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Nome #
Electronic Structure and Magnetic Anisotropy in Lanthanoid Single-Ion Magnets with C3 Symmetry: The Ln(trenovan) Series, file e398c37f-1b60-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 295
Spin Dynamics and Low Energy Vibrations: Insights from Vanadyl-Based Potential Molecular Qubits, file e398c37b-af67-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 187
Slow Relaxation of Magnetization in an Isostructural Series of Zinc–Lanthanide Complexes: An Integrated EPR and AC Susceptibility Study, file e398c37f-3768-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 186
Synthesis, structure, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of a series of Cr4IIILnIII complexes, file e398c37b-31f3-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 171
Magnetic Anisotropy Trends along a Full 4f-Series: The fn+7Effect, file e398c381-4b21-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 171
Disclosing the Binding Medium Effects and the Pigment Solubility in the (Photo)reduction Process of Chrome Yellows (PbCrO 4 /PbCr 1- x S x O 4 ), file e398c37e-b9c6-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 167
Magnetic blocking in extended metal atom chains: A pentachromium(II) complex behaving as a single-molecule magnet, file e398c37a-0b8a-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 164
Quantum coherence in a processable vanadyl complex: new tools for the search of molecular spin qubits, file e398c37a-4cb7-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 157
Multiple Magnetization Reversal Channels Observed in a 3d-4f Single Molecule Magnet, file e398c37a-aa03-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 155
Relaxation Dynamics and Magnetic Anisotropy in a Low-Symmetry DyIII Complex, file e398c37f-40e4-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 151
Different Antioxidant Efficacy of Two MnII-Containing Superoxide Anion Scavengers on Hypoxia/Reoxygenation-Exposed Cardiac Muscle Cells, file e398c37e-eb6f-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 150
NMR and μ+SR detection of unconventional spin dynamics in Er(trensal) and Dy(trensal) molecular magnets, file e398c37f-4a46-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 130
Single-ion anisotropy and exchange coupling in cobalt(ii)-radical complexes: Insights from magnetic and: Ab initio studies, file e398c37e-a5bc-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 129
Scaling up Electronic Spin Qubits into a Three-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework, file e398c380-e6c4-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 112
Radiofrequency to Microwave Coherent Manipulation of an Organometallic Electronic Spin Qubit Coupled to a Nuclear Qudit, file e398c381-5fc5-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 110
Room-Temperature Quantum Coherence and Rabi Oscillations in Vanadyl Phthalocyanine: Toward Multifunctional Molecular Spin Qubits, file e398c380-f1e5-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 93
Single-Ion Anisotropy and Intramolecular Interactions in CeIIIand NdIIIDimers, file e398c381-41f2-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 90
Chemisorption of nitronyl-nitroxide radicals on gold surface: An assessment of morphology, exchange interaction and decoherence time, file e398c381-60aa-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 83
Tm(III) complexes undergoing slow relaxation of magnetization: exchange coupling and aging effects, file e398c37f-247e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 79
Probing Vibrational Symmetry Effects and Nuclear Spin Economy Principles in Molecular Spin Qubits, file e398c381-43a1-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 78
Dielectric Effects in FeO x-Coated Au Nanoparticles Boost the Magnetoplasmonic Response: Implications for Active Plasmonic Devices, file e398c381-6047-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 73
Steric control in the metal-ligand electron transfer of iminopyridine-ytterbocene complexes, file e398c37c-9c02-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 69
Storage and retrieval of microwave pulses with molecular spin ensembles, file e398c37f-d10e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 69
A two-qubit molecular architecture for electron-mediated nuclear quantum simulation, file e398c37d-73fc-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 68
Stabilization of an Enantiopure Sub-monolayer of Helicene Radical Cations on a Au(111) Surface through Noncovalent Interactions, file e398c381-6046-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 64
VdW Mediated Strong Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Chains of Hydrogen-Free Sublimable Molecular Qubits, file 71ebd859-c92b-4e0e-9e1b-3ffb8564a849 62
Exploring the Organometallic Route to Molecular Spin Qubits: The [CpTi(cot)] Case, file e398c381-61ba-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 59
The Intricate Determination of Magnetic Anisotropy in Quasi-octahedral Vanadium(III): An HF-EPR and Magnetic Study, file e398c380-3a95-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 58
Dante Gatteschi: on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday, file e398c380-9bc0-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 57
Coherent coupling between Vanadyl Phthalocyanine spin ensemble and microwave photons: Towards integration of molecular spin qubits into quantum circuits, file e398c37c-6ce6-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 56
Controlled coherent dynamics of [{VO}({TPP})], a prototype molecular nuclear qudit with an electronic ancilla, file e398c381-f0cf-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 42
Coherent manipulation of molecular qudits by broadband NMR, file df4c3540-2266-43cc-aadc-5c074a77bece 38
Determination of magnetic anisotropy in the LnTRENSAL complexes (Ln = Tb, Dy, Er) by torque magnetometry, file e398c380-dc0f-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 28
Quantum Coherence Times Enhancement in Vanadium(IV)-based Potential Molecular Qubits: The Key Role of the Vanadyl Moiety, file e398c381-06eb-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 28
Determination of magnetic anisotropy in the LnTRENSAL complexes (Ln = Tb, Dy, Er) by torque magnetometry, file e398c379-0fc3-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 24
Magnetic Field Effect on the Handedness of Electrodeposited Heusler Alloy, file 854744d3-80b8-4fcd-9735-f85f559871db 23
An Exchange Coupled meso-meso Linked Vanadyl Porphyrin Dimer for Quantum Information Processing, file 031ad561-a82c-46e2-85b1-aead07956c17 19
Magnetic Anisotropy of Tetrahedral CoII Single-Ion Magnets: Solid-State Effects, file e398c380-bdac-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 19
Influence of π–π Stacking Interactions on the Assembly of Layered Copper Phosphonate Coordination Polymers: Combined Powder Diffraction and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study, file e398c378-d122-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 17
The critical role of the donor polymer in the stability of high-performance non-fullerene acceptor organic solar cells, file 817e01cf-12b4-4872-a984-a434e26ee20c 14
Molecular nanomagnets and magnetic nanoparticles: the EMR contribution to a common approach, file e398c37b-37d8-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 10
Magnetic Bistability in Lanthanide-Based Molecular Systems: The Role of Anisotropy and Exchange Interactions, file e398c37a-de24-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 9
Coupling molecular spin centers to microwave planar resonators: towards integration of molecular qubits in quantum circuits, file e398c37a-bf66-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 7
Charge distribution in bis-dioxolene radical metal complexes. Synthesis and DFT characterization of dinuclear Co(III) and Cr(III) complexes with a mixed-valent, S=1/2 semiquinone-catecholate ligand, file e398c37b-2d39-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 7
A Heterometallic Porphyrin Dimer as a Potential Quantum Gate: Magneto-Structural Correlations and Spin Coherence Properties, file 06872e7a-7039-4497-b714-4a4a5cb34de4 6
Modulation of Slow Magnetic Relaxation in Gd(III)-Tetrahalosemiquinonate Complexes, file 8fe2f5c4-db67-4b59-8aeb-09a1a9cebb39 6
Magnetic Anisotropy of Tetrahedral CoII Single-Ion Magnets: Solid-State Effects, file e398c37a-bb19-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 6
Synthesis, structural, and magnetic studies on a redox family of tetrametallic vanadium clusters: {V-4(IV)}, {(V2V2IV)-V-III}, and {V-4(III)} butterfly complexes, file e398c37b-33c0-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 6
Structural Effects on the Spin Dynamics of Potential Molecular Qubits, file e398c37c-90ef-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 6
Room-Temperature Quantum Coherence and Rabi Oscillations in Vanadyl Phthalocyanine: Toward Multifunctional Molecular Spin Qubits, file e398c37a-4c4d-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 5
Quantum Coherence Times Enhancement in Vanadium(IV)-based Potential Molecular Qubits: The Key Role of the Vanadyl Moiety, file e398c37a-a499-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 5
Valence Tautomerism in One-Dimensional Coordination Polymers, file e398c37a-a7f3-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 4
Antiferromagnetic Coupling in a Gadolinium(III)-Semiquinonato Complex, file e398c37b-200f-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 4
EPR of Molecular Nanomagnets, file e398c37b-33c4-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 4
Giant spin-phonon bottleneck effects in evaporable vanadyl-based molecules with long spin coherence, file e398c37a-a711-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 3
High-field/high-frequency EPR studies of spin clusters with integer spin: the multi-frequency approach, file e398c37b-34e7-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 3
Synthesis, structural, magnetic and high frequency EPR studies on a hexametallic Fe(III) complex with a highly rhombic S=5 ground state, file e398c37b-35c2-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 3
Structural and Magnetic Properties of the {Cr(pybd)3[Cu(cyclen)]2}(BF4)4 Heteronuclear Complex, file 49f3e5f0-a7b6-464f-b034-ec8de67f652f 2
A slow relaxing species for molecular spin devices: EPR characterization of static and dynamic magnetic properties of a nitronyl nitroxide radical, file e398c378-db19-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Thermal and optical control of electronic states in a single layer of switchable paramagnetic molecules, file e398c379-0fc0-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Chromium speciation methods and infrared spectroscopy for studying the chemical reactivity of lead chromate-based pigments in oil medium, file e398c37a-aa01-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Synchrotron-based X-ray spectromicroscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy to investigate the redox properties of lead chromate pigments under the effect of visible light, file e398c37a-bb1b-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Diamondoid Structure in a Metal–Organic Framework of Fe4Single-Molecule Magnets, file e398c37a-bd44-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Switching nuclearity and Co(II) content through stoichiometry adjustment: CoII6CoIII3 and CoIICo4III mixed valent complexes and a study of their magnetic properties, file e398c37a-bd7e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Hints for the control of magnetic anisotropy in molecular materials, file e398c37b-2017-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
The molecular approach to nanoscale magnetism, file e398c37b-29c1-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
High-frequency EPR: an occasion for revisiting ligand field theory, file e398c37b-2ab9-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Ferromagnetic interactions in Ru(III)-nitronyl nitroxide radical complex: a potential 2p4d building block for molecular magnets, file e398c37b-2dc6-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of three new binuclear Ni(II) complexes derived from tripodal tetradentate (N-4) ligands, file e398c37b-2dfc-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Unravelling the Chemical Nature of Copper Cuprizone, file e398c37b-2e49-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Disorder effects in Mn-12-acetate at 83 K, file e398c37b-2e88-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Ising Type Magnetic Anisotropy in a Cobalt(II) Nitronyl Nitroxide Compound: a Key to Understand the Formation of Molecolar Magnetic Nanowires, file e398c37b-31a9-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
The coordination preferences of metal centres modulate superexchange coupling interactions in a metallo-supramolecular helical assembly, file e398c37b-3346-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
High-field/high-frequency EPR study on stable free radicals formed in sucrose by gamma-irradiation, file e398c37b-33c5-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Ligand design modulates photoinduced properties of cobalt-dioxolene valence tautomers, file e398c37b-33c8-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
The first specimen of tetranuclear (Fe-III, Ln(III)) clusters assembled by carboxylate ligands: synthesis, structure, Mossbauer spectra, and magnetic properties of [Fe3EuO2(CCl3COO)(8)H2O(THF)(3)]center dot THF, file e398c37b-33d1-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Monohelical complexes of a novel asymmetric N-4 Schiff base: Unfamiliar tetrahedral environments of manganese(II) and iron(II) helicates, file e398c37b-343e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
A dimanganese(II) complex with bridging chlorides: Synthesis, electrochemistry, magnetic behavior, structure and bonding, file e398c37b-3546-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Low-valent vanadium catecholate clusters, file e398c37b-38b5-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of new binuclear (CuCuII)-Cu-II bis(oxamato) complexes, file e398c37b-3920-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 2
Ab initio-based determination of lanthanoid–radical exchange as visualised by inelastic neutron scattering, file 5670149e-3646-42f6-ab86-bacdd45dcf86 1
Quantum spin coherence and electron spin distribution channels in vanadyl-containing lantern complexes, file 8dc95b00-2078-46e7-ace8-3e768b2d8161 1
Multifunctional Dy(hfa)3 glyme adducts: Synthesis and magnetic/luminescent behaviour, file dd3ed363-b906-411e-8c78-f86a6605187f 1
Synthesis of new polydentate nitrogen ligands and their use in ethylene polymerization in conjunction with iron(II) and cobalt(II) bis-halides and methylaluminoxane, file e398c378-ab7e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic properties and computational study of a series of cyano-bridged MnIII-FeIII complexes, file e398c378-db20-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Looking for quantum effects in magnetic nanoparticles using the molecular nanomagnet approach, file e398c379-ff9f-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Lanthanide Molecular Complexes, file e398c37a-ba5d-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Redox-Active Sites in Auricularia auricula-judae Dye-Decolorizing Peroxidase and Several Directed Variants: A Multifrequency EPR Study, file e398c37a-c309-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Hydroxo-bridged cubane-type tetrairon(II) clusters supported by sterically-hindered carboxylate ligands, file e398c37b-2a2d-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Single-crystal high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance investigation of a tetranuclear iron(III) single-molecule magnet, file e398c37b-2aaa-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
New sulfur rich lanthanide based materials: synthesis and magnetic properties, file e398c37b-2bfe-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Magnetic properties and spin dynamics in the single-molecule paramagnets Cu6Fe and Cu6Co, file e398c37b-2c9f-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Slow Magnetic Relaxation from Hard-Axis Metal Ions in Tetranuclear Single-Molecule Magnets, file e398c37b-2df8-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
The origin of transverse Anisotropy in axially symmetric single molecule magnets, file e398c37b-2e1b-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Synthesis of a new polydentate ligand obtained by coupling 2,6-bis(imino)pyridine and (imino)pyridine moieties and its use in ethylene oligomerization in conjunction with iron(II) and cobalt(II) bis-halides, file e398c37b-2e41-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Antiferromagnetic coupling between rare earth ions and semiquinones in a series of 1:1 complexes, file e398c37b-2eb0-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Cobalt-Dioxolene Redox Isomers: Potential Spintronic Devices, file e398c37b-325e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Nickel complexes with N2O donor ligands: Syntheses, structures, catalysis and magnetic studies, file e398c37b-335e-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Mono- and dinuclear Fe(III) complexes with the N(2)O(2) donor 5-chlorosalicylideneimine ligands; synthesis, X-ray structural characterization and magnetic properties, file e398c37b-33a2-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of new homotrinuclear bis(oxamato) copper(II) complexes with an asymmetric central N,N '-bridge, file e398c37b-33bf-179a-e053-3705fe0a4cff 1
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