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The relationship between plasma microparticles and disease manifestations in patients with systemic sclerosis. 2008 Guiducci S;Distler JH;Jüngel A;Huscher D;Huber LC;Michel BA;Gay RE;Pisetsky DS;Gay S;Matucci-Cerinic M;Distler O
The relationship between potassic and calc-alkaline post-orogenic magmatism at Vico Volcano, Central Italy 2000 G. PERINI; S. CONTICELLI; L. FRANCALANCI; J.P. DAVIDSON
The relationship between the behavioral effects of cognition-enhancing drugs and brain acetylcholine. Nootropic drugs and brain acetylcholine 1989 G. PEPEU; G. SPIGNOLI; M.G. GIOVANNINI; M.MAGNANI
The relationship between the extent of life changes and psychological problems 2013 S. Sirigatti; S. Casale; E. Giannetti; C. Stefanile
The relationship between the intercondylar roof and the tibial plateau with the knee in extension: relevance for tibial tunnel placement in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. 1999 R. Buzzi;G. Zaccherotti;F. Giron;P. Aglietti
The relationship between vertical spray patterns from air-assisted sprayers and foliar deposits in vine canopies. 2002 M.Vieri ; G.Pergher ; P.Balsari ; E.Cerruto
The relationship between Y chromosome DNA haplotypes and Y chromosome deletions leading to male infertility. 2001 Quintana-Murci L; Krausz C; Heyer E; Gromoll J; Seifer I; Barton DE; Barrett T; Skakkebaek NE; Rajpert-De Meyts E; Mitchell M; Lee AC; Jobling MA; McElreavey K.
The relationship of growth and adenylate cyclase activity in cultured thyroid cells: separate bioeffects of thyrotropin. 1983 W. A. Valente; P. Vitti; L. D. Kohn; M. L. Brandi; C. M. Rotella; R. Toccafondi; D. Tramontano; S. M. Aloj; F. S. Ambesi-Impiombato
The relationship of testosterone to prostate-specific antigen in men with sexual dysfunction. 2010 Corona G;Boddi V;Lotti F;Gacci M;Carini M;De Vita G;Sforza A;Forti G;Mannucci E;Maggi M
The relationship of testosterone to PSA in men with sexual dysfunction 2010 Corona G; Boddi V; Lotti F; Gacci M; Carini M; De Vita G; Sforza A; Forti G; Mannucci E; Maggi M
The relationship of testosterone to PSA in men with sexual dysfunction 2010 Corona G; Rastrelli G; Boddi V; Lotti F; Gacci M; Carini M; De Vita G; Sforza A; Forti G; Mannucci E; Maggi M
The relationship of the buds of Celtis australis L. to the development of the shoots 1992 M. MARIOTTI LIPPI; C. CARLI; E. MAUGINI
The relationships between cuticular hydrocarbon composition, faunal assemblages, inter-island distance, and population genetic variation in Tuscan Archipelago wasps 2009 L.Dapporto; A.E. Liebert; P.T.Starks; S.Turillazzi
The Relationships Between the Impact of Alcoholic Beverage Control Policies, Selected Contextual Determinants, and Alcohol Drinking in Spain 2014 Silvia Matrai;Cristina Casajuana;Allaman Allamani;Michela Baccini;Pasquale Pepe;Giulia Massini;Antoni Gual
The relationships of flexible role orientation, goal commitment and task autonomy to innovative work behavior: A moderated mediation study 2013 A. Battistelli; F. Montani; C. Odoardi
The Relativistic Point Revisited in the Light of the String Model 1974 R. Casalbuoni; J. Gomis; G. Longhi
The release and neosynthesis of glutamic acid are increased in experimental models of hepatic encephalopathy. 1983 F. Moroni;G. Lombardi;G. Moneti;C. Cortesini
The release of amino acids from rat neostriatum and substantia nigra in vivo: a dual microdialysis probe analysis 1998 L BIANCHI; MA COLIVICCHI; JP BOLAM; L DELLA CORTE
The release of cerebral brain damage markers and neurological outcome in off-pump surgery. 2004 Bonacchi M; Battaglia F; Prifti E; Frati G
The release of endogenous GABA and glutamate from the cerebral cortex in the rat. 1981 F. MORONI; R. CORRADETTI; F. CASAMENTI; G. MONETI; G. PEPEU
Mostrati risultati da 223.797 a 223.816 di 242.742
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