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Density functional studies on the exchange interaction of a dinuclear Gd(III)-Cu(II) Complex: Method assessment, magnetic coupling mechanism and magneto-structural correlations 2009 G. Rajaraman; F. Totti; A. Bencini; A. Caneschi; R. Sessoli; D. Gatteschi
Deposition of metallic silver coatings by Aerosol Assisted MOCVD using two new silver β-diketonate adduct metalorganic precursors 2017 Liu, H.; Battiato, S.; Pellegrino, A. L.; Paoli, P.; Rossi, P.; Jimã©nez, C.; Malandrino, G.; Muñoz-Rojas, D.
Design, synthesis and characterisation of new chimeric ruthenium(ii)-gold(i) complexes as improved cytotoxic agents 2015 Massai, Lara; Fernández-Gallardo, Jacob; Guerri, Annalisa; Arcangeli, Annarosa; Pillozzi, Serena; Contel, María; Messori, Luigi
Dinuclear ruthenium bipyridine complexes with a bis(iminodioxolene)-meta-phenylene ligand: magnetic coupling and mixed valence character of the semiquinonato species 2005 F. F. De Biani; A. Dei; C. Sangregorio; L. Sorace
Direct detection of iron clusters in L ferritins through ESI-MS experiments 2021 Massai L.; Ciambellotti S.; Cosottini L.; Messori L.; Turano P.; Pratesi A.
DNA interaction with Ru(II) and Ru(II)/Cu(II) complexes containing azamacrocycle and dppz residues. A thermodynamic, kinetic and theoretical study. 2010 C. Bazzicalupi; S. Biagini; A. Bianchi; T. Biver; A. Boggioni; C. Giorgi; P. Gratteri; M. Malavolti; F. Secco; B. Valtancoli; M. Venturini
Easy hydrolysis of white phosphorus coordinated to ruthenium 2005 M. DI VAIRA; P. FREDIANI; S. SENIORI COSTANTINI; M. PERUZZINI; P. STOPPIONI
The effect of size, shape, coating and functionalization on nuclear relaxation properties in iron oxide core–shell nanoparticles: a brief review of the situation 2023 Arosio, Paolo; Orsini, Francesco; Brero, Francesca; Mariani, Manuel; Innocenti, Claudia; Sangregorio, Claudio; Lascialfari, Alessandro
Encapsulation of metal cations and anions within the cavity of bis(1,4,7-triazacyclononane) receptors 2006 C.Bazzicalupi; A.Bencini; E.Faggi; A.Garau; C.Giorgi; V.Lippolis; A.Perra; B.Valtancoli
Enhanced hydrogen photogeneration by bulk g-C3N4through a simple and efficient oxidation route 2018 Pisanu, Ambra; Speltini, Andrea; Vigani, Barbara; Ferrari, Franca; Mannini, Matteo; Calisi, Nicola; Cortigiani, Brunetto; Caneschi, Andrea; Quadrelli, Paolo; Profumo, Antonella; Malavasi, Lorenzo*
ESI MS studies highlight the selective interaction of Auranofin with protein free thiols 2020 Zoppi C.; Messori L.; Pratesi A.
Facile synthesis of novel lithium β-diketonate glyme adducts: The effect of molecular engineering on the thermal properties 2020 Peddagopu N.; Rossi P.; Bonaccorso C.; Bartasyte A.; Paoli P.; Malandrino G.
Ferromagnetic interactions in Ru(III)-nitronyl nitroxide radical complex: a potential 2p4d building block for molecular magnets 2007 F. Pointillart; K. Bernot; L. Sorace; R. Sessoli; D. Gatteschi
First coordination compounds based on a bis(imino nitroxide) biradical and 4f metal ions: Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties 2016 Reis, Samira G.; Briganti, Matteo; Martins, Daniel O. T. A.; Akpinar, Handan; Calancea, Sergiu; Guedes, Guilherme P.; Soriano, Stéphane; Andruh, Marius; Cassaro, Rafael A. A.; Lahti, Paul M; Totti, Federico; Vaz, Maria G. F.
The first step of arsenoplatin-1 aggregation in solution unveiled by solving the crystal structure of its protein adduct 2021 Ferraro G.; Cirri D.; Marzo T.; Pratesi A.; Messori L.; Merlino A.
A first-in-class and a fished out anticancer platinum compound:: Cis -[PtCl2(NH3)2] and cis -[PtI2(NH3)2] compared for their reactivity towards DNA model systems 2016 Musumeci, Domenica; Platella, Chiara; Riccardi, Claudia; Merlino, Antonello; Marzo, Tiziano; Massai, Lara; Messori, Luigi; Montesarchio, Daniela
A fluorescent chemosensor for Zn(II). Exciplex formation in solution and in the solid state 2004 A. Bencini; E. Berni; A. Bianchi; P. Fornasari; C. Giorgi; C. Lodeiro; F. Pina; B. Valtancoli; J. Lima; M. Melo; J. Seixas De Melo; A. Parola; J. Pina
Formic Acid Dehydrogenation Catalysed by Ruthenium Complexes bearing the Tripodal Ligands Triphos and NP3 2013 Irene Mellone; Maurizio Peruzzini; Luca Rosi; Dorthe Mellmann; Heinrik Junge; Matthias Beller; Luca Gonsalvi
Glyphosate and ATP binding by mononuclear Zn(II) complexes with non-symmetric ditopic polyamine ligands 2012 J. Pouessel; N. Le Bris; A. Bencini; C. Giorgi; B. Valtancoli; R. Tripier
Halogenated isophthalamides and dipicolineamides: The role of the halogen substituents in the anion binding properties 2020 Picci G.; Bazzicalupi C.; Coles S.J.; Gratteri P.; Isaia F.; Lippolis V.; Montis R.; Murgia S.; Nocentini A.; Orton J.B.; Caltagirone C.
Mostrati risultati da 24 a 43 di 109
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