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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Analysis of energy recovery potential using innovative technologies of waste gasification 2012 Lombardi L.; Carnevale E.; Corti A.
Assessment of a particle size fractionation as a technology for reducing heavy metal, salinity and impurities from compost produced by municipal solid waste 2015 Zahed Sharifi;Giancarlo Renella
Effect of natural ageing on volume stability of MSW and wood waste incineration residues 2013 Manuela Gori; Britta Bergfeldt; Jürgen Reichelt; Piero Sirini
End-of-Life in the railway sector: Analysis of recyclability and recoverability for different vehicle case studies 2017 Delogu, Massimo; Del Pero, Francesco; Berzi, Lorenzo; Pierini, Marco; Bonaffini, Davide
Facile characterization of polymer fractions from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for mechanical recycling 2010 Taurino R.; Pozzi P.; Zanasi T.
The factors affecting Italian provinces’ separate waste-collection rates: An empirical investigation 2022 Romano G.; Lombardi G.V.; Rapposelli A.; Gastaldi M.
Hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge: A critical analysis of process severity, hydrochar properties and environmental implications 2019 Tasca A.L.; Puccini M.; Gori R.; Corsi I.; Galletti A.M.R.; Vitolo S.
Innovative device for mechanical treatment of End of Life photovoltaic panels: Technical and environmental analysis 2019 Del Pero F.; Delogu M.; Berzi L.; Escamilla M.
Leaching behaviour of bottom ash from RDF high-temperature gasification plants 2011 M.Gori; L. Pifferi; P. Sirini
Leaching behaviour of hazardous waste under the impact of different ambient conditions 2017 Pecorini, Isabella; Baldi, Francesco; Bacchi, Donata; Carnevale, Ennio Antonio; Corti, Andrea
Life cycle assessment of biogas upgrading technologies 2012 Starr K.; Gabarrell Durany X.; Villalba Mendez G.; Talens Peiró L.; Lombardi L.
Management of agricultural biomass wastes: Preliminary study on characterization and valorisation in clay matrix bricks 2013 Barbieri L.; Andreola F.; Lancellotti I.; Taurino R.
Mechanical and leaching properties of cement solidified hospital solid waste incinerator fly ash 1998 F. Lombardi;T. Mangialardi;L. Piga;P. Sirini
Microwave assisted pyrolysis of halogenated plastics recovered from waste computers 2018 Rosi, Luca; Bartoli, Mattia; Frediani, Marco
On-field investigation and process modelling of End-of-Life Vehicles treatment in the context of Italian craft-type Authorized Treatment Facilities 2013 L. Berzi; M. Delogu; A. Giorgetti; M. Pierini
Performance of a biogas upgrading process based on alkali absorption with regeneration using air pollution control residues 2013 Renato Baciocchi; Ennio Carnevale; Giulia Costa; Renato Gavasci; Lidia Lombardi; Tommaso Olivieri; Laura Zanchi; Daniela Zingaretti
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cement-Based Products Containing Incineration Bottom Ash 2003 P. FILIPPONI; A. POLETTINI; R. POMI; P. SIRINI
Pilot scale evaluation of the BABIU process – Upgrading of landfill gas or biogas with the use of MSWI bottom ash 2014 P. Mostbauer; L. Lombardi; T. Olivieri; S. Lenz
Relationship between Leachate Pollution Index and growth response of two willow and poplar hybrids: Implications for phyto-treatment applications 2021 Guidi Nissim W.; Palm E.; Pandolfi C.; Mancuso S.; Azzarello E.
A review of technologies and performances of thermal treatment systems for energy recovery from waste 2015 Lombardi, Lidia; Carnevale, Ennio; Corti, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 21
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