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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Analysing information integrity requirements in safety critical systems 2013 Gharib M.; Giorgini P.
The associations between cyberbullying/cyber victimization and emotion attribution to a fictional cyberbully and to a fictional cyber victim in a community sample of preadolescents 2020 Ciucci E.; Facci C.; Baroncelli A.
Asymmetries in extraction from nominal copular sentences: A challenging case study for NLP tools 2019 Lorusso P.; Greco Matteo; Chesi Cristiano; Moro A.
Attachment representations and generalized problematic Internet use in a sample of high school students in transition from adolescence to emerging adulthood 2021 Carolina Facci, Andrea Baroncelli, Enrica Ciucci
The Challenge of Learning Symbolic Representations 2023 Lorello L.S.; Lippi M.
ChorChain: A Blockchain-Based Framework for Executing and Auditing BPMN Choreographies 2022 Corradini F.; Marcelletti A.; Morichetta A.; Polini A.; Re B.; Tiezzi F.
ChorChain: A model-driven framework for choreography-based systems using blockchain 2021 Flavio Corradini, Alessandro Marcelletti, Andrea Morichetta, Andrea Polini, Barbara Re, Francesco Tiezzi
CIDOC CRM and Epigraphy: a Hermeneutic Challenge 2016 Felicetti, Achille; Murano, Francesca; Ronzino, Paola; Niccolucci, Franco
Collecting Information for Action Understanding: The Enrichment of the IMAGACT Ontology of Action 2018 Andrea Amelio RAVELLI; Lorenzo GREGORI; Alessandro PANUNZI
A comparison of representation models in a non-conventional semantic similarity scenario 2019 Ravelli A.A.; Lopez de Lacalle O.; Agirre E.
CTE: A Dataset for Contextualized Table Extraction 2023 Gemelli A.; Vivoli E.; Marinai S.
Dealing with non-functional requirements, the case of information quality requirements: Experience report 2020 Gharib M.
Defining Action Types: on the roles of Thematic Structures and Argument Alternations 2019 Massimo Moneglia, Alessandro Panunzi, Rossella Varvara
Disciplined use of BPMN for mission modeling of Multi-Robot Systems 2021 Khalid Burr, Flavio Corradini, Sara Pettinari, Barbara Re, Lorenzo Rossi, Francesco Tiezzi
Enhancing compatibility in QoS communication for the Internet of Robotic Things 2023 Corradini F.; Pettinari S.; Re B.; Ruschioni L.; Tiezzi F.
Evaluating a Rule Based Strategy to Map IMAGACT and T-PAS 2017 Andrea Ravelli, Lorenzo Gregori, Anna Feltracco
Exhaustive generation of positive lattice paths 2018 Elena barcucci, Antonio Bernini, Renzo Pinzani
Explaining potentially unfair clauses to the consumer with the Claudette tool 2020 Liepina R.; Ruggeri F.; Lagioia F.; Lippi M.; Drazewski K.; Torroni P.
A framework for information quality requirements engineering 2015 Gharib M.; Giorgini P.
GDPR privacy policies in CLAUDETTE: Challenges of omission, context and multilingualism 2019 Liepin R.; Contissa G.; Drazewski K.; Lagioia F.; Lippi M.; Micklitz H.-W.; Palka P.; Sartor G.; Torroni P.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 40
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