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Robot-assisted radical cystectomy with totally intracorporeal orthotopic ileal neobladder: Preliminary experience 203
Histopathological analysis of peritumoral pseudocapsule infiltration and surgical margin status after enucleative robot-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN) for malignant renal tumors 202
Could surgical experience of adult endourologist overcome the learning curve of retrograde intrarenal surgery in children? 123
Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with enucleative resection strategy for highly complex renal masses: Results from a high-volume referral cancer centre 93
Urological findings and surgical procedures in immigrants from sub saharan africa to europe with genito-urinary schistosomiasis 82
The diagnosis and treatment of urogenital schistosomiasis in Italy in a retrospective cohort of immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa 79
Surgical and long-term postoperative outcomes of minimally invasive mesh sacrocolpopexy: A high-volume center experience 78
Oncologic outcomes in patients treated with endoscopic robot assisted simple enucleation (ERASE) for renal cell carcinoma: Results from a tertiary referral center 77
Minimally invasive treatment for complex urinary tract endometriosis. Results from a high-volume referral center at a median follow up of 47 months 72
Does the body weight influence the outcome in children treated with robotic pyeloplasty? 71
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) cell expression during adjuvant treatment after transurethral resection for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: a new potential tool to identify patients at higher risk of disease progression 68
Mid-term oncologic and functional outcomes of endoscopic robot-assisted simple enucleation for renal tumors: Results from a tertiary referral centre 67
Ureteral reimplantation in paediatric urology for obstructive megaureter: A comparison of robotic and open technique from a single referral center 65
Paediatric urology practice during COVID-19 pandemic 65
Bilateral kidney tumor: Management and feasibility 62
Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) and time/intensity curves for the characterization of small renal masses 62
Perioperative outcomes of robotic and laparoscopic adrenalectomy: A large international multicenter experience 62
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Infertility case presentation in Zinner syndrome: Can a long-lasting seminal tract obstruction cause secretory testicular injury? 61
Intravesical application of platelet-rich plasma in patients with persistent haemorrhagic cystitis after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a single-centre preliminary experience 60
Do the body weight influence outcomes of robotic pyeloplasty in children? 59
Robot-Assisted Nephron-Sparing Surgery for Cystic Nephroma in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report 59
Surgical outcome of 100 consecutive robot-assisted pyeloplasty cases with no drainage placement for ureteropelvic junction obstruction 57
Robot-assisted pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction obstruction: experience from a tertiary referral centre 56
Is a Drainage Placement Still Necessary after Robotic Reconstruction of the Upper Urinary Tract in Children? Experience from a Tertiary Referral Center 56
Minilaparoscopic Versus Open Pyeloplasty in Children Less Than 1 Year 52
FloRIN Robot-assisted radical cystectomy with total intracorporal ileal reconfiguration for neobladder reconstruction: Urodynamic and functional results at a middle term follow-up 52
Robotic correction of iatrogenic ureteral stricture: preliminary experience from a tertiary referral centre 50
Surgical management of a rare case of giant penile cancer 48
Response to letter to the editor regarding ‘Could Surgical Experience of Adult Endourologist Overcome the Learning Curve of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery in Children?’ 46
Clinical predictors and significance of adherent perinephric fat assessed with Mayo Adhesive Probability (MAP) score and Perinephric Fat Surface Density (PnFSD) at the time of partial nephrectomy for localized renal mass. A single high-volume referral centre experience 46
Robotic treatment for urinary tract endometriosis: preliminary results and surgical details in a high-volume single-Institutional cohort study. 42
Robot-assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty in children: a systematic review 40
Florin robot-assisted intracorporal neobladder reconstruction, oncologic outcomes three years after the introduction of the technique 40
Perioperative outcomes of robotic and laparoscopic adrenalectomy: a large international multicenter experience 39
Can we predict the development of symptomatic lymphocele following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy and lymph node dissection? Results from a tertiary referral Centre 37
Predictors of early postoperative and mid-term functional outcomes in patients treated with Endoscopic Robot Assisted Simple Enucleation (ERASE): results from a tertiary referral centre 35
Renal pseudoaneurysm after blunt trauma in a 10-year-old girl: A case report 33
Urological management and surgical procedures in migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa with urogenital schistosomiasis 28
Robotic repair of iatrogenic ureteral stricture after pelvic surgery: a changing treatment paradigm 24
Commentary: Outcomes and lessons learnt from practice of retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) in a paediatric setting of various age groups: a global study across 8 centres 21
Sperm retrieval by conventional testicular sperm extraction for assisted reproduction in patients with Zinner syndrome 21
A comparative study of anticoagulant/antiplatelet therapy among men undergoing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: a prospective single institution study 15
Commentary: Early Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty for Infants Under 3 Months With Severe Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction 14
Robot assisted radical cystectomy with Florence robotic intracorporeal neobladder (FloRIN): Analysis of survival and functional outcomes after first 100 consecutive patients upon accomplishment of phase 3 IDEAL framework 14
Check cystoscopy in the management of anterior urethral valves in a cohort of pediatric patients 13
Treatment of ureteropelvic junction obstruction and urolithiasis in children with minimally invasive surgery 13
Surgical Management of Synchronous, Bilateral Renal Masses: A 1-decade Referral Center Experience 12
Being born small for gestational age (SGA) might be associated with a higher reoperation rate in proximal hypospadias 12
Simultaneous robotic partial nephrectomy for bilateral renal masses 8
Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with 3D preoperative surgical planning: video presentation of the florentine experience 7
Robotic approach with neoadjuvant chemotherapy in adult Wilms' tumor: A feasibility study report and a systematic review of the literature 3
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