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Nome #
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5- and 6-membered (thio)lactones are prodrug type carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. 103
Specific inhibition of carbonic anhydrase IX activity enhances the in vivo therapeutic effect of tumor irradiation. 103
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Pyridinium derivatives of histamine are potent activators of cytosolic carbonic anhydrase isoforms I, II and VII. 103
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Plasmonic Particles that Hit Hypoxic Cells 103
Crystallization and preliminary structure analysis of the blue laccase from the ligninolytic fungus Panus tigrinus. 103
Carbonic Anhydrase Interaction With Lipothioars Enites: A Novel Class of Isozymes I and II Inhibitors. 103
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X-ray structures of 4-chlorocatechol 1,2-dioxygenase adducts with substituted catechols: New perspectives in the molecular basis of intradiol ring cleaving dioxygenases specificity. 103
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