnoli; Nicola Pimpinelli; Alberto Bosi; Stefano Bacci
Evidence for a storage pool defect in platelets from cirrhotic patients with defective aggregation 1992 G. LAFFI; F. MARRA; P. GRESELE; P. ROMAGNOLI; A. PALERMO; O. BARTOLINI; A. SIMONI; L. ORLANDI; M.L. SELLI; G.G. NENCI; P. GENTILINI
Hairy leukoplakia with involvement of the buccal mucosa. A case report. 1992 G. FICARRA; P. ROMAGNOLI; S. PILUSO; D. MILO; K. ADLER-STORTHZ
Normothermic liver perfusion ex situ: a resuscitation tool for hepatic grafts damaged by warm ischaemia. 1993 F. FILIPPONI; S.BACCI; P. ROMAGNOLI
Differentiation pathways of dendritic cells in acute VS. chronic immune-mediated dermatoses. A unitary concept (abstract n.317) 1993 Nicola Pimpinelli; Moira Mori; Stefano Bacci; Francesca Prignano; Paolo Romagnoli
Dendritic cells in the skin after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: immunohistochemical and electron microscopic monitoring 1993 N. PIMPINELLI; P. ROMAGNOLI; A. BOSI; M. SANTUCCI; M. MORI; S. GUIDI; B. GIANNOTTI
Different histamine pathways selectively involving ECL cells and mast cells modulate gastric secretion and gastric mucosal injury, respectively. 1994 Paolo Bechi; Paolo Romagnoli; Rosanna Dei; Andrea Amorosi; Stefano Bacci; Laura Mugnai; Emanuela Masini
What are the histologic chenges in reflux esophagitis? 1994 P. Bechi; A. Amorosi; P. Romagnoli
Dendritic cells in cutaneous lupus erythematosus: a hint to the pathogenesis of lesions 1994 M. MORI; N. PIMPINELLI; P. ROMAGNOLI; E. BERNACCHI; P. FABBRI; B. GIANNOTTI
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 239
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