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NA - Nord America 4.091
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AF - Africa 6
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
SA - Sud America 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 4.081
PL - Polonia 964
SE - Svezia 372
IE - Irlanda 339
IT - Italia 315
HK - Hong Kong 149
UA - Ucraina 126
DE - Germania 115
CN - Cina 91
FI - Finlandia 76
SG - Singapore 52
GB - Regno Unito 39
VN - Vietnam 28
TR - Turchia 21
FR - Francia 16
RU - Federazione Russa 16
CA - Canada 10
BE - Belgio 8
SC - Seychelles 5
CH - Svizzera 4
ES - Italia 4
EU - Europa 3
IN - India 3
NL - Olanda 3
JO - Giordania 2
BR - Brasile 1
IR - Iran 1
JP - Giappone 1
KR - Corea 1
MU - Mauritius 1
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Warsaw 964
Fairfield 724
Chandler 384
Ashburn 345
Dublin 335
Woodbridge 313
Seattle 286
Jacksonville 261
Cambridge 251
Houston 240
Wilmington 216
Florence 119
Ann Arbor 95
Princeton 89
Lawrence 85
Altamura 83
Buffalo 81
Hong Kong 76
Boardman 59
Medford 52
Boston 48
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Dong Ket 26
Shanghai 21
Izmir 20
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Kent 8
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Barcelona 4
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Milan 3
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Verona 3
Birmingham 2
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Cedar Knolls 2
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Fucecchio 2
Fuzhou 2
Grenoble 2
Grevenbroich 2
Lappeenranta 2
Redmond 2
San Miniato Basso 2
Shenzhen 2
Tappahannock 2
Venice 2
Arnsberg 1
Brescia 1
Catania 1
Chiswick 1
Columbus 1
Council Bluffs 1
Delft 1
Hangzhou 1
Helsinki 1
Hounslow 1
Kilburn 1
La Spezia 1
Laurel 1
Lausanne 1
Naaldwijk 1
Nanjing 1
Old Bridge 1
Prescot 1
Pune 1
Riverside 1
Rome 1
San Giovanni Valdarno 1
Scandicci 1
Seveso 1
Southend 1
São Paulo 1
Tokyo 1
Trumbull 1
Wuhan 1
Totale 5.517
Nome #
The conformation of myosin head domains in rigor muscle determined by X-ray interference. 223
Mechanism of force generation by myosin heads in skeletal muscle 218
Motion of myosin head domains during activation and force development in skeletal muscle 217
Elastic bending and active tilting of myosin heads during muscle contraction 202
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Low temperature traps myosin motors of mammalian muscle in a refractory state that prevents activation 157
Inotropic interventions do not change the resting state of myosin motors during cardiac diastole 156
Thick Filament Mechano-Sensing in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles: A Common Mechanism Able to Adapt the Energetic Cost of the Contraction to the Task 151
Thick Filament Length Changes in Muscle Have Both Elastic and Structural Components 147
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Myosin filament activation in the heart is tuned to the mechanical task 116
Minimum number of myosin motors accounting for shortening velocity under zero load in skeletal muscle 109
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New techniques in linear and non-linear laser optics in muscle research. 94
Structural changes in the myosin filament and cross-bridges during active force development in single intact frog muscle fibres: stiffness and X-ray diffraction measurements. 92
Probing myosin structural conformation in vivo by second-harmonic generation microscopy. 91
Skeletal muscle resists stretch by rapid binding of the second motor domain of myosin to actin 90
Mechanics of myosin function in white muscle fibres of the dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula 90
The effect of myofilament compliance on kinetics of force generation by myosin motors in muscle 89
Orthophosphate increases the efficiency of slow muscle-myosin isoform in the presence of omecamtiv mecarbil 89
"A low-cost microcomputer system for automated analysis of intracellular cardiac action potentials". 88
Is muscle powered by springs or motors? 88
A combined mechanical and X-ray diffraction study of stretch potentiation in single frog muscle fibres 88
The myosin motor in muscle generates a smaller and slower working stroke at higher load 87
A cross-bridge model that is able to explain mechanical and energetic properties of shortening muscle 87
Structural changes in myosin motors and filaments during relaxation of skeletal muscle 84
Temperature dependence of the force-generating process in single fibres from frog skeletal muscle. 83
Myosin head movements are synchronous with the elementary force-generating process in muscle 82
Sarcomere-length dependence of myosin filament structure in skeletal muscle fibres of the frog 81
The contractile response during steady lengthening of stimulated frog muscle fibres 80
The structural basis of the increase in isometric force production with temperature in frog skeletal muscle 80
Cross-bridge detachment and attachment following a step stretch imposed on active single frog muscle fibres 79
The force and stiffness of myosin motors in the isometric twitch of a cardiac trabecula and the effect of the extracellular calcium concentration 79
Ca-activation and stretch-activation in insect flight muscle 78
The size and the speed of the working stroke of muscle myosin and its dependence on the force 78
Functional imaging of skeletal muscle fiber in different physiological states by Second Harmonic Generation 78
The myofilament elasticity and its effect on kinetics of force generation by the myosin motor 78
Structural and molecular conformation of myosin in intact muscle fibers by second harmonic generation 77
A velocity-dependent shortening depression in the development of the force-velocity relation in frog muscle fibres 76
Kinetics of regeneration of cross-bridge power stroke in shortening muscle 75
Effect of temperature on the working stroke of muscle myosin 75
The mechanism of the resistance to stretch of isometrically contracting single muscle fibres 75
Stiffness of frog muscle fibres during rise of tension and relaxation in fixed-end or length-clamped tetani 74
Interference x-ray diffraction from single muscle cells reveals the molecular basis of muscle braking 74
Structural dynamics of the skeletal muscle fiber by second harmonic generation 72
Elastic distortion of myosin heads and repriming of the working stroke in muscle 71
The motions of myosin heads that drive muscle contraction 71
X-ray diffraction studies of the contractile mechanism in single muscle fibres 71
The non-linear elasticity of the muscle sarcomere and the compliance of myosin motors 70
Barium-induced spontaneous activity in sheep cardiac Purkinje fibers 70
The stiffness of skeletal muscle in isometric contraction and rigor: the fraction of myosin heads bound to actin 68
The development of the force-velocity relation in normal and dantrolene-treated frog single muscle fibres 67
Contracting striated muscle has a dynamic I-band spring with an undamped stiffness 100 times larger than the passive stiffness 67
Development of activation and rise of tension in an isometric tetanus 66
Study of skeletal muscle cross-bridge population dynamics by Second Harmonic Generation 65
Structure-function relation of the myosin motor in striated muscle 64
Rapid regeneration of the actin-myosin power stroke in contracting muscle 64
The force of the myosin motor sets cooperativity in thin filament activation of skeletal muscles 61
Changes in conformation of myosin heads during the development of isometric contraction and rapid shortening in single frog muscle fibres 61
The recovery of tension in transients during steady lengthening of frog muscle fibres 59
The effect of hypertonicity on force generation in tetanized single fibres from frog skeletal muscle 58
On the working stroke elicited by steps in length and temperature 58
Dependence of thick filament structure in relaxed mammalian skeletal muscle on temperature and interfilament spacing 57
Interference fine structure and sarcomere length dependence of the axial X-ray pattern from active single muscle fibres 55
Simulation of the rapid regeneration of the actin-myosin working stroke with a tight coupling model of muscle contraction 54
Effect of Sulmazole and Pimobendan on contractility of skinned fibres from frog skeletal muscle 52
Alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation enhances automaticity in barium-treated cardiac Purkinje fibers 49
Conformation of the myosin motor during force generation in skeletal muscle 48
Cross-bridge kinetics studied with staircase shortening in single fibres from frog skeletal muscle 47
Effect of calcium and caffeine on barium-induced automaticity in sheep cardiac Purkinje fibers 47
Changes in the x-ray diffraction pattern from single, intact muscle fibers produced by rapid shortening and stretch 42
Myosin head movements during isometric contraction and shortening at high speed studied by X-ray diffraction on single muscle fibres 42
Straightening Out the Elasticity of Myosin Cross-Bridges 41
Enhancement by norepinephrine of automaticity in sheep cardiac Purkinje fibers exposed to hypoxic glucose-free Tyrode's solution: a role for alfa-adrenoceptors? 40
Tension transient during steady lengthening of tetanized muscle fibres of the frog 40
Steady lengthening of intact frog single muscle fibres reveals a fast cross-bridge turnover 36
Influences of age on the positive inotropic effect mediated by alpha- and beta-adrenoceptors in rat ventricular strips 35
The mechanism of force enhancement during constant velocity lengthening in tetanized single fibres of frog muscle 35
Myofibrillar calcium sensitivity modulation: influence of ligth chain phosphorilation and positive inotropic drugs on skinned frog skeletal muscle 34
Functional imaging of muscle cells by Second Harmonic Generation - art. no. 60891I 33
Myosin motors that cannot bind actin leave their folded OFF state on activation of skeletal muscle 33
Titin activates myosin filaments in skeletal muscle by switching from an extensible spring to a mechanical rectifier 26
Rapid cross-bridge recruitment during stretch of active single fibers of frog skeletal muscle 17
Second harmonic generation, (SHG) microscopy in muscle fibres and myofibrils in different physiological states 11
Dependence of myosin filament structure on intracellular calcium concentration in skeletal muscle 8
Matching Mechanics and Energetics of Muscle Contraction Suggests Unconventional Chemomechanical Coupling during the Actin-Myosin Interaction 7
Sarcomere level mechanics of the fast skeletal muscle of the medaka fish larva 3
Totale 6.960
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2020/20211.214 80 107 101 112 36 155 49 96 108 208 61 101
2021/2022647 16 57 43 11 48 28 23 39 37 30 164 151
2022/20231.514 143 280 75 94 144 279 208 85 139 22 28 17
2023/2024547 19 66 104 32 71 50 13 104 12 25 17 34
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