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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Dynamic nuclear polarization surface enhanced NMR spectroscopy 2013 Rossini, Aaron J.; Zagdoun, Alexandre; Lelli, Moreno; Lesage, Anne; Copéret, Christophe; Emsley, Lyndon
Fifteen Years of Raman Spectroscopy of Engineered Heme Containing Peroxidases: What Have We Learned? 2005 G. SMULEVICH; A FEIS; B. HOWES
"Four-dimensional" protein structures: Examples from metalloproteins 2006 M. Fragai; C. Luchinat; G. Parigi
High Frequency EPR Spectroscopy of Large Metal Ion Clusters. From Zero Field Splitting to Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetization 1998 A.L. BARRA; L.C. BRUNEL; D. GATTESCHI; L. PARDI; R. SESSOLI
Immunodetection of proteins in ancient paint media 2010 Cartechini, Laura; Vagnini, Manuela; Palmieri, Melissa; Pitzurra, Lucia; Mello, Tommaso; Mazurek, Joy; Chiari, Giacomo
In-Cell NMR in Human Cells: Direct Protein Expression Allows Structural Studies of Protein Folding and Maturation 2018 Luchinat, Enrico; Banci, Lucia
Insights into Domain-Domain Motions in Proteins and RNA from Solution NMR 2014 Enrico Ravera;Loic Salmon;Marco Fragai;Giacomo Parigi;Hashim Al-Hashimi;Claudio Luchinat
Magic Angle Spinning NMR of Paramagnetic Proteins 2013 M.J. Knight; I.C. Felli; R. Pierattelli; L. Emsley; G. Pintacuda
Metalloproteomes: a bioinformatic approach 2009 C.Andreini; I.Bertini; A.Rosato
New Methodologies for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Micellar Solutions, Microemulsions, and Hydroxide Nanoparticles 2010 R. Giorgi; M. Baglioni; D. Berti; P. Baglioni
Quinonoid metal complexes: Toward molecular switches 2004 DEI A.; D. GATTESCHI; SANGREGORIO C.; SORACE L.
SedNMR: On the Edge between Solution and Solid-State NMR. 2013 Bertini I;Luchinat C;Parigi G;Ravera E
Sequence and structural determinants of amyloid fibril formation 2006 F. BEMPORAD; G. CALLONI; S. CAMPIONI; G. PLAKOUTSI; N. TADDEI; F. CHITI
Solution and Solid State NMR Approaches To Draw Iron Pathways in the Ferritin Nanocage 2013 Daniela Lalli;Paola Turano
Structural genomics 2003 I. BERTINI
Structural genomics of proteins involved in copper homeostasis 2003 L. BANCI; ROSATO A.
Toward molecular magnets: the metal-radical approach 1989 Andrea Caneschi;Dante Gatteschi;Roberta Sessoli;Paul Rey
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 17 di 17
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