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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Thermo-fluid dynamics design of turbo-expanders for ORC cycles 2011 D.Fiaschi; F. Maraschiello; G. manfrida
Thermo-fluid dynamics preliminary design of turbo-expanders for ORC cycles 2012 D.Fiaschi;Giampaolo Manfrida;F.Maraschiello
A Thermo-Hydraulic Tool for Automatic Virtual Hazop Evaluation 2014 L. Pugi; R. Conti; A. Rindi; S. Rossin
Thermo-Hydrodynamic Analysis of Plain and Tilting Pad Bearings 2016 Griffini Duccio, Salvadori Simone, Martelli Francesco
Thermo-mechanical stress analysis within a steel exhaust valve of an internal combustion engine 2022 Fersaoui B.; Cerdoun M.; May A.; Carcasci C.
Thermo-optic durability of cool roof membranes: Effect of shape stabilized phase change material inclusion on building energy efficiency 2020 Fabiani C.; Piselli C.; Pisello A. L.
Thermo-optical nonlinearities and stability conditions of high-finesse interferometers 2007 F. MARINO; F. MARIN
Thermo-responsive lipophilic NIPAM-based block copolymers as stabilizers for lipid-based cubic nanoparticles 2022 Balestri, Arianna; Lonetti, Barbara; Harrisson, Simon; Farias-Mancilla, Barbara; Zhang, Junliang; Amenitsch, Heinz; Schubert, Ulrich S; Guerrero-Sanchez, Carlos; Montis, Costanza; Berti, Debora
Thermo-rheological properties of the Ethiopian lithosphere and evidence for transient fluid induced lower crustal seismicity beneath the Ethiopian rift 2021 Muluneh, A., Keir, D., Corti, G.
Thermoacoustic analysis of a full annular aero-engine lean combustor with multi-perforated liners 2013 A. Andreini;B. Facchini;A. Giusti;I. Vitale;F. Turrini
Thermoacoustic analysis of a full annular lean burn aero-engine combustor 2013 Antonio Andreini; Bruno Facchini; Andrea Giusti; Ignazio Vitale; Fabio Turrini
Thermoacoustic stability analysis of a full-annular lean combustor for heavy-duty applications 2021 Pampaloni D.; Andreini A.; Marini A.; Riccio G.; Ceccherini G.
Thermochemical biorefineries for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass: improvements of fast pyrolysis and hydrothermal processes for fuels and chemicals precursors 2021 Stefano Dell'Orco, David Chiaramonti, Kimberly A. Magrini, A. Nolan Wilson, Calvin Mukarakate, Andrea Maria Rizzo, Edoardo Miliotti,
Thermochemical conversion of wet lignocellulosic biomass for energy and products 2019 Edoardo Miliotti
Thermochemistry of the E-ALD process for the growth of Cu x Zn y S on Ag(111): Interpretation of experimental data 2018 Giaccherini, Andrea; Montegrossi, Giordano; Di Benedetto, Francesco; Innocenti, Massimo
Thermochromic conformational change of Methanobacterium termoautotrophicum Superoxide Dismutase 1999 J.P. Renault; I. Morgenstern-Badarau; M.Piccioli
“Thermodynamic Analysis and Simulation of an Interactive Façade -Studio del comportamento termofisico di una facciata in doppia pelle di vetro integrata ad un sistema impiantistico HVAC” 2015 Enrico Marmonti
Thermodynamic analysis of a floor heating panel 1998 G.Grazzini; C. Balocco
Thermodynamic Analysis of an Aircraft Engine to estimate performance and emissions at LTO cycle 2017 Adolfo, Dominique*; Bertini, Davide; Gamannossi, Andrea; Carcasci, Carlo
Mostrati risultati da 206.980 a 206.999 di 222.913
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