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Nome #
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Preparation of Novel Materials Using SMMs, file e398c378-9982-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
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Magnetic Anisotropy in a Dysprosium/DOTA Single-Molecule Magnet: Beyond Simple Magneto-Structural Correlations, file e398c378-c459-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, file e398c379-a796-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Single molecule magnet behaviour in a rare trinuclear CrIIIDyIII2 methoxo-bridged complex, file e398c379-a952-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Magnetic Anisotropy in Lanthanide(III)-Centered Fe3Ln Propellers, file e398c379-b3da-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Molecular Order in Buried Layers of TbPc2 Single-Molecule Magnets Detected by Torque Magnetometry, file e398c37a-a799-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
The Challenge of Thermal Deposition of Coordination Compounds: Insight into the Case of an Fe4 Single Molecule Magnet, file e398c37b-130f-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Slow Magnetic Relaxation from Hard-Axis Metal Ions in Tetranuclear Single-Molecule Magnets, file e398c37b-2df8-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
The origin of transverse Anisotropy in axially symmetric single molecule magnets, file e398c37b-2e1b-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
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