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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Short and middle term effects of chromate upon soil microbial community 2003 C. Viti; G. Rosi; C. Belli; G. Lustrato; G. Ranalli; L. Giovannetti;
Short and middle-latency Median Nerve (MN) SEPs recorded by depth electrodes in human pre-SMA and SMA-proper 2005 Barba, C.*; Valeriani, M.; Colicchio, G.; Mauguière, F.
Short anogenital distance is associated with testicular germ cell tumour development 2020 Moreno-Mendoza D.; Casamonti E.; Riera-Escamilla A.; Pietroforte S.; Corona G.; Ruiz-Castane E.; Krausz C.
Short article: Safety of targeted prophylaxis strategy in patients with resolved hepatitis B virus infection receiving rituximab for immune-mediated diseases 2018 Spinicci, Michele; Emmi, Giacomo; Dies, Laura; Barilaro, Alessandro; Vitiello, Gianfranco; Mencarini, Jessica; Cavallo, Annalisa; Bartoloni, Alessandro; Bartalesi, Filippo*
Short Authentication Procedure in Wireless Data Communications Networks 2005 L. COSTA; G. FREGULIA; F. FROSALI; R. FANTACCI; L. MACCARI; T. PECORELLA
Short Biography of Arnold Sommerfeld (1868-1951) 1998 G. Pelosi; J.L. Volakis
Short Bowel State: Does Autologous Gastrointestinal Reconstruction Reduce Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections? 2016 Morabito Antonino
Short Bowel Syndrome and Food Aversion: The Role of “Messy Play” Therapy in Paediatric Patients 2016 Morabito Antonino
Short bowel syndrome in children: Surgical and medical perspectives 2014 Coletta, Riccardo; Khalil, Basem A.; Morabito, Antonino
Short bowel syndrome: A practical pathway leading to successful enteral autonomy 2012 Ba'ath, M.E.; Almond, S.; King, B.; Bianchi, A.; Khalil, B.A.; Morabito, A.
Short chain hydrocarbons in Mediterranean hydrothermal systems: origins and geothermometry. 2013 Fiebig J; Tassi F; D’Alessandro W; Vaselli O; Woodland AB
Short communication: Association analysis of diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT1) mutation on chromosome 14 for milk yield and composition traits, somatic cell score, and coagulation properties in Holstein bulls 2018 Bobbo T; Tiezzi Francesco; Penasa M; De Marchi M; Cassandro M.
Short communication: Genomic selection for hoof lesions in first-parity US Holsteins 2015 Dhakal Kumud, Tiezzi Francesco, Clay John, Maltecca Christian
Short crack and long crack propagation in metals based on damage mechanics concepts 2012 BRIGHENTI, Roberto; CARPINTERI, Andrea; N. Corbari
Short crystal history in the recent magmatic system of Santorini volcano, Greece: inferences from micro-Sr isotope data 2013 S. DI SALVO; L. FRANCALANCI; T.H. DRUITT; E. BRASCHI
Short Glossary 2020 Maria Rita Gisotti
Short Grit Scale: Primo studio sulle proprietà psicometriche della versione italiana 2016 Di Fabio, Annamaria
Short history of medicine 2016 Lippi Donatella
A Short Introduction to Cytogenetic Studies in Mammals with Reference to the Present Volume. 2012 Graphodatsky A;Ferguson-Smith MA;Stanyon R
Mostrati risultati da 194.453 a 194.472 di 232.739
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