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Agricultural Practices for Hillslope Erosion Mitigation: A Case Study in Morocco 2023 Vianney Nsabiyumva, Jean Marie; Apollonio, Ciro; Castelli, Giulio; Petroselli, Andrea; Sabir, Mohamed; Preti, Federico
Application of empirical approaches for fast landslide hazard management: The case study of Theilly (Italy) 2022 Segoni S.; Barbadori F.; Gatto A.; Casagli N.
Are We Correctly Using Discharge Coefficients for Side Weirs? Insights from a Numerical Investigation 2019 Di Bacco, M.; Scorzini, A.R.
Assessing Uncertainties of Water Footprints Using an Ensemble of Crop Growth Models on Winter Wheat 2016 Kersebaum, Kurt; Kroes, Joop; Gobin, Anne; Takáč, Jozef; Hlavinka, Petr; Trnka, Miroslav; Ventrella, Domenico; Giglio, Luisa; Ferrise, Roberto; Moriondo, Marco; Dalla Marta, Anna; Luo, Qunying; Eitzinger, Josef; Mirschel, Wilfried; Weigel, Hans-Joachim; Manderscheid, Remy; Hoffmann, Munir; Nejedlik, Pavol; Iqbal, Muhammad; Hösch, Johannes
Characterization and treatment proposals of shipboard slop wastewater contaminated by hydrocarbons 2017 Campo R.; Giustra M.G.; De Marchis M.; Freni G.; di Bella G.
Dissolved Organic Matter in Continental Hydro-Geothermal Systems: Insights from Two Hot Springs of the East African Rift Valley 2020 Butturini, Andrea; Amalfitano, Stefano; Herzsprung, Peter; Lechtenfeld, Oliver J.; Venturi, Stefania; Olaka, Lydia A.; Pacini, Nic; Harper, David M.; Tassi, Franco; Fazi, Stefano
Efficiency and survivability of a floating oscillating water column wave energy converter moored to the seabed: An overview of the EsflOWC MaRINET2 Database 2020 Kisacik D.; Stratigaki V.; Wu M.; Cappietti L.; Simonetti I.; Troch P.; Crespo A.; Altomare C.; Dominguez J.; Hall M.; Gomez-Gesteira M.; Canelas R.B.; Stansby P.
Evaluation of Dicentrarchus labrax meats and the vegetable quality of Beta vulgaris var. Cicla farmed in freshwater and saltwater aquaponic systems 2016 Nozzi, Valentina; Parisi, Giuliana; Di Crescenzo, Davide; Giordano, Mario; Carnevali, Oliana
Experimental Analysis on the Use of Counterflow Jets as a System for the Stabilization of the Spatial Hydraulic Jump 2021 Sharoonizadeh, S; Ahadiyan, J; Scorzini, AR; Di Bacco, M; Sajjadi, M; Moghadam, MF
Fish welfare in aquaponic systems: Its relation to water quality with an emphasis on feed and faeces-A review 2017 Yildiz, Hijran Yavuzcan; Robaina, Lidia; Pirhonen, Juhani; Mente, Elena; Domínguez, David; Parisi, Giuliana
Future Flood Hazard Assessment for the City of Pamplona (Spain) Using an Ensemble of Climate Change Projections 2021 Lompi, Marco; Mediero, Luis; Caporali, Enrica
Holocene Evolution of the Burano Paleo-Lagoon (Southern Tuscany, Italy) 2020 D’Orefice, Maurizio; Bellotti, Piero; Bertini, Adele; Calderoni, Gilberto; Censi Neri, Paolo; Di Bella, Letizia; Fiorenza, Domenico; Foresi, Luca Maria; Louvari, Markella Asimina; Rainone, Letizia; Vittori, Cécile; Goiran, Jean-Philippe; Schmitt, Laurent; Carbonel, Pierre; Preusser, Frank; Oberlin, Christine; Sangiorgi, Francesca; Davoli, Lina
Hydraulic efficiency of green-blue flood control scenarios for vegetated rivers: 1D and 2D unsteady simulations 2021 Lama G.F.C.; Giovannini M.R.M.; Errico A.; Mirzaei S.; Padulano R.; Chirico G.B.; Preti F.
Impacts of Rainfall Data Aggregation Time on Pluvial Flood Hazard in Urban Watersheds 2022 Lompi M.; Tamagnone P.; Pacetti T.; Morbidelli R.; Caporali E.
Integrated Low-Cost Approach for Measuring the State of Conservation of Agricultural Terraces in Tuscany, Italy 2021 Cambi, Martina; Giambastiani, Yamuna; Giannetti, Francesca; Nuti, Elena; Dani, Andrea; Preti, Federico
Marble slurry impact on groundwater: the case-study of Apuan Alps karst aquifers (Italy) 2019 Leonardo Piccini, Tiziana Di Lorenzo, Pilario Costagliola, Diana Maria Paola Galassi
Marble Slurry's impact on groundwater: The case study of the Apuan Alps Karst aquifers 2019 Piccini L.; Di Lorenzo T.; Costagliola P.; Galassi D.M.P.
Mycoremediation of old and intermediate landfill leachates with an ascomycete fungal isolate, Lambertella sp 2020 Siracusa G.; Yuan Q.; Chicca I.; Bardi A.; Spennati F.; Becarelli S.; Levin D.B.; Munz G.; Petroni G.; di Gregorio S.
On the Use of Gridded Data Products for Trend Assessment and Aridity Classification in a Mediterranean Context: The Case of the Apulia Region 2022 My, L; Di Bacco, M; Scorzini, AR
The Po River water isotopes during the drought condition of the year 2017 2019 Marchina C.; Natali C.; Bianchini G.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 35
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