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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Business model canvas analysis on Greek farms implementing Precision Agriculture. 2022 Lombardo S., Vieri M.
Business model disclosure in the Strategic Report: Entangling intellectual capital in value creation process 2016 Bini, Laura; Dainelli, Francesco; Giunta, Francesco
Business Model Disclosure: Evidence from Annual Reports of Italian Listed Companies 2010 L.Bambagiotti Alberti; F. Verrucchi; F. Giunta
Business model disclosure: much ado about nothing. Evidence from financial statements of Italian listed companies 2009 F. Giunta;L. Bambagiotti Alberti; F. Verrucchi
Business Models in a New media context: comparing four U.S.-based Sport Leagues 2007 Elena Radicchi
Business network as organizational memory and heuristic problem solving. Insights from a literature review 2012 Guercini S.
Business network dynamics in cross-border acquisition by emerging market firms. A case in the luxury yachting industry 2016 Guercini, S.; Runfola, A.
Business networks and retail internationalization: a case analysis in the fashion industry 2009 S.Guercini; A.Runfola
Business networks and retail internationalization: A case analysis in the fashion industry 2010 S.Guercini; A.Runfola
Business plan di riferimento per tutti i settori. Best practices per ogni tipologia di investimento 2005 G. BRONCONI, S. CAVACIOCCHI, F. CIAMPI
Business Plan finalizzati 2005 G. BRONCONI; S. CAVACIOCCHI; F. CIAMPI
Business plan for a 10 ha production plant 2016 Fonseca, D.; Costa, L.; Gil Antunes, M.; Coelho, N.; Vieira, V.; Tredici, M.; Biondi, N.
Il business plan on-line per il finanziamento delle aziende agricole: l'esperienza toscana 2010 R. Polidori; M. Evangelisti; G. Franchini; A. Giannini; B. Rocchi
Business process analysis and reengineering of administrative processes using axiomatic design: theory and case study from the university of Firenze 2009 g.campatelli; p.citti
Business Process Reengineering driven by customer value: a support for undertaking decisions under uncertainty conditions 2015 Y. Borgianni; G. Cascini; F. Rotini
Business re-engineering through integration of methods and tools for process innovation 2008 G. CASCINI; P. RISSONE; F. ROTINI
Business relationship crisis and local entrepreneurial community change. A conceptual framework 2012 Guercini S.; Runfola A.
Business services: the new frontier of competitiveness 2010 G. Giovannetti; P. Guerrieri; B. Quintieri
Business users of digital platforms and new challenges of protection 2021 Chiara Sartoris
Buspirone and gepirone: two anxiolytic drugs endowed with antinociception mediated by the cholinergic system 1995 C Ghelardini; N Galeotti; L Fantetti; A Bartolini
Mostrati risultati da 24.308 a 24.327 di 224.383
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