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Guide to the Principal Pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts at Venice 2023 Paul Stephen Tucker
[A letter and tribute to James S. Dearden (1931-2021)] 2022 Paul Tucker
Customer, Counsel, Associate, “Trustee”: Charles Fairfax Murray and Thomas Agnew and Sons (1886–1918) 2020 Paul Tucker
‘Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, Art Education and Social Change’: a series of articles arising from a conference held at the National Gallery, London, 20–21 September 2019 2020 Susanna Avery Quash, Dinah Birch, Anthony Burton, John Holmes, Lucy West, Paul Tucker, Louise Pullen, Donata Levi, Jenny Graham, Suzanne Fayence Cooper, Alistair Hudson, Jacqueline Yallop
Division, Juncture, System: Bridges and Bridge-Building in the Work of John Ruskin 2020 Paul Tucker
‘A ‘new clue’: Ruskin’s Guide to the Principal Pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts at Venice (1877), the history of Venetian art and the idea of the museum’ 2020 Paul Tucker
‘J after J. Ruskin’: line in the art teaching of John Ruskin and Ebenezer Cooke’ 2020 Donata Levi; Paul Tucker
168 anni dopo: una guida visiva alle argomentazioni estetiche. Recensione di Sarah Quill, Ruskin a Venezia: The Stones Revisited, trad. L. Russo (Milano: Jaca Book, 2018) 2019 Paul Tucker
«Two Florentines»? Le donazioni italiane di Charles Fairfax Murray e Herbert Percy Horne 2019 Paul Stephen Tucker
Trecento «Characteristic» and «Grotesque»: Frederic Burton, Charles Fairfax Murray and Early Sienese Painting in the National Gallery 1874-94 2018 Paul Tucker
Titling and the Individuation of Artworks 2018 Paul Tucker
A Connoisseur and his Clients: The Correspondence of Charles Fairfax Murray with Frederic Burton, Wilhelm Bode and Julius Meyer (1876-1914) 2017 Tucker, PAUL STEPHEN
Recensione di Ken Jacobson / Jenny Jacobson, Carrying Off the Palaces. John Ruskin’s Lost Daguerreotypes, London, Bernard Quaritch Ltd, 2015 2015 Tucker, Paul
'Truth of character from truth of feeling’: William Hazlitt, ‘gusto’ and the linguistic history of writing on art 2015 Tucker, Paul
"Pourquoi parler du tableau?": art-critical syntax and aesthetic argument 2015 Tucker, Paul
Eyesight, Knowledge, Argument: Charles Fairfax Murray on "Scientific" Connoisseurship 2014 Paul Tucker
Presentazione del Tate Research Workshop su Adrian Stokes (24 May 2013) 2014 Paul Tucker
Language, space and object identity in writing on visual art 2014 Paul Tucker
"Drawing is a kind of language": la didattica artistica in John Ruskin e nel dibatitto inglese coevo 2014 Donata Levi; Paul Tucker
John Ruskin, Guida ai principali dipinti nell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, a cura di P. Tucker, traduzione di E. Sdegno 2014 Paul Tucker
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 69
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