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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Rainfall threshold estimation and landslide forecasting for Kalimpong, India using SIGMA model 2020 Abraham M.T.; Satyam N.; Kushal S.; Rosi A.; Pradhan B.; Segoni S.
Recalcitrant compounds removal in raw leachate and synthetic effluents using the white-rot fungus Bjerkandera adusta 2017 Bardi, Alessandra; Yuan, Qiyuan; Tigini, Valeria; Spina, Federica; Varese, Giovanna Cristina; Spennati, Francesco; Becarelli, Simone; Di Gregorio, Simona; Petroni, Giulio; Munz, Giulio
A regional-scale landslide warning system based on 20 years of operational experience 2018 Segoni S.; Rosi A.; Fanti R.; Gallucci A.; Monni A.; Casagli N.
The role of snowmelt on the spatio-temporal variability of spring recharge in a dolomitic mountain group, Italian alps 2020 Lucianetti G.; Penna D.; Mastrorillo L.; Mazza R.
The selection of rain gauges and rainfall parameters in estimating intensity-duration thresholds for landslide occurrence: Case study from Wayanad (India) 2020 Abraham M. T.; Satyam N.; Rosi A.; Pradhan B.; Segoni S.
Spatial Variability of Soil Moisture in Newly Implemented Agricultural Bench Terraces in the Ethiopian Plateau 2019 Shimbahri Mesfin , Lucas Allan Almeida Oliveira, Eyasu Yazew , Elena Bresci, Giulio Castelli
Spectrophotometric detection of glyphosate in water by complex formation between bis 5-phenyldipyrrinate of nickel (II) and glyphosate 2019 Romero-Natale A.; Palchetti I.; Avelar M.; Gonzalez-Vergara E.; Garate-Morales J.L.; Torres E.
A Stochastic Procedure for Temporal Disaggregation of Daily Rainfall Data in SuDS Design 2021 Matteo Pampaloni; Alvaro Sordo-Ward; Paola Bianucci; Ivan Gabriel-Martin; Enrica Caporali; Luis Garrote
Terraced Landscapes and Hydrological-Geological Hazards: Innovative Approaches and Future Perspectives 2021 Preti, Federico; Errico, Alessandro; Castelli, Giulio
A tool for the automatic aggregation and validation of the results of physically based distributed slope stability models 2021 Bulzinetti M.A.; Segoni S.; Pappafico G.; Masi E.B.; Rossi G.; Tofani V.
Towards a new decision support system for design, management and operation of wastewater treatment plants for the reduction of greenhouse gases emission 2015 Caniani, Donatella*; Esposito, Giovanni; Gori, Riccardo; Mannina, Giorgio
Using field-based monitoring to enhance the performance of rainfall thresholds for landslide warning 2020 Abraham M. T.; Satyam N.; Bulzinetti M. A.; Pradhan B.; Pham B. T.; Segoni S.
Variability in the Water Footprint of Arable Crop Production across European Regions 2017 Gobin, Anne; Kersebaum, Kurt; Eitzinger, Josef; Trnka, Miroslav; Hlavinka, Petr; Takáč, Jozef; Kroes, Joop; Ventrella, Domenico; Anna, Dalla Marta; Deelstra, Johannes; Lalić, Branislava; Nejedlik, Pavol; Orlandini, Simone; Peltonen-Sainio, Pirjo; Rajala, Ari; Saue, Triin; Şaylan, Levent; Stričevic, Ruzica; Vučetića, Višnja; Zoumides, Christos
Mostrati risultati da 26 a 38 di 38
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