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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
From Muratori to Caniggia: the origins and development of the Italian School of design typology 2003 G.Cataldi
From Nanosystems to the Real World 2008 P. LO NOSTRO; P. BAGLIONI
From Narrative to Drama. Conrad's Plays as Adaptations 1984 P. Pugliatti
From National to European Citizenship: A Historical Comparison 2004 P. COSTA
From Negative to Positive Citizenship 2006 L.G. Baglioni
From Neo-plastic Invariants to the Exclusive Variety of the Age of Electronics: the process of abstraction and nature/Dall’invariante neoplastica alla varietà esclusiva dell’era dell’elettronica: processo di astrazione e natura 2014 Patrizia Mello
From new to the firm to new to the world. Effect of geographical proximity and technological capabilities on the degree of novelty in emerging economies 2010 Plechero, Monica; Chaminade, Cristina
From NOESY cross peaks to structural constraints in a paramagnetic metalloprotein 1996 BERTINI I; DONAIRE A; I.C. FELLI; LUCHINAT C; ROSATO A
From nuclear spectroscopy to nuclear matter 1993 P.Bizzeti
From obduction to continental collision: New data from Central Greece 2018 Nirta, Giuseppe*; Moratti, Giovanna; Piccardi, Luigi; Montanari, Domenico; Carras, Nicolaos; Catanzariti, Rita; Chiari, Marco; Marcucci, Marta
From open ponds to vertical alveolar panels: the Italian experience in the development of reactors for the mass cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms 1992 M R. Tredici; R. Materassi
From oral to written language: The role of orthographic competence within narratives 2017 Bigozzi, Lucia; Vettori, Giulia
From orchestration to choreography through contract automata 2014 Basile, Davide; Degano, Pierpaolo; Ferrari, Gian-Luigi; Tuosto, Emilio
From overwintering group disgregation to nest foundation in Polistes dominulus (Hymeoptera, Vespidae) 2002 R. CERVO; STAGI M.; TURILLAZZI S.
“From page to stage: traduzioni e interpretazioni italiane di Amleto nel settecento e nell’ottocento” 2017 Cioni, Fernando
From palliation to targeted therapy in myelofibrosis. 2010 Vannucchi AM.
From Pangenome to Panphenome and Back 2015 Marco Galardini;Alessio Mengoni;Stefano Mocali
From parents to children: The impact of mothers’ and fathers’ educational attainments on those of their sons and daughters in West Germany 2017 Minello A; H.P. Blossfeld
From patent licensing to stock buffering schemes. Paths and structures of international aluminium cartels, 1886-1945. 2013 M.Bertilorenzi
Mostrati risultati da 77.556 a 77.575 di 226.058
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