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Nome #
A versatile index to characterize hysteresis between hydrological variables at the runoff event timescale 217
Towards a tracer-based conceptualization of meltwater dynamics and streamflow response in a glacierized catchment 206
Spatial and temporal variability of bacterial communities in high alpine water spring sediments 194
Tracer-based analysis of spatial and temporal variations of water sources in a glacierized catchment 192
The influence of soil moisture on threshold runoff generation processes in an alpine headwater catchment 191
The influence of grid resolution on the prediction of natural and road-related shallow landslides 186
Downscaling near-surface soil moisture from field to plot scale: A comparative analysis under different environmental conditions 185
Terracing: From Agriculture to Multiple Ecosystem Services 158
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Conceptualization of Water Flow Pathways in Agricultural Terraced Landscapes 144
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Gli isotopi stabili nell’acqua fra suolo, pianta e atmosfera / Stable isotopes in the water within soil vegetation and atmosphere 125
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Quantification of subsurface hydrologic connectivity in four headwater catchments using graph theory 87
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Response time and water origin in a steep nested catchment in the Italian Dolomites 51
Spatial variability in the isotopic composition of water in small catchments and its effect on hydrograph separation 50
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Alternative methods to determine the δ2H-δ18O relationship: An application to different water types 46
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Identifying run-off contributions during melt-induced run-off events in a glacierized alpine catchment 45
Soil moisture temporal stability at different depths on two alpine hillslopes during wet and dry periods 44
Depth distribution of soil water sourced by plants at the global scale: A new direct inference approach 43
Un nuovo bacino sperimentale nell’Appennino toscano per l’analisi di processi idrologici ed ecoidrologici 42
Hillslope scale soil moisture variability in a steep alpine terrain 41
Water uptake of apple trees in the Alps: Where does irrigation water go? 40
On the Spatio-Temporal Under-Representation of Isotopic Data in Ecohydrological Studies 39
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Water sources for root water uptake: Using stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen as a research tool in agricultural and agroforestry systems 38
Dynamics of soil moisture, subsurface flow and runoff in a small alpine basin 38
Ressi experimental catchment: Ecohydrological research in the Italian pre-Alps 33
Tracer-basierte Modellkalibrierung von Abflussprozessen in einem vergletscherten Einzugsgebiet in den Alpen. 30
Runoff response at different spatial scales: Moving from small experimental areas to mesoscale catchments 29
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Natural Hazards Assessment in Mountainous Terrains of Europe. Landslides and Flash Floods 29
Towards a more active dialogue between hydrologists and ecophysiologists for interdisciplinary studies in forest ecosystems 29
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Seasonal snow cover decreases young water fractions in high Alpine catchments 25
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Virtual Special Issue “Advances in forest hydrology in the light of land use change and disturbances” 25
Prospettive e potenzialità della digitalizzazione del settore forestale in Italia 23
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SnowWarp: An open science and open data tool for daily monitoring of snow dynamics 22
A comparative study of plant water extraction methods for isotopic analyses: Scholander-type pressure chamber vs. cryogenic vacuum distillation 20
TreeTalker: a new device to monitor tree functional traits, from calibration to forest monitoring 20
Influenza della topografia e dello spessore del suolo sulla risposta piezometrica a scala di versante – Influence of topography and soil depth on the piezometric response at the hillslope scale. 20
Ecohydrological dynamics in Alpine apple orchards. 20
No evidence of isotopic fractionation in olive trees (Olea europaea): a stable isotope tracing experiment 20
Il ruolo dell’acqua di fusione glaciale e nivale sui deflussi e sul trasporto di sedimento in sospensione in un torrente alpino d’alta quota. – The role of glacier melt and snowmelt on runoff and suspended sediment transport in a high-elevation alpine stream. 19
Investigation of the hydrologic response of three experimental basins across Europe 19
Drought risk assessment in Mediterranean agricultural watersheds: A case study in Central Italy 18
Stima dell’umidità del suolo: dalla scala di campo alla scala puntuale/Spatial downscaling of soil moisture from feld to plot scale 17
Utilizzo idrico e dinamiche ecoidrologiche in meleti alpini: un approccio tramite traccianti ambientali/Water use and ecohydrological dynamics in Alpine apple orchards: an environmental tracer approach 16
Hydrologic alteration and potential ecosystemic implications under a changing climate in the Chitral River, Hindukush region, Pakistan 16
Hydrological effects of glacier melt and snowmelt in a high-elevation catchment 15
Water uptake dynamics in apple trees assessed by an isotope labeling approach 13
How do geomorphic characteristics affect the source of tree water uptake in restored river floodplains? 11
Sapwood and heartwood are not isolated compartments: Consequences for isotope ecohydrology 10
Hysteresis in streamflow‐water table relation provides a new classification system of rainfall‐runoff events 10
Evaporation enhancement drives the European water-budget deficit during multi-year droughts 5
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