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Montreal 2
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Nantes 2
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Padova 2
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Stevenage 2
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Nome #
ASTERICS – advanced simulation models and accelerated testing for the development of electric vehicles 267
End-of-Life in the railway sector: Analysis of recyclability and recoverability for different vehicle case studies 258
Modeling and simulation of Constant Phase Element for battery Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy 253
Structural analysis of a mobile device for the End–of–Life treatment of photovoltaic panels 177
Real world driving cycles for Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles Definition of a synthesis methodology and implementation on real-world case studies within the ASTERICS project 171
Online Identification of Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Model Parameters and Estimation State of Charge of Lithium-Ion Batteries 166
Simulation of crash events for an electric four wheel vehicle 159
Design methods for modern electric and hybrid electric vehicles: concept design and context analysis 154
Far far away: driving HMI requirements towards the comfortable range in Electric Vehicles 154
Online State of Health Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Improved Ampere-Count Method 154
A sustainability analysis for Electric Vehicles batteries including ageing phenomena 133
Development of driving cycles for electric vehicles in the context of the city of Florence 128
Real time models of automotive mechatronics systems: Verifications on “toy models” 125
Reduced use of rare earth elements for permanent magnet generators: preliminary results from NEOHIRE project 125
A comparison of electric vehicles use-case scenarios: Application of a simulation framework to vehicle design optimization and energy consumption assessment 107
Remote controlled braking actuation for motorcycle safety system development 105
A model for system integration of second life battery, renewable energy generation and mobile network station 105
Brake Blending Strategy on Electric VehicleCo-simulation Between MATLAB Simulink® and Simcenter Amesim™ 99
Automotive Lightweight Design: Simulation Modeling of Mass-Related Consumption for Electric Vehicles 99
Innovative device for mechanical treatment of End of Life photovoltaic panels: Technical and environmental analysis 99
Brake Blending and Optimal Torque Allocation Strategies for Innovative Electric Powertrains 94
Electric and diesel microbuses driving cycles in Firenze city center 92
Structural and energy storage retrofit of an electric bus for high-power flash recharge 92
A Framework for Electric Vehicle Development: From Modelling to Engineering Through Real-World Data Analysis 92
Brake blending and torque vectoring of road electric vehicles: a flexible approach based on smart torque allocation 89
On-field investigation and process modelling of End-of-Life Vehicles treatment in the context of Italian craft-type Authorized Treatment Facilities 88
Evaluation of the end-of-life performance of a hybrid scooter with the application of recyclability and recoverability assessment methods 88
A Low-Cost Secondary-Side Controlled Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System using a Full-Active Rectifier 88
The creation of customized driving cycles for electric vehicle simulation and testing 84
Application of Regenerative Braking on Electric Vehicles 83
Event Simulation for an Electric Public Transportation System Using Real World Data 83
A method to assess and model the risk for road accidents using telematics devices 82
Design of a hybrid storage for road public transportation systems 78
Electrical lithium battery performance model for second life applications 75
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Li-Ion battery on-board the Electric Vehicles based on Fast nonparametric identification method 75
Impedance spectroscopy characterization of lithium batteries with different ages in second life application 73
Application of induction power recharge to garbage collection service 72
Electrification of Directional Drilling Machines for Sustainable Trenchless Excavations 71
Sustainability assessment for different design solutions within the automotive field 66
Simulation and design of a kit for the electrification of a light tricycle truck 65
A Low Cost Programmable Hardware for Online Spectroscopy of Lithium Batteries 65
Environmental sustainability analysis of Formula-E electric motor 65
Smart Energy Management of Auxiliary Load for Electric Vehicles 63
Design and Development of a Prototype of Flash Charge Systems for Public Transportation 62
Design of a Wireless Charging System for Online Battery Spectroscopy 62
Metodologie ed applicazioni di LCA al settore Automobilistico 61
Simplified modeling and characterization of the internal impedance of lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications 60
Electrification of an Innovative Directional Drilling Machine. Sizing and Design Models 58
Applicazioni di LCA ed Ecodesign nel settore automotive 57
Design Optimization of a Cartesian Assembly Cell 56
Advanced modeling and development of mathematical methods for real-time diagnosis on lithium-ion batteries and state prediction 52
Design and testing of a supercapacitor storage system for the flash recharge of electric buses 52
Electrification of directional drilling machines for sustainable trenchless excavations 48
Experimental Data Comparison of an Electric Minibus Equipped with Different Energy Storage Systems 47
A bird's eye view on End-of-Life Vehicles Directive in Europe: an Italian case study 46
ESC on In-Wheel Motors Driven Electric Vehicle: Handling and Stability Performances Assessment 45
Simplified Approach for Developing Efficiency Maps of High-Speed PMSM Machines for Use in EAT Systems Starting from Single-Point Data 43
Fast modelling and identification of hydraulic brake plants for automotive applications 43
Analisi LCA integrata di scenari per lo sviluppo di metodi di riciclaggio e riuso dei residui plastici degli ELV 42
Modeling and simulation of Constant Phase Element for battery Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy 42
Analisi del degrado di sistemi di accumulo energia per veicoli elettrici mediante simulazione estesa di scenari di uso 41
Development of a battery real-time state of health diagnosis based on fast impedance measurements 41
Regenerative Fuzzy Brake Blending Strategy on Benchmark Electric Vehicle: The FIAT 500e 39
2020 AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive (AEIT AUTOMOTIVE) 36
Understanding the User Needs in the Electric Mobility System: a Survey Study 36
Stima e comparazione dei consumi energetici di un quadriciclo elettrico utilizzando cicli di guida standard e naturalistici in contesti reali 35
The influence of body lean on the realism of a motorcycle riding simulator adopting counter-steering approach 34
Design and Testing of a Flash Recharge System for a Bus including foreseen effects in terms of Storage Life Extension 34
Functional safety and reliability for innovative vehicle braking system and integration with electric traction units 34
48V electric vehicle powertrain optimal model-based design methodology 34
Design and Preliminary Testing of an Electrified Directional Drilling Machine 31
Definition and sustainability assessment of recycling processes for bonded rare earths permanent magnets used on wind generators 30
Design of a new On-board Energy Storage and Conversion System for a Fast Charging Urban Transport Electric Bus 29
Determinazione di best practice per la corretta progettazione in ottica ELV attraverso l’analisi di problematiche reali degli impianti di smaltimento e smontaggio 28
Design and simulation of an electrified directional drilling machine 27
An Optimal Torque and Steering Allocation Strategy for Stability Control of Road Vehicles 23
Mechanical separation models for material recycling applications 22
Road Surface Anomaly Assessment Using Low-Cost Accelerometers: A Machine Learning Approach 21
Mechatronic Design Optimization of an Electrical Drilling Machine for Trenchless Operations in Urban Environment 20
Sustainable Revamping of Wool Carbonization Systems 18
Coordinated Steering and Torque Vectoring Lateral Stability Sliding Mode Control Applied to an Electric In-Wheel Motors Vehicle 18
Studio di fattibilità per un simulatore motociclistico con controllo allo sterzo semplificato 17
Design and Simulation Tools for Hybrid Fuel Cell Trains 17
Development of a Multifunctional Amphibious Platform for near Shore Geognostic Activities 16
A Sustainable Anphibious Platform for Geological Prospecting of Near Shore Marine Sites 15
Design, Simulation and Testing of a Fast Recharge System for Public Transportation System 14
Development of a Simulation Platform for Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with VTOL capabilities 13
Preliminary Design and Simulation of an Hybrid-Parallel, Fixed-Wing UAV with Eight-Rotors VTOL System 12
Heavy-duty hybrid transportation systems: Demonstration and case studies 12
Modeling of an underwater drilling platform for very near shore applications 11
Design and simulation of a wireline core drilling device for near-shore applications 10
A tool for rapid simulation and sizing of hybrid traction systems with fuel cells 9
Similarities in steering control between cars and motorcycles: application to a low‑complexity riding simulator 8
HIL testing of wheel slide protection systems: criteria for continuous updating and validation 5
Prototyping and Preliminary Testing of a Revamped Electric Bus with a Fast Recharge System 4
Preliminary Design and Simulation of a Transport and Winding System of an Innovative Radio Frequency Dryer 4
A Sustainable Anphibious Platform for Geological Prospecting of Near Shore Marine Sites 3
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