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Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Identifies Microcirculatory Alterations in Sepsis-Induced Acute Kidney Injury 2018 Alexandre Lima; Tom van Rooij; Bulent Ergin; Michele Sorelli; Yasin Ince; Patricia A. C. Specht; Egbert G. Mik; Leonardo Bocchi; Klazina Kooiman; Nico de Jong; Can Ince
Dynamic Control Architecture Based on Software Defined Networking for the Internet of Things 2021 Bonanni, Michele; Chiti, Francesco; Fantacci, Romano; Pierucci, Laura
Dynamic control of magnetic nanowires by light-induced domain-wall kickoffs 2013 E. Heintze; C. Clauβ; M.G. Pini; A. Rettori; F. Totti; M. Dressel; L. Bogani
Dynamic crossover in hydration water of curing cement paste: the effect of superplasticizer 2012 H. Li;W. S. Chiang;E. Fratini;F. Ridi;F. Bausi;P. Baglioni;M. Tyagi;S. H. Chen
Dynamic crossover phenomena in water and other glass-forming liquids 2012 S. H. Chen;P. Baglioni
Dynamic Crossover Phenomenon in Confined Supercooled Water and its Relation to the Existence of a Liquid-Liquid Critical Point in Water 2008 S.-H. Chen; F. Mallamace; L. Liu; D. Z. Liu; X. Q. Chu; Y. Zhang; C. Kim; A. Faraone; C.-Y. Mou; E. Fratini; P. Baglioni; A.I. Kolesnikov; V. Garcia-Sakai
Dynamic decellularization and cross-linking of rat tracheal matrix 2014 Baiguera S; Del Gaudio C; Kuevda E; Gonfiotti A; Bianco A; Macchiarini P
Dynamic derailment simulation of an empty wagon passing a turnout in the through route 2020 Ge X.; Ling L.; Guo L.; Shi Z.; Wang K.
Dynamic DNA methylation in the brain: A new epigenetic mark for experience-dependent plasticity 2015 Tognini, Paola; Napoli, Debora; Pizzorusso, Tommaso
DYNAMIC EFFECTS IN THE PRESCISSION NEUTRON EMISSION FROM YB-160 AT EX-SIMILAR-TO-75 MEV 1993 Fiore, L.; Viesti, G.; Bortignon, P. F.; Blasi, Paolo; D'Erasmo, G.; Fabris, D.; Fiore, E. M.; Gramegna, F.; Lucarelli, Franco; Nebbia, G.; Pantaleo, A.; Paticchio, V.; Prete, G.; Ruiz, J. A.
Dynamic effects of acoustic radiation force on microbubbles 2001 P.Tortoli; V. Michelassi; F. Guidi; M. Corsi; M. Hori; K. Ishihara; F. Moriyasu; Y. Takeuchi
Dynamic Effects of Increasing Heterogeneity in Financial Markets 2009 A. Naimzada; G. Ricchiuti
Dynamic encapsulation and activation of carbonic anhydrase in multivalent dynameric host matrices 2016 Zhang, Yan; Legrand, Yves-Marie; Petit, Eddy; Supuran, Claudiu T.; Barboiu, Mihail
A Dynamic Exchange Rate Model with Heterogeneous Agents 2018 Michele, Gori; Giorgio, Ricchiuti
Dynamic excitation and FE analysis to assess the shear modulus of structural timber 2017 Cavalli, Alberto; Marcon, Bertrand; Cibecchini, Daniele; Mazzanti, Paola; Fioravanti, Marco; Procino, Lorenzo; Togni, Marco
Dynamic facial expression generation on hilbert hypersphere with conditional wasserstein generative adversarial nets 2022 Naima OTBERDOUT; Mohammed Daoudi; Anis Kacem; Lahoucine Ballihi; Stefano Berretti
A Dynamic Geometry-based Approach for 4D Facial Expression Recognition 2013 Mohamed Daoudi; Hassen Drira; Boulbaba Ben Amor; Stefano Berretti
Dynamic geotechnical testing and seismic response analyses in two sites of the Commune of Nocera Umbra, Italy 2001 T. Crespellani; C. Madiai; G. Simoni; G. Vannucchi
Dynamic geotechnical testing and seismic response analysis at Fabriano, Italy 2001 Crespellani, T.; Ciulli, B.; Madiai, C.; Vannucchi, G.
Mostrati risultati da 55.189 a 55.208 di 218.198
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