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Correction of the haemostatic defect in haemophiliacs without apparent correction of the coagulation defect 1974 GG.Neri Serneri; GF.Gensini; R. Abbate
Circulating platelet aggregates during emotional stress and cigarettes smoking 1977 GF. Gensini; R. Abbate; D. Prisco; M. Marinoni; GG. Neri Serneri
Circulating platelet aggregates and increased platelet turnover in hypertensive patients 1977 R. Abbate; GF. Gensini; M. Marinoni; A. Lagi
Thrompopenias. The role of the vascular factor 1979 GG.Neri Serneri; GF.Gensini; G.Masotti; R.Abbate
Changes of platelet function and blood clotting in diabetes mellitus 1979 GF.Gensini; R.Abbate; S.Favilla; GG.Neri Serneri
Differential inhibition of prostacyclin production and platelet aggregation by aspirin 1979 G.Masotti; G.Galanti; L.Poggesi; R.Abbate; GG.Neri Serneri
Early changes of the endothelial antithrombotic properties in cholesterol fed rabbits. II Changes of heparansulphate and other GAGS 1979 R. Abbate; S. Favilla; GF. Gensini; M. Marinoni; D. Prisco; GG Neri Serneri
Is raised plasma fibrinopeptide A a marker of acute coronary insufficiency? 1980 GG.Neri Serneri; GF.Gensini; R.Abbate; R.Laureano; O.Parodi
Antiplatelet-aggregating action of dipyridamole administrered by slow intravenous infusional 1980 D.Francini; R.Abbate
Atherosclerosis and thrombophilia 1980 GG.Neri Serneri; R.Abbate; GF.Gensini; G.Masotti; PM.Mannucci; A.Strano
Occurrence of soluble very high molecular weight fibrinogen complexes in hypercoagulable states. An in vitro and in vivo study on their features 1980 GG.Neri Serneri; GF.Gensini; R.Abbate; S.Favilla
Increased platelet aggregation due to plasma-aggregating activity. Identification of the responsible factors 1980 GG.Neri Serneri; R.Abbate; C.Mugnaini; GF.Gensini
Interrelationships between the hemostatic system and the prostaglandin system in the pathogenesis of ischemic cardiopathy 1981 GG.Neri Serneri; G.Masotti; GF.Gensini; R.Abbate; L.Poggesi
Prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 formation in response to adrenergic stimulation in humans: a mechanism for local control of vascular response to sympathetic activation? 1981 GG.Neri Serneri; G.Masotti; GF.Gensini; L.Poggesi; R.Abbate; M.Mannelli
Increased fibrinopeptide A formation and thromboxane A2 production in patients with ischemic heart disease: relationships to coronary pathoanatomy, risk factors, and clinical manifestations 1981 GG.Neri Serneri; GF.Gensini; R.Abbate; C.Mugnaini; S.Favilla; C.Brunelli; S.Chierchia; O.Parodi
Prostaglandins in ischemic heart disease 1982 GG.Neri Serneri; GF.Gensini; G.Masotti; R.Abbate; R.Laureano; L.Poggesi
Platelet aggregation and thromboxane A2 production after adrenergic stimulation in young healthy humans 1982 GG.Neri Serneri; R.Abbate; GF.Gensini; G.Galanti; G.Paoli; R.Laureano
Ticlopidine activity on platelet function in patients with enhanced platelet aggregation. A short-term crossover study 1983 GF.Gensini; S.Favilla; C.Breschi; R.Abbate; G.Costanzo; GG.Neri Serneri
L'alterata modulazione prostaglandinica nella patogenesi della cardiopatia ischemica. Relazione all'84° Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Medicina Interna 1984 GG. Neri Serneri ; G. Masotti ; GF. Gensini ; R.Abbate; C. Rostagno
Reduction in prostacyclin platelet receptors in active spontaneous angina. 1984 NERI SERNERI GG; P. MODESTI; FORTINI A; ABBATE R; LOMBARDI A; GENSINI GF
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