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What Training for the Unemployed? An Impact Evaluation for Targeting Training Courses 2018 Silvia Duranti, Maria Luisa Maitino, Valentina Patacchini, Carla Rampichini, Nicola Sciclone
What type of music are you listening to? Emotional, behavioural and social differences in an Italian sample 2009 A. Mazzeschi; J. Grisolaghi; S. Taddei; C. Stefanile
What type of worker are you? Work-Related Inventory (WI-10): A comprehensive instrument for the measurement of workaholism. 2019 Loscalzo Yura; Giannini Marco
“What was the question?” The configurational approach in Architectural Technology research 2013 Setola, Nicoletta
What Was the Survival of Megaprostheses in Lower Limb Reconstructions After Tumor Resections? 2015 Capanna, Rodolfo; Scoccianti, Guido; Frenos, Filippo; Vilardi, Antonio; Beltrami, Giovanni; Campanacci, Domenico Andrea
What we learned from STEP that we didn't already know from SPRINT 2021 Modesti P.A.
What went right and what went wrong in my cellar door visit? A worldwide analysis of TripAdvisor’s reviews of Wineries & Vineyards 2022 Barbierato E.; Bernetti I.; Capecchi I.
What went wrong? Predictors of contact tracing adoption in Italy during COVID-19 pandemic 2021 Guazzini A.; Fiorenza M.; Panerai G.; Duradoni M.
«What will the boys say now?» Strategie compositive e volontà d’autore in "Porgy and Bess" 2018 Marco Mangani
What will the future forests look like? Comparison of performance between Mediterranean oak species in a common garden experiment 2019 Pollastrini Martina, Salvatori Elisabetta, Fusaro Lina, Marzuoli Riccardo, Brüggemann Wolfgang, Bussotti Filippo
What Works for Whom in School-Based Anti-bullying Interventions? An Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis 2022 Maud Hensums, Brechtje de Mooij, Steven C. Kuijper, Donna Cross, Ann DeSmet, Claire F. Garandeau, Katja Joronen, Bonnie Leadbeater, Ersilia Menesini, Benedetta Emanuela Palladino, Christina Salmivalli, Olga Solomontos-Kountouri & René Veenstra Minne Fekkes & Geertjan Overbeek
What would a “DiverCity” be like? Speculation on difference-sensitive planning and living practices 2011 Perrone, Camilla
What's home 2010 Francesco Collotti
What's in a title? Translation procedures in the field of titology 1996 N.Brownlees
What's Left of the Italian Right 2013 TARCHI M.
What's new in malignant melanoma - treatment 1995 Prignano F.; Moretti S.; Carli P.; Gianotti B.
What's new in malignant melanoma, biology and epidemiology 1995 Moretti S.; Carli P.; Prignano F.; Giannoti B.
What's new in pathogenesis of pemphigus 1987 T. Lotti; P. Fabbri; E. Panconesi
What's the damage? Multiscale analyses of attributes in fault damage zones – fracture length distributions, orientation scale transitions and network connectivity 2019 Rizzo, {Roberto Emanuele}; Healy. {David}; Farrell, {Natalie J. C.}; Ostermeijer, {Giles}; Tesei, {Telemaco}; Bedford, {John D.}; Heap, {Michael John}; Mitchell, {Thomas M.}
What's the next? Children and adults intuitive strategies in predicting random outcomes. 2008 G. Gronchi; F. Chiesi; C. Primi
Mostrati risultati da 222.882 a 222.901 di 224.382
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