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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A thermodynamic approach to the conformational preferences of the 180-195 segment derived from the human prion protein α2-helix 2009 Ronga L.; Palladino P.; Ragone R.; Benedetti E.; Rossi F.
Thermodynamic Aspects of Anion Coordination 2012 A. Bianchi; E. Garcia-Espana
Thermodynamic aspects of the polyazacycloalkane complexes with cations and anions. 1991 A.Bianchi; M.Micheloni; P.Paoletti
Thermodynamic assessment of trans-critical refrigeration systems utilizing CO2-based mixtures 2022 Vaccaro G., Milazzo A., Talluri L.,
Thermodynamic Assessment on the Integration of Thermo-Electric Modules in a Wood Fireplace 2019 Baldini, Andrea; Cerofolini, Luca; Fiaschi, Daniele; Manfrida, Giampaolo; Talluri, Lorenzo
Thermodynamic considerations on the various contributions to overpotential. Part II 1970 R.GUIDELLI
Thermodynamic considerations on the various contributions to overpotential. Part I 1970 R.GUIDELLI
Thermodynamic entropy and chaos in a discrete hydrodynamical system 2009 F. Bagnoli; R. Rechtman
Thermodynamic equilibrium in relativity: Four-temperature, Killing vectors and Lie derivatives 2016 Becattini, F
Thermodynamic equilibrium of massless fermions with vorticity, chirality and magnetic field 2020 Matteo Buzzegoli
Thermodynamic equilibrium with acceleration and the Unruh effect 2018 Becattini, F.*
A thermodynamic insight into the recognition of hydrophilic and hydrophobic amino acids in pure water by aza-scorpiand type receptors. 2015 S.Blasco; B.Verdejo; C.Bazzicalupi; A.Bianchi; C.Giorgi; C.Soriano; E.Garcia-Espana
Thermodynamic investigation of asynchronous inverse air cycle integrated with compressed-air energy storage 2022 Giannetti N.; Milazzo A.; Saito K.
Thermodynamic investigation of asynchronous open inverse air cycle integrated with compressed air energy storage 2020 Milazzo A.; Giannetti N.; Yamaguchi S.; Saito K.
Thermodynamic model of geothermal resources for low-medium temperatures energy conversion process optimisation 2019 Vitantonio Colucci, Daniele Fiaschi, Martina Leveni, Giampaolo Manfrida, Lorenzo Talluri
Thermodynamic monitoring and misfunction detection in turbocharged diesel engines 1992 G. BIDINI; A. MILAZZO
Thermodynamic optimal design of heat exchangers for an irreversible refrigerator 2001 G. GRAZZINI; RINALDI R.
Thermodynamic Optimization and Offdesign Performance Analysis of a Toluene Based Rankine Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery from Medium Size Gas Turbines 2012 Carcasci Carlo; Ferraro Riccardo
Thermodynamic optimization of a reheat chemically recuperated gas turbine 2005 R. CARAPELLUCCI; A. MILAZZO
Thermodynamic optimization of irreversible refrigerators 2014 Giuseppe Grazzini; Andrea Rocchetti
Mostrati risultati da 207.020 a 207.039 di 222.913
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