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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
On the Prospects of Improving the Numerical Analysis of Symmetric Airfoils at Low Reynolds Numbers and High Angles of Attack by a LES Approach: The Case of NACA0021 Profile 2020 Giaccherini S, Mariotti F, Pinelli L, Marconcini M, Bianchini A
Optimal sizing of a distributed energy system with thermal load electrification 2020 Lubello P.; Vaccaro G.; Carcasci C.
Probabilistic modeling of vulnerability of road infrastructures to floods 2016 Uzielli M.; Vangelsten B.V.; Eidsvig U.
Reconstruction and Analysis of the Energy Demand of a Healthcare Facility in Italy 2020 Bianchini A.; Carcasci C.; Manfrida G.; Zini M.
A revised Tesla Turbine concept for 2-phase applications 2021 Talluri L.; Niknam P.; Copeta A.; Amato M.; Iora P.; Uberti S.; Invernizzi C.; Di Marcoberardino G.; Pacini L.; Manfrida G.; Fiaschi D.
Self-Efficacy on Accessibility for Sustainable Tourism in Pangururan District, Samosir Regency, Indonesia 2024 Antonella Trombadore
Simulation of the energy performance of building archetypes according to Italian regulations, with the identification of up-grading solutions based on cost-benefit analysis in relation to climate change 2024 Cristina Carletti, Gianfranco Cellai, Leone Piarangioli, Alessio Riccomi, Fabio Sciurpi
Some design guidelines to adapt a Darrieus vertical axis turbine for use in hydrokinetic applications 2021 Balduzzi, Francesco; Melani, Pier Francesco; Soraperra, Giuseppe; Brighenti, Alessandra; Battisti, Lorenzo; Bianchini, Alessandro
Transient 2D FEM-fluid network coupling for thermo-mechanical whole gas turbine engine simulations: Modelling features and applications 2020 Giuntini S.; Andreini A.; Facchini B.; Mantero M.; Pirotta M.; Olmes S.
Uffizi Gallery monitoring for IAQ assessment 2022 Carletti, Cristina; Cellai, Gianfranco; Piselli, Cristina; Sciurpi, Fabio; Russo, Giuseppe; Schmidt, Eike D.
Mostrati risultati da 25 a 34 di 34
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