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Design impact of acceptability and dependability in assisted living robotic applications 73
Agile Co-Creation for Robots and Aging (ACCRA) Project: new technological solutions for older people 67
Design of cloud robotic services for senior citizens to improve independent living in multiple environments 57
Fine motor assessment with unsupervised learning for personalized rehabilitation in Parkinson Disease 57
Co-creation of an assistive robot for independent living: lessons learned on robot design 52
A plug and play transparent communication layer for cloud robotics architectures 51
SensRing, a novel wearable ring-shaped device for objective analysis of reachto-grasp movements 50
Unsupervised emotional state classification through physiological parameters for social robotics applications 49
A survey of behavioral models for social robots 49
Multidimensional evaluation of telepresence robot: results from a field trial 46
Toward an Unsupervised Approach for Daily Gesture Recognition in Assisted Living Applications 45
Enabling personalised medical support for chronic disease management through a hybrid robot-cloud approach 45
The use of Motor and Cognitive Dual-Task quantitative assessment on subjects with mild cognitive impairment: A systematic review 44
A Robot-Mediated Assessment of Tinetti Balance scale for Sarcopenia Evaluation in Frail Elderly 44
How Dominant Hand and Foot Dexterity May Reveal Dementia Onset: A Motor and Cognitive Dual-Task Study 42
ACCRA Project: Agile Co-Creation for Robots and Aging 42
Novel Technological Solutions for Assessment, Treatment, and Assistance in Mild Cognitive Impairment 41
Two-person Activity Recognition using Skeleton Data 39
Wearable sensors for gesture analysis in smart healthcare applications 38
Machine Learning based Physical Human-Robot Interaction for Walking Support of Frail People 38
A Cloud Robotics Solution to Improve Social Assistive Robots for Active and Healthy Aging 37
Recognition of Daily Gestures with Wearable Inertial Rings and Bracelets 36
User indoor localisation system enhances activity recognition: A proof of concept 36
Physiological response to Vibro-Acoustic stimulation in healthy subjects: A preliminary study 36
Combining wearable physiological and inertial sensors with indoor user localization network to enhance activity recognition 35
Wearable Sensors for Prodromal Motor Assessment of Parkinson's Disease using Supervised Learning 35
Design of a cloud robotic system to support senior citizens: the KuBo experience 34
Development and testing of a new cognitive technological tool for episodic memory: A feasibility study 34
The efficacy of “Busyness” as a measure for behaviour pattern analysis using unlabelled sensor data: a case study 34
Assistive robots for socialization in elderly people: results pertaining to the needs of the users 34
Design and Development of a Robotic Sensorized Handle for Monitoring Older Adult Grasping Force 30
Unsupervised machine learning for developing personalised behaviour models using activity data 29
Feasibility study on the assessment of auditory sustained attention through walking motor parameters in mild cognitive impairments and healthy subjects 29
Daily activity recognition with inertial ring and bracelet: An unsupervised approach 29
Foot Inertial Sensing for Combined Cognitive-Motor Exercise of the Sustained Attention Domain 28
Enhancing Activity Recognition of Self-Localized Robot Through Depth Camera and Wearable Sensors 28
Design of Cloud Robotic Services for Senior Citizens to Improve Independent Living and Personal Health Management 28
Designing Smart Ring for the Health of the Elderly: The CloudIA Project 28
Can physical and cognitive training based on episodic memory be combined in a new protocol for daily training? 27
The Use of Smart Tools for Combined Training of People with MCI: A Case Report 27
Emotion Recognizing by a Robotic Solution Initiative (EMOTIVE Project) 26
Supporting active and healthy aging with advanced robotics integrated in smart environment 25
Pilots for healthy and active ageing (PHArA-ON) project: Definition of new technological solutions for older people in italian pilot sites based on elicited user needs 25
Characterization of a PPG Wearable Sensor to Be Embedded into an Innovative Ring-Shaped Device for Healthcare Monitoring 25
Dancing With Parkinson's Disease: The SI-ROBOTICS Study Protocol 25
Use Case Evaluation of a Cloud Robotics Teleoperation System (Short Paper) 24
Evaluation of MCI Motor Performances during a Cognitive Dual Task Exercise 24
Preliminary Study of Brain-Inspired Model for Multimodal Human Behavior Detection in Social Context 24
Can assistive technology support social services during Covid-19 emergency? Barriers and opportunities 24
Enabling Global Robot Navigation Based on a Cloud Robotics Approach 23
Emotion Modelling for Social Robotics Applications: A Review 23
Enhancing human robot interaction through social network interfaces: A case study 23
Toward the integration of perception and knowledge reasoning: An adaptive rehabilitation scenario 23
Mood classification through physiological parameters 23
Daily Gesture Recognition during Human-Robot Interaction Combining Vision and Wearable Systems 22
Assistive robots to improve the independent living of older persons: results from a needs study 22
Design and Development of a Telepresence and Monitoring Service to Empower the Older Adults 20
Physiological wireless sensor network for the detection of human moods to enhance human-robot interaction 20
A wearable ring-shaped inertial system to identify action planning impairments during reach-to-grasp sequences: a pilot study 20
Modeling human-like robot personalities as a key to foster socially aware navigation 20
Exploring Human attitude during Human-Robot Interaction 20
Grasping Social Apathy: The Role of Reach-To-Grasp Action Kinematics for the Assessment of Social Apathy in Mild Neurocognitive Disorders 18
Combined Vision and Wearable System for Daily Activity Recognition 17
Knowledge Engineering Framework for IoT Robotics Applied to Smart Healthcare and Emotional Well-Being 17
User Profiling to Enhance Clinical Assessment and Human–Robot Interaction: A Feasibility Study 16
Personalizing Care Through Robotic Assistance and Clinical Supervision 16
Innovative motor and cognitive dual-task approaches combining upper and lower limbs may improve dementia early detection 16
The Rise of the Roboid 16
Feasibility study on the role of personality, emotion, and engagement in socially assistive robotics: A cognitive assessment scenario 16
Living With a Telepresence Robot: Results From a Field-Trial 15
Physiological sensor system for the detection of human moods towards internet of robotic things applications 14
The VISTA datasets, a combination of inertial sensors and depth cameras data for activity recognition 12
Industrial exoskeletons from bench to field: Human-machine interface and user experience in occupational settings and tasks 12
Personalized Integrated Care for Frail Seniors Within the Pharaon Project: The Italian Pilot Site 12
On the Use of Assistive Technology during the COVID-19 Outbreak: Results and Lessons Learned from Pilot Studies 11
A New Motor and Cognitive Dual-Task Approach Based on Foot Tapping for The Identification of Mild Cognitive Impairment 10
Design and development of a social assistive robot for music and game activities: a case study in a residential facility for disabled people 9
Magnetometer-free Kalman filter for motor-based assessment of prodromal Parkinson's disease 7
Involving Older Adults During COVID-19 Restrictions in Developing an Ecosystem Supporting Active Aging: Overview of Alternative Elicitation Methods and Common Requirements From Five European Countries 6
Mood classification through physiological parameters 4
The use of Motor and Cognitive Dual-Task quantitative assessment on subjects with mild cognitive impairment: A systematic review 4
Design and Evaluation of Personalized Services to Foster Active Aging: The Experience of Technology Pre-Validation in Italian Pilots 4
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