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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Water saving in irrigation practices 2003 E. Bresci; G. Ghinassi
Water scarcity and migration: a simple theoretical approach. 2020 Borghesi, S., Iannucci, G.
Water scarcity in agriculture 2007 E. Bresci; M. Falciai
Water soluble polysaccharides of applied interest from cyanobacteria 1998 R. De Philippis; M.C. Margheri; C. Sili; M. Vincenzini
Water soluble trehalose-derived oligoamides 2014 Rosangela Oliva; Federica Albanese; Giacomo Cipriani; Francesca Ridi; Donatella Giomi; Marino Malavolti; Lorenza Bernini; Antonella Salvini
Water sources for root water uptake: Using stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen as a research tool in agricultural and agroforestry systems 2020 Penna D.; Geris J.; Hopp L.; Scandellari F.
Water sprinkling systems for cooling of sows 1998 M. BARBARI
Water Square Benthemplein: spazi urbani multifunzionali a Rotterdam 2020 Roberto Bologna; Giulio Hasanaj
Water storage of thermal waters in a closing down mine (Gavorrano, Italy) 2007 C.Garzonio
Water stress and insect defoliation promote the colonization of Quercus cerris by the fungus Biscogniauxia mediterranea 2007 P. Capretti; A. Battisti
Water stress and the development of cankers by Diplodia mutila on Quercus robur. 1999 A.Ragazzi ; Moricca S.; Dellavalle I.
Water supply systems failure and reservoir volumes interaction for the definition of drought risk 2010 Rossi G.; E. Caporali; L. Garrote; G. Federici
Water temperature as a hindrance, but not limiting factor for the survival of warm water invasive crayfish introduced in cold periods 2019 Haubrock P.J.; Kubec J.; Vesely L.; Buric M.; Tricarico E.; Kouba A.
Water through time: divergent perspectives. 2006 D.Lippi; A.A. Conti; A.Conti; L. Musajo Somma; G.F.Gensini.
Water uptake dynamics in apple trees assessed by an isotope labeling approach 2022 Aguzzoni A.; Engel M.; Zanotelli D.; Penna D.; Comiti F.; Tagliavini M.
Water uptake in terrestrial hermit crabs: a morpho-functional analysis 2015 Becchi Claudia, Innocenti Gianna, Vannini Marco
Water uptake of apple trees in the Alps: Where does irrigation water go? 2021 Penna, Daniele; Zanotelli, Damiano; Scandellari, Francesca; Aguzzoni, Agnese; Engel, Michael; Tagliavini, Massimo; Comiti, Francesco
Water use in italian agriculture: analysis of rainfall patterns, irrigation systems and water storage capacity of farm ponds 2009 F. Natali; A. Dalla Marta; F. Orlando; S. Orlandini
Water use of irrigated potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) grown under free air carbon dioxide enrichment in central Italy 2003 M. BINDI; V. MAGLIULO; G. RANA
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