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Design and development of three test facilities to evaluate heat transfer performances of advanced and low cost materials and coatings for geothermal application 2021 Pardelli, Paolo Taddei; Mannelli, Andrea; Tempesti, Claretta; Romani, Luca; Baroni, Alberto; Bosi, Lorenzo; Ferrara, Giovanni
Design and off-design analysis of a Tesla Turbine utilizing CO2 as working fluid 2019 Fiaschi, Daniele; Talluri, Lorenzo
Detection of vaneless diffuser rotating stall by means of dynamic pressure sensors and acoustic measurements 2021 Romani, Luca; Bosi, Lorenzo; Baroni, Alberto; Toni, Lorenzo; Biliotti, Davide; Ferrara, Giovanni; Bianchini, Alessandro
Development and assessment of a method to determine the angle of attack on an operating wind turbine by matching onboard pressure measurements with panel method simulations 2021 Soto-Valle, Rodrigo; Noci, Sara; Papi, Francesco; Bartholomay, Sirko; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Bianchini, Alessandro
Development and Validation of an Advanced Actuator Line Model for Wind Turbines 2021 Papi, Francesco; Melani, Pier Francesco; Xie, Shengbai; Perrone, Carmelo; Scienza, Pietro; Balduzzi, Francesco; Bianchini, Alessandro
Effect of the engine speed and loading on the heat transfer within exhaust valves 2019 Cerdoun M.; Farsaoui B.; Khalfallah S.; Lankri R.; Carcasci C.
Exergo-economic assessment of OTEC power generation 2021 Talluri L.; Manfrida G.; Ciappi L.
Exergy and Exergo-Environmental analysis of an ORC for a geothermal application 2021 Fiaschi D.; Manfrida G.; Mendecka B.; Shamoushaki M.; Talluri L.
Experimental investigation on the potential of the Feedback Fx-LMS Active Noise Control technology for use in industrial generator sets 2021 Ciampolini, Marco; Bosi, Lorenzo; Romani, Luca; Toniutti, Andrea; Giglioli, Matteo; Maccari, Paolo; Farruggia, Daniele; Ferrara, Giovanni
Experimental observations on sorting patterns of heterogeneous sediment mixtures in low constrained flows 2018 Carbonari, Costanza; Tanganelli, Francesco; Recking, Alain; Solari, Luca
Experimental study of fast pyrolysis vapors fractionation through different staged condensation configurations 2021 Mati, Alessandro; Buffi, Marco; Dell’Orco, Stefano; Ruiz Ramiro, M.P.; Kersten, S.R.A.; Chiaramonti, David
Experimental study of riverbank protection with bio-engineering techniques 2018 Posi, Sara; Montabonnet, Lucas; Recking, Alain*; Evette, André; Bellot, Hervé; Ousset, Frédéric; Ravanat, Xavier; Piton, Guillaume; Solari, Luca
Exploitation assessment of geothermal energy from African Great Rift Valley 2021 Bonechi N.; Fiaschi D.; Manfrida G.; Talluri L.; Zuffi C.
The Exploitation of CFD Legacy for the Meridional Analysis and Design of Modern Gas and Steam Turbines 2020 Ricci M, Pacciani R, Marconcini M
Flume experiments on vegetated alternate bars 2018 Calvani, Giulio*; Francalanci, Simona; Solari, Luca
Geothermal power plants with improved environmental performance: Assessment of the potential for an Italian site 2021 Fiaschi D.; Leveni M.; Manfrida G.; Mendecka B.; Talluri L.
Integration of two-stage thermochemical treatment and chemical leaching for extraction of advanced biochar and high value critical raw materials from sewage sludge 2021 Andre Salimbeni; Andrea Maria Rizzo; David Chiaramonti
Jet ignition in small two-stroke engines: an experimental survey on benefits and challenges 2021 Bosi, Lorenzo; Ciampolini, Marco; Raspanti, Sandro; Romani, Luca; Ferrara, Giovanni
Mass loading of Hg in the Monte Amiata mining district, Southern Tuscany (Italy) 2013 Rimondi, V.*; Costagliola, P.; Gray, J.E.; Lattanzi, P.; Nannucci, M.; Salvadori, A.; Vaselli, O.
Mechanical design and manufacture of a boundary layer pump 2023 Bufalari, Lapo; Anselmi, Eduardo; Rinchi, Mirko; Howard, Kevin; Talluri, Lorenzo; Fiaschi, Daniele
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