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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The 2017 Flash Flood of Livorno (Italy): Lessons Learnt from an Exceptional Hydrologic Event 2020 Arrighi, Chiara; Castelli, Fabio
Cities' Vocabularies: The influences and formations 2021 Francesco Alberti
Civic design to make cities more sustainable and resilient 2022 Francesco Alberti
Foreword 2022 Piselli C.; Balaban O.
From car-oriented development to a bicycle-friendly environment. A case study in the Mugello Valley in Tuscany 2024 Francesco Alberti; Lorenzo Nofroni
From the Neighbourhood Unit to the 15-Minute City. Past and Recent Urban Models for Post-COVID Cities 2023 Alberti F.; Radicchi A.
In-Between Spaces in the Expanding City: Their Role in Designing New Urban Centralities 2022 Iacopo Zetti; Maddalena Rossi
Life Between Monuments. Local Identity and Global Tourism in the Neighborhood of San Lorenzo in Florence 2022 Francesco Alberti
Liveable urban open spaces for health and wellbeing. Towards the Careggi Campus landscape masterplan for Florence University-Hospital 2023 Gabriele Paolinelli, Nicoletta Cristiani, Giacomo Dallatorre, Lorenza Fortuna, Claudia Mezzapesa, Lorenzo Nofroni
Preface 2021 Alalouch C.; Piselli C.; Cappa F.
Resilient Planning and Design for Sustainable Cities 2024 Francesco Alberti; Paola Gallo
Urban and Transit Planning. City Planning: Urbanization and Circular Development 2023 Francesco Alberti, Abraham R. Matamanda, Bao-Jie He, Adriana Galderisi, Marzena Smol, Paola Gallo
Urban and Transit Planning. Towards Liveable Communities: Urban places and Design Spaces 2022 Francesco Alberti; Paola Gallo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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