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Hydrogen sulphide removal from gas streams in a new rotating bed biofilm reactor 2015 Spennati, Francesco; Ricotti, Andrea; Mannucci, Alberto; Mori, Gualtiero; Munz, Giulio.
HYDROGEN SULPHIDE REMOVAL IN A BIOLOGICAL MOVING BED REACTOR: MODELLING AND PERFORMANCE 2016 Spennati, Francesco; Rossi, Simone; Giordano, Cesira; Vannini, Claudia; D'Elia, Gabriele; Bacchi, Daniele; Mori, Gualtiero; Mannucci, Alberto; Munz, Giulio.
The hydrogen-bond collective dynamics in liquid methanol 2016 Bellissima, Stefano; De Panfilis, Simone; Bafile, Ubaldo; Cunsolo, Alessandro; González, Miguel Angel; Guarini, Eleonora; Formisano, Ferdinando
Hydrogen-bonded Two Dimensional Molecular Crystals atLiquid Interfaces 1982 P. Baglioni; G. Cardini; G. Gabrielli; G. Taddei
Hydrogen-producing purple non-sulfur bacteria isolated from the trophic lake Averno (Naples, Italy) 2010 Bianchi, Lucia; Mannelli, Francesca; Viti, Carlo; Adessi, Alessandra; De Philippis, Roberto
Hydrogenation of Dimethyl Oxalate in the Presence of Ruthenium Carboxylates: Ethylen Glycol Formation 1985 U. Matteoli; M. Bianchi; G. Menchi; P. Frediani; F. Piacenti
Hydrogenation of single and multiple N-N or N-O bonds by Ru(II) catalysts in homogeneous phase 2005 A. TOTI; P. FREDIANI; A. SALVINI; L. ROSI; C. GIOLLI
Hydrogeochemical processes controlling water and dissolved gas chemistry at the Accesa sinkhole (southern Tuscany, central Italy). 2014 Tassi F.; Bicocchi; G; Cabassi J; Capecchiacci F; Vaselli O; Capezzuoli E; Brogi A
Hydrogeochemistry and strontium isotopes in the Arno River Basin (Tuscany, Italy): Constraints on natural controls by statistical modeling 2008 B.Nisi; A.Buccianti; O.Vaselli; G.Perini; F.Tassi; A.Minissale; G.Montegrossi
Hydrogeochemistry of running and spring waters in the Hontomin-Huermeces area (Burgos, Spain). 2013 Nisi B; Vaselli O; Tassi F; de Elio J; Delgado Huertas A; Mazadiego LF
Hydrogeochemistry, stable isotope composition and geothermometry of CO2-bearing hydrothermal springs from Western Iran: Evidence for their origin, evolution and spatio-temporal variations 2020 Mohammadi Z.; Vaselli O.; Muchez P.; Claes H.; Capezzuoli E.; Swennen R.
Hydrogeological and geochemical characterization of groundwater in the F'Kirina plain (eastern Algeria) 2021 Rahal O.; Gouaidia L.; Fidelibus M.D.; Marchina C.; Natali C.; Bianchini G.
Hydrogeological and geochemical overview of the karst aquifers in the Apuan Alps zone (Northwestern Tuscany, Italy) 2016 Matia Menichini; Marco Doveri; Leonardo Piccini
Hydrogeological Excavation Code, a value added methodology for water safeguarding. 2019 Massimo Coli; Lorenzo Martelli; Pasquale Staffini
Hydrogeological hazard and risk in archaeological sites: some case studies in Italy 2000 Canuti P.; Casagli N.; Catani F.; Fanti R.
The hydrogeological limits of the Frigido River basin (Apuane Alps) 1988 L. Piccini; G. Pranzini
Hydrogeological problems for the rehabilitation and re-utilisation of the water resources of the mining area of Gavorrano (Italy). 2004 C. Garzonio; A. Affuso
Hydrogeological system of erosional convergent margins and its influence on tectonics and interplate seismogenesis 2008 C.Ranero; I.Grevemeyer; H.Sahling; U.Barckhausen; C.Hensen; K.Wallmann; W.Weinrebe; P.VANNUCCHI; R.vonHuene; K.McIntosh;
Hydrogeology and SiO2 geochemistry of the Aonda Cave system (Auyantepui, Bolivar, Venezuela) 1999 L. Piccini; M. Mecchia
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