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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Unsuccessful predation and learning of predator cues by crayfish. 2003 P. ACQUISTAPACE; B.A. HAZLETT; F. GHERARDI
Unsupervised algorithms to detect single trees in a mixed-species and multilayered mediterranean forest using lidar data 2021 Alvites C.; Santopuoli G.; Maesano M.; Chirici G.; Moresi F.V.; Tognetti R.; Marchetti M.; Lasserre B.
Unsupervised Algorithms to Detect Zero-Day Attacks: Strategy and Application 2021 Zoppi Tommaso ; Ceccarelli Andrea; Bondavalli Andrea
Unsupervised Anomaly Detectors to Detect Intrusions in the Current Threat Landscape 2021 tommaso zoppi, andrea ceccarelli, tommaso capecchi, andrea bondavalli
Unsupervised assessment and pyramidal filtering of colored speckle 1999 Aiazzi, Bruno; Alparone, Luciano; Baronti, Stefano
Unsupervised emotional state classification through physiological parameters for social robotics applications 2020 Fiorini L.; Mancioppi G.; Semeraro F.; Fujita H.; Cavallo F.
Unsupervised estimation of signal-dependent CCD camera noise 2012 Aiazzi B.; L. Alparone; Baronti S.; Selva M.; Stefani L.
Unsupervised fusion for forgery localization exploiting background information 2015 Ferrara, P.; Fontani, M.; Bianchi, T.; De Rosa, A.; Piva, A.; Barni, M.
Unsupervised human activity recognition using the clustering approach: A review 2020 Colpas P.A.; Vicario E.; De-La-Hoz-Franco E.; Pineres-Melo M.; Oviedo-Carrascal A.; Patara F.
Unsupervised incremental learning of deep descriptors from video streams 2017 Pernici, Federico; Bimbo, Alberto Del
Unsupervised machine learning for developing personalised behaviour models using activity data 2019 Fiorini Laura; Cavallo Filippo; Dario Paolo; Eavis Alexandra; Caleb-Solly Praminda
An unsupervised method for quality assessment of despeckling: an evaluation on cosmo-skymed data 2011 Aiazzi, B.; Alparone, L.; Argenti, F.; Baronti, S.; Bianchi, T.; Lapini, A.
Unsupervised scene adaptation for faster multi-scale pedestrian detection 2014 F. Bartoli; G. Lisanti; S. Karaman; A. D. Bagdanov;A. Del Bimbo
Unsupervised Spectral Characterization of Shallow Lagoon Waters by the use of LANDSAT TM and TM+DATA 2005 F. Maselli; L. Massi; C. Melillo; M. Innamorati
Unsuspected breast carcinoma in reduction mammaplasty specimens and the role of pathologic examination 2011 Dini M; Agostini T; Marino G; Quercioli F
Unsuspected Heart Failure: Usefulness of a Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System 2012 Pavoni V; Romagnoli S; Batignani G; Gianesello L; Horton A; Romano SM.
Unsustainable use of groundwater resources in agricultural and urban areas: a persistent scatterer study of land subsidence at the basin scale 2011 Righini G.; Raspini F.; Moretti S.; Cigna F.
Unsymmetrical 1,1'-disubstituted ferrocenes: synthesis of Co(ii), Cu(ii), Ni(ii) and Zn(ii) chelates of ferrocenyl -1-thiadiazolo-1'-tetrazole, -1-thiadiazolo-1'-triazole and -1-tetrazolo-1'-triazole with antimicrobial properties. 2002 Z. H. Chohan;A. Scozzafava;C. T. Supuran
An unsymmetrical mixed-valence oxidovanadium(IV/V) binuclear complex: Synthesis, characterization, DFT studies, and bromoperoxidase activity 2022 Bottini R.C.R.; Fachini L.G.; Baptistella G.B.; Stinghen D.; Santana F.S.; Briganti M.; Ribeiro R.R.; Soares J.F.; Sa E.L.; Nunes G.G.
Untangling the role of elevation, aspect, and vegetation type on ecohydrological dynamics along a climate gradient in the Alps 2012 S. Fatichi; V.Y. Ivanov; S. Rimkus; E. Caporali; P. Burlando
Mostrati risultati da 210.644 a 210.663 di 218.531
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