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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The "motion silencing" illusion results from global motion and crowding 2013 M. Turi;D. Burr
The "multifaceted" onset of vasculitis neuropathy 2013 Emmi L; Squatrito D; Emmi G; Beccastrini E; Silvestri E
The "omega-anastomosis": a new revascularization technique for coronary bifurcations. 2003 M. BONACCHI; E. PRIFTI; G. GIUNTI
The "peeking" effect in supervised feature selection on diffusion tensor imaging data. 2013 S. Diciotti;S. Ciulli;M. Mascalchi;M. Giannelli;N. Toschi
The "Pietra Serena" stones of Brunelleschi's Cupola. 2004 M. COLI; M. HAINES; C. NENCI; C. TANINI
The "Renaissance Engineer" of Tomorrow 2002 C. Borri; T. U. Weck
The "slower" the better 2014 Pala L; Rotella CM.
The "Terme Del Corallo" in Livorno, Italy, a Contribution to Try Going Beyond the Abandon 2012 G. Verdiani; V. Fantini
The "Theseus Tempel" in Wien. Digital results one year after the CHNT 16 measurement seminar. 2013 Giorgio Verdiani; Angela Mancuso; Andrea Pasquali
The "Two Dogmas of Empiricism" 50 Years on 2007 P. Parrini
The "Verde di Prato" stones of Cathedral and Baptistery of Florence. 2004 L. MARINO; M. CORTI; M. COLI; C. TANINI; C. NENCI
The "wolf-event" in Italy. 2003 D. Torre; P. Mazza; L. Rook
The 'Benefits of Moderate Inflation'. The Rayon Industry and Snia Viscosa in the Italy of the 1920s 2004 CERRETANO V
The 'Coronary Dome Arterial Rebuilding' Simultaneously to Coronary Endarterectomy: Surgical Aspects and Late Outcomes 2012 M. Bonacchi
The 'efferent' function of capsaicin-sensitive nerves: ruthenium red discriminates between different mechanisms of activation. 1989 C. A. Maggi; R. Patacchini; P. Santicioli; S. Giuliani; E. Del Bianco; P. Geppetti; A. Meli
The 'Material Constitution' of the Florentine Dominion 2000 A. Zorzi
"The 'scroll' and its different forms: from a decorative symbol to a writing sign" 2008 A. JASINK
The 'Sicilian Gambit'. A new approach to the classification of antiarrhythmic drugs based on their actions on arrhythmogenic mechanisms. The Task Force of the Working Group on Arrhythmias of the European Society of Cardiology. 1991 Michael R. Rosen;J. Thomas Bigger Jr.; Gunter Breithardt; Arthur M. Brown; A. John Camm; Edward Carmeliet; Harry A. Fozzard; Brian F. Hoffman; Michiel J. Janse; Ralph Lazzara; Alessandro Mugelli; Robert J. Myerburg; Dan M. Roden; Michael R. Rosen; Peter J. Schwartz; Harold C.Strauss; Raymond L. Woosley; Antonio Zaza.
The *-product quantization of the Heisenberg group 1996 F. Bonechi; E. Sorace; M. Tarlini; R. Giachetti
Mostrati risultati da 214.681 a 214.700 di 235.959
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