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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
P+M 2005 F.M. Lorusso
(p,Q) systems with critical singular exponential nonlinearities in the Heisenberg group 2020 Pucci P.; Temperini L.
P-170 peptides with low similarity to the human proteome: tracing an effective and safe biological way towards effective and safe cancer chemotherapy 2009 Kanduc D; Novello G; Mazzanti r
p-53-oncoprotein expression in parotid gland carcinoma is associated with clinical outcome. 1995 O. Gallo; A. Franchi; S. Bianchi; E. Giannelli; E. Alajmo.
p-ANCA pachymeningitis presenting with isolated “optic neuropathy”. 2010 Salvi F; Pasini E; Bartolomei I; Marliani F; Mascalchi M; Michelucci R.
p-Coumaric acid, a common dietary phenol, inhibits platelet activity in vitro and in vivo 2007 C. Luceri; A. Giannini; M. Lodovici; R. Abbate; M. Masini; P. Dolara; E. Antonucci
P-glycoprotein and carbonic anhydrases hybrid inhibitors: a new strategy to reverse multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer cells 2018 E. Teodori, M. Coronnello, S. Bua, L. Braconi, D. Manetti, M.N. Romanelli, C. Supuran, S. Dei
P-glycoprotein is expressed in parathyroid epithelium and is regulated by calcium 1995 D. BANI; A. TANINI; M.L. BRANDI; C. AXIOTIS; S. BIANCHI; P. PIOLI
P-glycoprotein mediates celecoxib-induced apoptosis in multiple drug resistant cell lines 2007 FANTAPPIE' O; SOLAZZO M; LASAGNA N; PLATINI F; TESSITORE L; R. MAZZANTI
P-gp localization in mitochondria and its functional characterization in multiple drug-resistant cell lines. 2006 M. Solazzo ;O. FANTAPPIE';N. Lasagna ;C. Sassoli ; D. Nosi ;R. Mazzanti.
p-groups with all the elements of order p in the center 2004 D. BUBBOLONI; CORSI TANI G
p-groups with some regularity properties 2000 D. BUBBOLONI; G. CORSI TANI
p-iniettori nei gruppi finiti p-risolubili 1977 A. L. Gilotti; L. Serena
p-Injectors and finite supersoluble groups 1977 A. L. Gilotti; L. Serena
The p-Laplace system with right-hand side in divergence form: Inner and up to the boundary pointwise estimates 2017 Breit, D.; Cianchi, Andrea; Diening, L.; Kuusi, T.; Schwarzacher, S.
A p-Laplacian approximation for some mass optimization problems 2003 BOUCHITTE G.; BUTTAZZO G; DE PASCALE L.
p-length and character degrees in p-solvable groups 2020 Grittini
p-p'DDT in perinatal samples: report on maternal and neonatal measurements 1983 E. CARIATI; L. ACANFORA; F. BRANCONI; C. BIGAZZI GRASSO; R. CAPEI; G. GRASSO
p-power conjugacy classes in U(n,q) and T(n,q) 2021 Dolfi, s
The p-sc structure in phosphorus: Bringing order to the high pressure phases of group 15 elements 2018 Roberto Bini, Matteo Ceppatelli, Demetrio Scelta, Adhara Baldassarre, Kamil Dziubek, Maurizio Peruzzini, Manuel Serrano-Ruiz, Andrew B. Cairns
Mostrati risultati da 148.893 a 148.912 di 226.818
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