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Functional polymorphism within NUP210 encoding for nucleoporin GP210 is associated with the risk of endometriosis. 2019 Cipollini M, Luisi S, Piomboni P, Luddi A, Landi D, Melaiu O, Figlioli G, Garritano S, Cappelli V, Viganò P, Gemignani F, Petraglia F, Landi S
Functional activity and expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) in muscle of the isolated distal colon of mdx mice 2004 Vannucchi M.G.; Corsani L.; Azzena G.B.; Faussone-Pellegrini M.S.; Mancinelli R.
Functional activity and functional gene diversity of a Cu-contaminated soil remediated by aided phytostabilization using compost, dolomitic limestone and a mixed tree stand 2018 Xue, Kai; Zhou, Jizhong; Van Nostrand, Joy; Mench, Michel; Bes, Clemence; Giagnoni, Laura; Renella, Giancarlo*
Functional activity and microbial community structure in soils amended with bimetallic sludges 2005 G. RENELLA; M. MENCH, A. GELSOMINO, L. LANDI, P. NANNIPIERI
Functional activity of the cirrhotic liver before and after latero-lateral portacaval anastomosis. 1980 Bucciarelli G; Bechi P; Masi C; Giannini G.
Functional adenosine receptors in human corpora cavernosa 2000 FILIPPI S.; MANCINI M.; AMERINI S.; BARTOLINI M.; NATALI A.; MANCINA R.; FORTI G.; LEDDA F.; M. MAGGI
Functional alterations of B lymphocytes in asymptomatic HIV-infected individuals 1991 MAGGI E.; MACCHIA D.; SIMONELLI C.; PARRONCHI P.; BISWAS P.; PICCINNI M.P.; MAZZETTI M.; RAVINA A.; MILO D.; ROMAGNANI S
Functional amyloid aggregation 2010 Rigacci S; Bucciantini M
Functional analysis and remote sensing of coastal erosion damages on Pinus pinea stands 1998 S. Raddi; F. Magnani; M. Lauteri M; P. Van Gardingen; I. Pippi
Functional analysis of bioprosthetic heart valves 2005 A. CORVI; T. SEVERI; ARCIDIACONO G
Functional analysis of pneumococcal drug efflux pumps associates the MATE DinF transporter to quinolone susceptibility 2013 N. Tocci;F. Iannelli;A. Bidossi;M. L. Ciusa;F. Decorosi;C. Viti;G. Pozzi;S. Ricci;M. R. Oggioni
Functional analysis of space in Syro-Hittite architecture 2008 Marina Pucci
Functional analysis of the evolutionary conserved proline 53 residue in Proteus mirabilis glutathione transferase B1-1. 1999 ALLOCATI N.; E. CASALONE; MASULLI M.; CECCARELLI I.; CARLETTI E.; PARKER M.W.; AND DI ILIO C.
A functional analysis reveals extremely low redundancy in global mangrove invertebrate fauna 2021 Cannicci, Stefano; Lee, Shing Yip; Bravo, Henrique; Cantera-Kintz, Jaime Ricardo; Dahdouh-Guebas, Farid; Fratini, Sara; Fusi, Marco; Jimenez, Pedro J; Nordhaus, Inga; Porri, Francesca; Diele, Karen
Functional Analysis: An Introduction to Methodologies of Reliability for Mechanical System 2000 ARCIDIACONO G.; P. CITTI; BANCI G.
Functional Anatomy of the female reproductive system of Trissolcus basalis (Woll.) 1995 M. ROSI; N. ISIDORO; S. COLAZZA; F. BIN
FUNCTIONAL AND ANATOMICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ECTOPIC INNER FOVEAL LAYERS IN EYES WITH IDIOPATHIC EPIRETINAL MEMBRANES: Surgical Results at 12 Months 2019 Govetto, Andrea; Virgili, Gianni; Rodriguez, Francisco J; Figueroa, Marta S; Sarraf, David; Hubschman, Jean Pierre
Functional and binding evidence of taurine inhibition of alpha-adrenoceptor effects on guinea-pig ventricle. 1986 Franconi F; Bennardini F; Matucci R; Stendardi I; Failli P; Manzini S; Giotti A
Functional and chronological assessment of basolateral amygdala function in consolidation, reconsolidation and extinction of conditioned fear responses: Interaction of histaminergic, cholinergic and endocannabinoid systems 2012 E. Baldi; C. Bucherelli
Functional and histopathological improvement of the post-infarcted rat heart upon myoblast cell grafting and relaxin therapy*. * Bonacchi and Nistri contributed equally to this article 2009 M. Bonacchi; S. Nistri; C. Nanni; S. Gelsomino; A. Pini; L. Cinci; M. Maiani; S. Zecchi-Orlandini; R. Lorusso; S. Fanti; J. Silvertown; D. Bani.
Mostrati risultati da 75.322 a 75.341 di 218.359
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