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Agricultural Practices for Hillslope Erosion Mitigation: A Case Study in Morocco 2023 Vianney Nsabiyumva, Jean Marie; Apollonio, Ciro; Castelli, Giulio; Petroselli, Andrea; Sabir, Mohamed; Preti, Federico
Application of empirical approaches for fast landslide hazard management: The case study of Theilly (Italy) 2022 Segoni S.; Barbadori F.; Gatto A.; Casagli N.
Are We Correctly Using Discharge Coefficients for Side Weirs? Insights from a Numerical Investigation 2019 Di Bacco, M.; Scorzini, A.R.
Assessing Uncertainties of Water Footprints Using an Ensemble of Crop Growth Models on Winter Wheat 2016 Kersebaum, Kurt; Kroes, Joop; Gobin, Anne; Takáč, Jozef; Hlavinka, Petr; Trnka, Miroslav; Ventrella, Domenico; Giglio, Luisa; Ferrise, Roberto; Moriondo, Marco; Dalla Marta, Anna; Luo, Qunying; Eitzinger, Josef; Mirschel, Wilfried; Weigel, Hans-Joachim; Manderscheid, Remy; Hoffmann, Munir; Nejedlik, Pavol; Iqbal, Muhammad; Hösch, Johannes
Characterization and treatment proposals of shipboard slop wastewater contaminated by hydrocarbons 2017 Campo R.; Giustra M.G.; De Marchis M.; Freni G.; di Bella G.
Dissolved Organic Matter in Continental Hydro-Geothermal Systems: Insights from Two Hot Springs of the East African Rift Valley 2020 Butturini, Andrea; Amalfitano, Stefano; Herzsprung, Peter; Lechtenfeld, Oliver J.; Venturi, Stefania; Olaka, Lydia A.; Pacini, Nic; Harper, David M.; Tassi, Franco; Fazi, Stefano
Efficiency and survivability of a floating oscillating water column wave energy converter moored to the seabed: An overview of the EsflOWC MaRINET2 Database 2020 Kisacik D.; Stratigaki V.; Wu M.; Cappietti L.; Simonetti I.; Troch P.; Crespo A.; Altomare C.; Dominguez J.; Hall M.; Gomez-Gesteira M.; Canelas R.B.; Stansby P.
Evaluation of Dicentrarchus labrax meats and the vegetable quality of Beta vulgaris var. Cicla farmed in freshwater and saltwater aquaponic systems 2016 Nozzi, Valentina; Parisi, Giuliana; Di Crescenzo, Davide; Giordano, Mario; Carnevali, Oliana
Experimental Analysis on the Use of Counterflow Jets as a System for the Stabilization of the Spatial Hydraulic Jump 2021 Sharoonizadeh, S; Ahadiyan, J; Scorzini, AR; Di Bacco, M; Sajjadi, M; Moghadam, MF
Fish welfare in aquaponic systems: Its relation to water quality with an emphasis on feed and faeces-A review 2017 Yildiz, Hijran Yavuzcan; Robaina, Lidia; Pirhonen, Juhani; Mente, Elena; Domínguez, David; Parisi, Giuliana
Future Flood Hazard Assessment for the City of Pamplona (Spain) Using an Ensemble of Climate Change Projections 2021 Lompi, Marco; Mediero, Luis; Caporali, Enrica
Holocene Evolution of the Burano Paleo-Lagoon (Southern Tuscany, Italy) 2020 D’Orefice, Maurizio; Bellotti, Piero; Bertini, Adele; Calderoni, Gilberto; Censi Neri, Paolo; Di Bella, Letizia; Fiorenza, Domenico; Foresi, Luca Maria; Louvari, Markella Asimina; Rainone, Letizia; Vittori, Cécile; Goiran, Jean-Philippe; Schmitt, Laurent; Carbonel, Pierre; Preusser, Frank; Oberlin, Christine; Sangiorgi, Francesca; Davoli, Lina
Hydraulic efficiency of green-blue flood control scenarios for vegetated rivers: 1D and 2D unsteady simulations 2021 Lama G.F.C.; Giovannini M.R.M.; Errico A.; Mirzaei S.; Padulano R.; Chirico G.B.; Preti F.
Impacts of Rainfall Data Aggregation Time on Pluvial Flood Hazard in Urban Watersheds 2022 Lompi M.; Tamagnone P.; Pacetti T.; Morbidelli R.; Caporali E.
Integrated Low-Cost Approach for Measuring the State of Conservation of Agricultural Terraces in Tuscany, Italy 2021 Cambi, Martina; Giambastiani, Yamuna; Giannetti, Francesca; Nuti, Elena; Dani, Andrea; Preti, Federico
Life-History Traits and Acclimation Ability of a Copepod Species from the Dripping Waters of the Corchia Cave (Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy) 2023 Tiziana Di Lorenzo, Diana Maria Paola Galassi, Agostina Tabilio Di Camillo, Maria Mirabela Pop, Sanda Iepure, Leonardo Piccini
Marble slurry impact on groundwater: the case-study of Apuan Alps karst aquifers (Italy) 2019 Leonardo Piccini, Tiziana Di Lorenzo, Pilario Costagliola, Diana Maria Paola Galassi
Marble Slurry's impact on groundwater: The case study of the Apuan Alps Karst aquifers 2019 Piccini L.; Di Lorenzo T.; Costagliola P.; Galassi D.M.P.
Mycoremediation of old and intermediate landfill leachates with an ascomycete fungal isolate, Lambertella sp 2020 Siracusa G.; Yuan Q.; Chicca I.; Bardi A.; Spennati F.; Becarelli S.; Levin D.B.; Munz G.; Petroni G.; di Gregorio S.
On the Use of Gridded Data Products for Trend Assessment and Aridity Classification in a Mediterranean Context: The Case of the Apulia Region 2022 My, L; Di Bacco, M; Scorzini, AR
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 37
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