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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The survey of the Dome of the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna 2012 G. Tucci; N. Lombardini; V. Bonora; N. Guardini; P. Focaccia
The survey of the Palace of Herod, from the point cloud to the two-dimensional drawings. 2013 Sara Bua
The Sustainable City IX, Urban Regeneration and Sustainability 2014 Marhcettini N., Brebbia C., Pulselli R. M., Bastianoni S.; Marchettini N.; Brebbia C.; Pulselli R. M.; Bastianoni S.
The Sustainable Urban Change 2008 D. Babalis
The symmetric Galerkin BEM for crack problems 2000 FREDDI, Francesco; BRIGHENTI, Roberto; DILIGENTI, Mauro
The sympathetic innervation of the neuromuscular spindles in the cat: histofluorescence studies 1974 C. CATINI; G. GHERI
The syn-rift Carnian transgression in the Apuan Alps metamorphic core (Northern Tuscany, Italy) 2003 M. COLI; S. FROSINI; E. PANDELI
The synchrotron foreground and the cosmic microwave background temperature-polarization cross-correlation power spectrum from the first-year WMAP data 2005 G. BERNARDI; E. CARRETTI; R. FABBRI; C. SBARRA; S.CORTIGLIONI
The synmetamorphic barite veins at Pollone deposit (Apuane Alps, Tuscany, Italy): PTX data from fluid inclusions and mineral equilibria 1991 Costagliola P.; Benvenuti M.; Lattanzi P.; Tanelli G.
The syntax of middle-reflexive and object clitics: A case of parametrization in Arberesh dialects 1999 M. R. Manzini; L. Savoia
The syntax of object clitics: si in Italian dialects 2001 M. R. Manzini; L. Savoia
THE SYNTHESIS AND STUDY OF TETRANUCLEAR CLUSTER [Fe4O2(CCl3COO)8(THF)2(DMF)(H2O)]⋅THF 2006 Denis Prodius; Valeriu Mereacre; Sergiu Shova; Maria Gdaniec; Yurii Simonov; Lorenzo Sorace; Andrea Caneschi; Nicolae Stanica; Ion Geru; Constantin Turta
The Synthesis of 4-Hydroxypipecolic Acids by Stereoselective Cycloaddition of Configurationally Stable Nitrones 2006 F. M. Cordero; S. Bonollo; F. Machetti; A. Brandi
The Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Molecular Organization in the Solid State of [H2Os10C(CO)24)] 1992 BRAGA D.; GREPPIONI F.; RIGHI S.; JOHNSON B.F.G.; P. FREDIANI; BIANCHI M.; PIACENTI F.; LEWIS J.
The Syro-Anatolian Common Glyptic Styles: Some remarks 1998 S. MAZZONI
The system of government at the time of Tuthaliya IV 2006 F. PECCHIOLI
The system of principal connections 1991 A. CABRAS; D. CANARUTTO
The systematic position of Chamaesciadium C. A. Meyer (Umbelliferae) on the basis of nuclear ITS sequence 2006 A. Papini
The systematic position of Peltigera horizontalis (Huds.) Baumg. and Peltigera elisabethae Gyeln. (lichenized ascomycota) on the basis of ITS sequence analysis. 2004 A.Papini; R.Benesperi; M.Raffaelli; E.Nardi
Mostrati risultati da 223.777 a 223.796 di 242.082
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