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Cyclic growth and mass wasting of submarine Los Frailes lava flow and dome complex in Cabo de Gata, SE Spain. 2012 Soriano, C.; Riggs, N.; Giordano, G.; Porreca, M.; Conticelli, S
Cyclic RGD peptidomimetics containing 4- and 5-aminocyclopropane pipecolic acid (CPA) templates as dual aVb3 and a5b1 integrin ligands 2016 Sernissi, Lorenzo; Trabocchi, Andrea; Scarpi, Dina; Bianchini, Francesca; Occhiato, Ernesto G.
Cyclic secondary sulfonamides: Unusually good inhibitors of cancer-related carbonic anhydrase enzymes 2014 Moeker, Janina; Peat, Thomas S.; Bornaghi, Laurent F.; Vullo, Daniela; Supuran, Claudiu T; Poulsen, Sally-Ann
Cyclic stress-strain curve of FSX 414 at different temperature 1996 G.Zonfrillo; A.Del Puglia; F.Pratesi
Cyclic Sulfides" in The Reactivity of Functional Groups: The Syntheses of Sulfones Sulfoxides and Cyclic Sulfides 1994 G. Capozzi; S. Menichetti; C. Nativi
Cyclic tertiary sulfamates: Selective inhibition of the tumor-associated carbonic anhydrases IX and XII by N- and O-substituted acesulfame derivatives 2014 De Monte, Celeste; Carradori, Simone; Secci, Daniela; D'Ascenzio, Melissa; Vullo, Daniela; Ceruso, Mariangela; Supuran, Claudiu T.
Cyclic Vectors of Associative Matrix Algebras and Reachability Criteria for Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems 2015 Baryshnikov, Yuliy; Sarychev, Andrey
Cyclic voltammetry simulation at microelectrode arrays with COMSOL Multiphysics 2009 A. Lavacchi; U. Bardi; C. Borri; S. Caporali; A. Fossati; I. Perissi
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4/6 Inhibitors Combined With Radiotherapy for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer 2020 Ratosa I.; Orazem M.; Scoccimarro E.; Steinacher M.; Dominici L.; Aquilano M.; Cerbai C.; Desideri I.; Ribnikar D.; Marinko T.; Livi L.; Meattini I.
Cyclin-dependent-like kinase 5 is required for pain signaling in human sensory neurons and mouse models 2020 Montanara P.L.; Hervera A.; Baltussen L.L.; Hutson T.H.; Palmisano I.; De Virgiliis F.; Kong G.; Chadwick J.; Gao Y.; Bartus K.; Majid Q.A.; Gorgoraptis N.; Wong K.; Downs J.; Pizzorusso T.; Ultanir S.K.; Leonard H.; Yu H.; Millar D.S.; Istvan N.; Mazarakis N.D.; Giovanni S.D.
Cycling and genitourinary symptoms: results from an observational analytical cohort study 2009 R.Bartoletti; T.Cai; N.Mondaini; G.Giubilei; A.Gavazzi; S.Mazzoli; P.Gontero
Cycling Promotion and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention: Health Impact Assessment and Economic Evaluation of Cycling to Work or School in Florence 2015 Taddei, Cristina; Gnesotto, Roberto; Forni, Silvia; Bonaccorsi, Guglielmo; Vannucci, Andrea; Garofalo, Giorgio
Cyclisation of Histidine Containing Peptides in the Solid-Phase by Anchoring the Imidazole ring to Trityl Resins 1999 G. SABATINO; M. CHELLI; S. MAZZUCCO; M. GINANNESCHI; A.M. PAPINI
Cyclisations using methyl(bismethylthio)sulphonium salts. Part 61. Synthesis of 2-methylthiomethylated tetrahydrofurans 1989 G. Capozzi; S. Menichetti; M. Nicastro; M. Taddei
Cyclized NDGA modifies dynamic α-synuclein monomers preventing aggregation and toxicity 2019 Daniels, Malcolm J.; Nourse, J. Brucker; Kim, Hanna; Sainati, Valerio; Schiavina, Marco; Murrali, Maria Grazia; Pan, Buyan; Ferrie, John J.; Haney, Conor M.; Moons, Rani; Gould, Neal S.; Natalello, Antonino; Grandori, Rita; Sobott, Frank; Petersson, E. James; Rhoades, Elizabeth; Pierattelli, Roberta; Felli, Isabella; Uversky, Vladimir N.; Caldwell, Kim A.; Caldwell, Guy A.; Krol, Edward S.; Ischiropoulos, Harry
Cycloaddition d'Oxydes de Nitrile a des Diazaphospholes et des Composés Apparentés. Réactivité comparée des Doubles Liaisons N=C, P=C et As=C 1983 Y.Y.C. YEUNG LAM KO; F. TONNARD; R. CARRIE'; F. DE SARLO; A. BRANDI
Cycloaddition of an Enantiopure Cyclic Nitrone to Maleate: Straightforward Synthesis of the Necine Base (-)-Hastanecine 1997 A. Goti; V. Fedi; L. Nannelli; F. De Sarlo; A. Brandi
Cycloaddition of Benzyne with Alkoxy Substituted Pyrroline-N-oxides: Unexpected Rearrangement to a N-Phenylpyrrole 2018 Cordero, Franca M.; Khairnar, Bhushan B.; Anna, Ranzenigo; Alberto, Brandi
Cycloaddition Reactions of C,N-Diphenylnitrone to Methylene-gamma-butyrolactones 2000 M. CACCIARINI; F. CORDERO; C. FAGGI; A. GOTI
Mostrati risultati da 43.649 a 43.668 di 218.359
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