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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Toward a Contrastive Semantics of the Biblical Lexicon. The nouns of Rules and Regulations in Biblical Hebrew Historical-narrative Language and their Greek equivalents in the Septuagint. 2021 Romina Vergari
Toward a cooperative approach for continuous innovation of Mobility Information Services 2013 D. Giuli; F. Paganelli; S. Cuomo; P. Cianchi
Toward a diachronic conception of well-being: Thoughts from Georgescu-Roegen 2016 Nicolò Bellanca; Benedetto Rocchi
Toward a Gender-Sensitive Orientation 2015 Biemmi, Irene
Toward a geriatric approach to patients with advanced age and cardiovascular diseases: position statement of the EuGMS Special Interest Group on Cardiovascular Medicine 2020 Ungar A.; Rivasi G.; Petrovic M.; Schonenberger A.; Martinez-Selles M.; Gasowski J.; Bahat-Ozturk G.; Bo M.; Dallmaier D.; Fumagalli S.; Grodzicki T.; Kotovskaya Y.; Maggi S.; Raso F.M.; Polidori M.C.; Rajkumar R.; Strandberg T.; Werner N.; Benetos A.
Toward a High-Resolution Reconstruction of 3D Nerve Fiber Architectures and Crossings in the Brain Using Light Scattering Measurements and Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulations 2020 Menzel M.; Axer M.; De Raedt H.; Costantini I.; Silvestri L.; Pavone F.S.; Amunts K.; Michielsen K.
Toward a lean manufacturing simulation framework for the HVLV environment 2018 Francesco Poli
Toward a Model to Leverage Informal and Incidental Learning in Family Contexts 2018 Bracci Francesca; Marsick Victoria; Watkins Karen; Romano Alessandra
Toward a model-based approach for analyzing information quality requirements for smart grid 2019 mohamad gharib, paolo lollini, andrea bondavalli
Toward a modular open scanner: design of the front-end unit 2023 Enrico Boni, Francesco Lagonigro, Valentino Meacci, Stefano Ricci, Alessandro Ramalli, Piero Tortoli
Toward a more reliable characterization of fractal properties of the cerebral cortex of healthy subjects during the lifespan 2020 Marzi, Chiara; Giannelli, Marco; Tessa, Carlo; Mascalchi, Mario; Diciotti, Stefano
Toward a new definition of FMECA approach 2015 Catelani, M.; Ciani, L.; Cristaldi, L.; Faifer, M.; Lazzaroni, M.; Khalil, M.
Toward a New Plant-Wide Experimental and Modeling Approach for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emission from Wastewater Treatment Plants 2019 Caniani D.; Esposito G.; Gori R.; Caretti C.; Bellandi G.; Mancini I.M.; Caivano M.; Pascale R.; Cosenza A.; Abouissa H.; Mannina G.
Toward a New “Human Consciousness”: The Exhibition “Adventures in Surrealist Painting During the Last Four Years” at the New School for Social Research in New York, March 1941. 2019 caputo caterina
Toward a Novel Medical Device Based on Chromatic Pupillometry for Screening and Monitoring of Inherited Ocular Disease: A Pilot Study 2019 Melillo, Paolo; de Benedictis, Antonella; Villani, Edoardo; Ferraro, Maria Concetta; Iadanza, Ernesto; Gherardelli, Monica; Testa, Francesco; Banfi, Sandro; Nucci, Paolo; Simonelli, Francesca
Toward A Posthuman Humanism: Serresian Federative Humanism between Natural Contract and Political Ecology 2019 Orsola Rignani
Toward a Real-Time Analysis of Column Height by Visible Cameras: An Example from Mt. Etna, in Italy 2023 Aravena, A; Carparelli, G; Cioni, R; Prestifilippo, M; Scollo, S
Toward a reference standard for tissue phantoms 2011 Di Ninni P.; Martelli F.; Zaccanti G.
Toward a reliable usage of indicial functions in the practice of bridge design: numerical issues and implementation details 2005 L. Salvatori; C. Borri
Toward a scheduling model for the metal accessories' suppliers for the fashion industry 2016 Fani V.; Bandinelli R.; Rinaldi R.
Mostrati risultati da 222.842 a 222.861 di 238.022
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